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Innovations in Dashboard

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FICO® Insurance Fraud Manager User Group :. San Diego, CA | May 7--8, 2014 . Innovations in Dashboard. Allyn Pon Senior Product Manager, IFM FICO. Definition of Dashboard*.

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innovations in dashboard

FICO® Insurance Fraud Manager User Group:

San Diego, CA | May 7--8, 2014

Innovations in Dashboard

Allyn Pon

Senior Product Manager, IFMFICO

definition of dashboard
Definition of Dashboard*
  • A business intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for an enterprise.
  • Dashboards consolidate and arrange numbers, metrics and sometimes performance scorecards on a single screen.
  • They may be tailored for a specific role and display metrics targeted for a single point of view or department.

* Search Business Analytics

dashboards or not
Dashboards or Not



Visual Analysis Tools

  • Fits on one screen but may have scroll bars
  • Interactive with filtering and drill-downs
  • Used for correlations, trends, outliers, patterns
  • Generally historical data
  • Used generally by data centric users
  • Presents numbers and text in a table
  • Optimized for printing or exporting in Excel
  • Geared towards people who prefer to read data. For example,  lawyers, who read text over interpreting visualizations, and accountants, who like working with raw numbers.
  • Has a measure, it’s value and a target
  • Can be used in a dashboard
  • Not interactive or include scroll bars
  • May contain columns which show trends

Source: Dashboard Insight

fico introduces solution stack may 6 th
FICO Introduces Solution Stack – May 6th
  • FICO® Decision Studio enables users to build and customize analytic and decision components and service
  • FICO® Application Studio enables users to rapidly develop, orchestrate, and publish analytics-powered applications.
  • FICO® Visual Insights Studio gives users powerful tools for visualizing, analyzing and reporting data trend
  • The studios run on and leverage the FICO Decision Management Platform, a full-featured, open standards-based platform that delivers comprehensive decision management with lifecycle management, simple integration and interoperability.
vi sual insight studio has broad capabilities
Visual Insight Studio Has Broad Capabilities


ETL & Integration



Reporting & Analysis


Data Warehouse




Ad-Hoc Analysis

User Consumption


  • Easy and Integrated
  • Complete BI Capabilities
  • Automated Data Warehouse
  • Single Optimized Platform

Reports & Publishing

what we like about visual insight studio
What We Like About Visual Insight Studio
  • Easy to generate dashboards
  • Easy to create a data mart for specific reporting needs
  • Intuitive user interface for quick interactive analysis
  • Intuitive user interface for ad hoc query capability by a business user

FICO® Insurance Fraud Manager User Group:

San Diego, CA | May 7--8, 2014


Allyn Pon

Senior Product Manager, IFMFICO

our challenge
Our Challenge
  • Dashboards are based on individual tastes
  • Everyone has a different opinion on what should be in a dashboard
  • Numerous visual options to choose from, different time periods, different data sets
  • Difficult to obtain consensus within a department, even more so within a company, or the market place
our challenge1
Our Challenge –

Which is the right aging dashboard?

current plans
Current Plans
  • Take small steps
  • Continue R&D on additional data set to obtain acceptable report performance
  • Offer use of Visual Insight Studio for hosted customers
  • Focused on Investigations data set as initial phase, released in 4.0
  • Customer customization performed by Professional Services
  • Additional license fee
thank you

FICO® Insurance Fraud Manager User Group:

San Diego, CA | May 7--8, 2014

Thank You


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