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Content Threats: Then PowerPoint Presentation
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Content Threats: Then

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Content Threats: Then - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Integrated Network Antivirus Stops Outbreaks & Attacks Others Can’t See Presented by Sean Stinnett Regional Director 651-484-2212. Content Threats: Then. Content Threats: Now. Example: Sobig.F. Propagation. Function. Payload. Vector.

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Content Threats: Then

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. How Integrated Network Antivirus Stops Outbreaks & Attacks Others Can’t SeePresented by Sean StinnettRegional Directorsean@fortinet.com651-484-2212

    2. Content Threats: Then

    3. Content Threats: Now Example: Sobig.F Propagation Function Payload Vector Send email using spoofed source address with built-in SMTP engine Harvest email addresses At pre-designated time, ping one of 20 sites to retrieve URL. Download file referenced in URL. Execute the downloaded program. Email with .PIF or .SCP attachment

    4. FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls: A New Generation of Security Platforms Hacker Email Spam X Viruses worms X FortiGate Internet X Intrusions X Banned content Real-Time Content Security at the Network Edge

    5. Managing Security in an Educational, ISP and Financial Institution: The Million Dollar Question How do we provide open access to resources for faculty and students while: • Preventing virus / worm propagation? • Preventing information theft? • Controlling the distribution of illicit content? • Managing bandwidth usage / network performance?

    6. Managing Security in an Educational InstitutionThe Environment Broad policies for research and academic users Highly decentralized networks Widely distributed security devices Widely delegated authority High Traffic Volumes Student system security difficult to enforce

    7. Managing Security in an Educational InstitutionEnter Fortinet: The Solution

    8. Managing Security in an ISP Environment • Open ISP Network • 2 x FG800 Active/Active HA • Transparent Mode • Blocking 10,000s Viruses per day

    9. Managing Security in a Financial InstitutionIFC/Worldbank • Autonomous Sister Financial Institutions • 1 x FG3600 • Transparent Mode • Blocking Viruses, Intrusions, P2P, Adware/Spyware

    10. Fortinet Addresses the Matthew’s Company Challenges – Access, Extranet and Internal Internet Job site Cost effective and secure VPN tunnels connect jobsites FortiGate-60 • Fortinet’s Solution • FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls scan and stop viruses, worms, and trojans in encrypted VPN tunnels, web and email traffic (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, and POP3). • Single box solution simplifies deployment and management • FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls offer comprehensive network protection functionality Head office FortiGate-300 DMZ FortiGate-60 Viruses and worms spreading over the Internet and VPN tunnels are stopped at the gateway by FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls Supplier

    11. Fortinet Company Overview • Founded October, 2000 by Ken Xie • Founder of NetScreen (NASDAQ: NSCN) • Proven, experienced team led by industry visionaries • Ken Xie, CEO • Created world’s most successful firewall appliance line • Michael Xie, R&D • Senior development roles with Milkyway, NetScreen and ServGate • Joe Wells, Chief AV Architect • Senior AV R&D for Symantec, IBM, Trend • Wildlist founder • Globally recognized authority on the virus threat

    12. Fortinet Developed a Unique Architecture for Complete, Real-Time Network Protection CORE TECHNOLOGY • Proprietary Fortinet Chip • Hardware scanning engine • Hardware encryption • Real-time content analysis FortiASIC™ Content Processor FortiOS™ Operating System • Proprietary security hardened OS • Real-time networking OS • High performance • Robust, reliable • Purpose built platform for queue management

    13. Fortinet Developed a Unique Architecture for Complete, Real-Time Network Protection SERVICES FortiProtect Network Instant Attack Updates Logging Web GUI CLI SNMP FortiManager System FortiCARE Services Comprehensive Support Centralized Management

    14. Services Ensure Rapid Response to New Threats Fortinet Threat Response Team and Update Distribution Servers FortiResponse Center Web Portal & email Bulletins Automatic Updates Can Reach All FortiGate Units Worldwide in Under 5 Minutes

    15. FortiGate deployments – Variety of options IDS VPN Antivirus Content Filtering Antispam Firewall VPN IDS/IDP VPN Client AV client Mobile Access Antivirus Transparent mode Corporate Headquarters Antivirus Transparent mode Telecommuter & Home Office Regional Office

    16. Product Family FortiGate Product Family SOHO Branch Office Medium Enterprise Large Enterprise Service Provider/Telco FortiGate-5000 FortiGate-3600 FortiGate-3000 FortiManager FortiLog Redundant PS, VDom Gigabit perf FortiGate-1000 THROUGHPUT Gigabit Eth FortiGate 800 High port density FortiGate 500 FortiGate-400 FortiGate-300 Integrated Logging FortiGate-200 FortiGate-100 High Availability, VLAN support FortiGate-60 / FortiWifi FortiGate-50A

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