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Homeopathy. Introduction to Homeopathy and its use in Breast and Menopausal Symptoms. Principles. A system of medicine based on the principle of “like cures like” -similia similibus curentur Uses the smallest dose possible to produce a response. Examples of the similia principle.

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Introduction to Homeopathy and its use in Breast and Menopausal Symptoms

  • A system of medicine based on the principle of “like cures like” -similia similibus curentur
  • Uses the smallest dose possible to produce a response
examples of the similia principle
Examples of the similia principle
  • Peeling an onion leads to sore, runny eyes, itchy nose and sneezing - Allium cepa used to treat hayfever and colds
  • nettle stings produce a burning, itchy wheal on the skin - Urtica urens is a good remedy for similar skin lesions
  • arsenic poisoning causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea with burning pains and chilliness - Arsenicum alb. V. effective in gastroenteritis and food poisoning
examples of the similia principle in medicine
Examples of the similia principle in medicine
  • Radiotherapy which is used to treat cancer also causes it
  • Amphetamines which produce hyperactivity, are used to treat hyperactive children
  • Immunisation
  • treatment of erythromelalgia with Praxilene?
basis of treatment
Basis of Treatment
  • Homeopathy works with the body’s response to illness and remedies are prescibed according to the symptoms
  • one remedy can be used to treat several ailments
  • one ailment may need to be treated with different remedies in different patients
selecting the remedy
Selecting the remedy
  • Detailed Homeopathic history
  • Repertorization
  • Materia medica
homeopathic history
Homeopathic history
  • Details of presenting complaint - aetiology, aggravations, ameliorations, modalities
  • Aetiology : trauma, bereavement, never well since -pregnancy, menopause, glandular fever
homeopathic history1
Homeopathic history
  • General symptoms - patients’ reaction to their environment, heat, cold, weather
  • Food likes or dislikes, e.g. crave pickles,like fat
  • periodicity - frequency of symptoms - monthly, weekly, yearly

Dr Christine Underwood, Homoeopathy Clinic, NHS Tayside

mind or mental symptoms features of their personality
Anxious on anticipation




Easily bored








Mind or Mental symptoms – features of their personality
general appearance
Vivacious red-head


Laid-back absent minded professor

Prim and proper


Extremely neat and colour co-ordinated

Weepy blonde

Lacks energy

Flabby handshake


Shy, hides behind mother

Anxious to please, maintain eye contact

General appearance
the relevant kingdom
The relevant kingdom
  • Animal, Mineral or Vegetable (Plant)
  • Animal – hunter/ hunted, victim, prey, pursued, escaping, nurturing, flying, pouncing, caged, free
  • Mineral – structural terms, cracking, crumbling, stable/ unstable, falling apart
  • Plant – sensitive to surroundings e.g light, warmth, smells, cold, damp,
  • These are prepared from :-
  • minerals,
  • plants,
  • fish,
  • insects,
  • snakes and disease products
instructions for taking remedies
Instructions for taking remedies
  • Homeopathic remedies are very delicate and should not be handled.
  • They are absorbed from the mouth and so are sucked not swallowed.
  • Should not be taken near food or drink as these may interfere with the absorption.
  • Store away from strong smells.
the clinical place for homeopathy
The clinical place for homeopathy
  • Where there is no effective allopathic alternative
  • Where conventional medication is unsafe
  • Where allopathy has unacceptable side-effects
  • To minimise the use of allopathy
homeopathic treatment of breast disease
Homeopathic Treatment of Breast Disease
  • In cancer, it can be useful alongside conventional therapies
  • Improves well being and gives symptomatic relief
  • Can relieve hot flushes even if due to Tamoxifen
  • Can relieve breast pain associated with menstruation
asterias red starfish
Asterias – red starfish
  • Breasts swollen and painful
  • < lt side, feels as if pulled inwards
  • Pain extends from breast down to fingers
  • Breast cancer, enlarged axillary glands,
  • V. irritable, cannot bear contradiction
  • Symptoms disappear with menstruation
  • Heat in head as if surrounded by hot air
belladonna deadly nightshade
Belladonna- deadly nightshade

Mastitis – throbbing, redness, streaks radiate from nipple

Breasts feel heavy , hard and red

  • Acute conditions, sudden onset, Red, hot, dry,
    • Intense throbbing, burning pains. Jerks, spasms.
    • Night terrors, hallucinations, delirium
    • < draught, light, noise, touch, jar.
    • Desires lemons
  • Breast cancer especially with FH
  • Indications – family history, perfectionist, fear of cancer, glandular fever, chronic mastitis
  • Anxiety on anticipation
  • Swelling and tenderness in breasts premens
  • Retraction of nipples, bloody discharge

Dr Christine Underwood, Homoeopathy Clinic, NHS Tayside

conium poison hemlock
Conium – poison hemlock
  • Breasts feel hard, tense, < touch
  • Enlarged axillary glands with numb feeling down arm
  • Nodules in breast, cancer
  • Enlarged and painful breasts before and during menses < every step
  • < lying down, turning over in bed
  • Pain from front to back
  • Breasts hard, painful and bluish tinge
  • Mastitis, hard and very sensitive
  • Pain from nipple radiates all over body
  • Shooting pains like electric shocks
  • < exposure to damp, motion, night
  • Used for mastitis in cows

Dr Christine Underwood, Homoeopathy Clinic, NHS Tayside

outcome of menopausal symptoms
Outcome of Menopausal Symptoms
  • 20% no change
  • 10% improvement in wellbeing
  • 30% some improvement
  • 34% asymptomatic - on remedies
  • 6% asymptomatic - no remedies
amyl nitrosum
Amyl nitrosum
  • Sensation of blood surging to face and head followed by sweating. Sensation as if blood would burst through skin with heat and redness. Throbbing in head and throughout body.
  • Feeling of anxiety. Palpitations.
  • Feel cold and clammy after flushing has died down.
argentum nit
Argentum nit
  • Flushes occurring with the following personality:
  • Very anxious particularly on anticipation. Impulsive, hurried, time goes too slowly.
  • Desires sweet and fat foods. Abdominal pain and flatulence.
  • Chilly when uncovered but too hot if wrapped up.
  • Good remedy for the menopause in general or premenstrual symptoms
  • Very talkative, suspicious and jealous. Sad in the morning, does not want to go to work or mix with people.
  • Flushes, palpitations, headaches, feel faint.
  • Worse for sleep, ailments come on duringsleep.
  • Intense sweating, hot flushes, sometimes accompanied by nausea and excess saliva.
  • Excessive perspiration from all parts of the body followed by chilliness.
  • Sweating of face, ears and neck.
  • Classic premenstrual and menopausal remedy
  • Frequent flushes and then shivery
  • Irritable, indifferent, depressed, weepy
  • Wants affection but rejects it, poor libido
  • Nausea a.m, loves pickles, vinegar, acids
  • All symptoms relieved by dancing or fast movement
typical prescription for mneopausal symptoms
Typical prescription for Mneopausal symptoms
  • Lachesis 1M Sig 1 Tab t.d.s. on 1 day each month
  • Amyl nitrosum 6C - Sig 1 tab t.d.s.
  • Pilocarpus 6C – Sig 1 tab t.d.s.
outcome of homeopathic treatment of menopausal symptoms
Outcome of Homeopathic treatment of Menopausal Symptoms
  • 20% no change
  • 10% improvement in well being
  • 30% some improvement
  • 34% asymptomatic - on remedies
  • 6% asymptomatic - no remedies
useful addresses
Useful Addresses
  • British Homeopathic Association,

Hahnemann House, 29 Park Street,

Luton, LU1 3BE.


Academic Department,

Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital,

1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 0XQ

Dr Christine Underwood, Homoeopathy Clinic, NHS Tayside