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E-Banking. Damian Sztuk, Jakub Mazur, Boris Moroseac. Business model of conducting banking activity on 5 pillars : 1. remote B2C communication ( branchless ) 2. full integration in banking structure 3. paperless services 4. cashless payments 5. customer-based interactions.

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e banking


Damian Sztuk, Jakub Mazur, Boris Moroseac

e banking concept and fundamentals

Business model of conducting banking

activity on 5 pillars:

1. remote B2C communication (branchless)

2. full integration in banking structure

3. paperless services

4. cashlesspayments

5. customer-basedinteractions

E-banking – concept and fundamentals

Computer networks

computer networks2

J.Schrumpeter- innovationdimensions

  • New functionality- existing systems but newsolutions
  • New distributionchannels- pure technology progress
  • New market- creating and meetingneeds
  • New business activity- integratingareas of activity
  • New market structure- changing role of leadingcompanies

Computer networks

computer networks4

New functionality

Computer networks

computer networks5

New distribution chanels

Computer networks

computer networks6

New market

Computer networks

computer networks7

Core-capabilities of e-banking

  • Integratingphysical and virtualchannels
  • New IT-infrastructure
  • Enchasingtransactioncontent
  • Conveyingvaluepropositions
  • Deliveringdifferentiated services
  • Managingcustomerrelationships
  • Positioninginattractivesite

Computer networks

computer networks8

Triggers for


adoptionin EU

Computer networks

computer networks9


Computer networks

computer networks11

Growth dynamic

Computer networks

computer networks12


Computer networks

computer networks13

Professional activity

Computer networks

computer networks14

Web 2.0

Computer networks

computer networks15


Computer networks

computer networks16


Computer networks

computer networks17

Prosumer – on-line consumer

professional consumer

Computer networks

computer networks19


  • Researching a productvalue, performance and pricethrough:
    • Social networks (twitter, facebook)
    • Consumer productreviews (Amazon.com)
    • Pricescomparison shopping engines
  • Prosumerresearchesallaspects of a products performance, price and socialacceptanceinrelativecomparison to similar products withinthe same category.
  • Prosumerissearching for thehighestqualityproductthatbestmeetstheirpersonalneeds for themaximumamount of moneytheyarewilling to spend.

Computer networks

computer networks22

Gen Y consumer tendencies

  • Independently dependent- favorsocialnetworkingforums to conductresearch on bank offers
  • Practicallymotivated- preferpriceoverbrand and aretheleastlikely to stickwith a single brandeveniftheylikeit
  • Tech-Savvy- „DotNet” generation
  • SociallyMindful- atractiveusesocialnetworkingsites to increaseawareness of corporatepractices
  • Financial Freshmen- voicethehighestlevel of discomfort, relative to otheragegroups, aboutcomplex bank products and services

Computer networks

computer networks23

Internet banking

I Stage: source of information

II Stage: distribution channel

III Stage: I-banking WEB 1.0

IV stage: I-banking WEB 2.0

Computer networks

computer networks24


Computer networks