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University of Maryland, Baltimore

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University of Maryland, Baltimore. Payroll Representatives Meeting UMB Furlough Plan. Thursday, January 15, 2009 1pm – 3pm. UMB Furlough Plan Agenda. James T. Hill Scholarship Nikki Bilenky Furlough Policy Juliet Dickerson Tracking Furloughs in Candace Chow Time & Labor

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University of Maryland, Baltimore

Payroll Representatives MeetingUMB Furlough Plan

Thursday, January 15, 2009

1pm – 3pm

umb furlough plan agenda
UMB Furlough PlanAgenda
  • James T. Hill Scholarship Nikki Bilenky
  • Furlough Policy Juliet Dickerson
  • Tracking Furloughs in Candace Chow

Time & Labor

  • Benefits Michelle Mahan

University of Maryland, Baltimore

The James T. HillScholarship Programfor Staff

  • In November, 2008, the James T. Hill Scholarship Program was announced.
  • The scholarship was created to honor Mr. Hill, Vice President for Administration and Finance, for his 36 years of service to the University. Staff and professional development were the cornerstones of Mr. Hill’s philosophy throughout his professional career at the University.
  • The scholarship is in recognition of Mr. Hill’s commitment to provide learning opportunities to the University staff through specialized and focused external resources including higher education, seminars and professional and technical training.
  • The scholarship is $2000.
  • Current regular, full time, exempt and nonexempt staff (non-faculty) employees with at least two years of continuous service (at time of application for the scholarship) are eligible to be nominated.
  • Nominated employees should have a history of demonstrated professional development activities. Employees may be self-nominated (their supervisors must support the application) or may be nominated by another staff member.
nomination process
Nomination Process
  • For detailed information regarding eligibility and application information, please visit the James T. Hill Scholarship website at:
  • Nominees will need to complete an application form and submit a letter of recommendation from their supervisor. A second, optional personal reference letter may be submitted.
  • Applications need to be accompanied by an essay describing planned development goals as they relate to career goals. Applicants are encouraged to provide certificates, transcripts and other supporting documentation.
nomination process8
Nomination Process
  • The deadline for submitting applications is March 9, 2009. All application materials should be submitted to:

Human Resource Services

Attention: James T. Hill Scholarship Program

620 W. Lexington Street, Third Floor

Baltimore, MD 21201

  • The first annual James T. Hill Scholarship will be presented by President Ramsay at the Employee Recognition Luncheon on April 13, 2009. The May edition of the VOICE will include an article on Employee Recognition and the scholarship recipient.
  • Any questions regarding the scholarship should be directed to Nikki Bilenky, Employee/Labor Relations Specialist, Human Resource Services at:



UMB Furlough Plan

  • Furlough -
    • A furlough is the placement of an employee (faculty or staff) in a temporary, non-duty, non-pay status for budget related reasons.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • The governor mandated furloughs for all state employees.
  • The University System was required to comply, but was given the flexibility to implement its own plan.
  • Each college/university within the USM was given further flexibility to develop its own plan. All plans required USM Chancellor approval.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • Underlying principles -
    • The UMB plan was developed with a sense of fairness and equity across the campus community.
    • The plan requires that higher paid employees are impacted more than lower paid employees.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • Underlying principles -
    • All employees making less than an annualized salary of $30,000 will not be impacted by furloughs.
    • Furloughs are based on salaries as of January 1, 2009.
    • Subsidies (healthcare, retirement, etc.) are included in the calculation for annualized salaries for contingent category II employees.

UMB Furlough Plan

Schedule for Furlough days/hours:

Annualized SalaryFurlough Days

$0 - $29,999 None

$30,000 to $49,999 2 days (4 half days)

$50,000 to $69,999 3 days (6 half days)

$70,000 to $89,999 4 days (8 half days)

$90,000 and above 5 days (10 half days)


UMB Furlough Plan

  • Who is excluded from furloughs –
    • Employees on H1b Visa’s
    • Members of the uniformed police and security force (Security Officers, Police Communications Officers and all commissioned police officers)
    • Contingent Category 1 employees including adjunct faculty that are paid by the course
    • Employees hired with a start date on or after February 1, 2009

UMB Furlough Plan

  • Who is excluded from furloughs –
    • Graduate research assistants and graduate teaching assistants. EmplClasses:
  • 04 - Graduate Assistant
  • 14 - Hourly Student NWS Undergraduate
  • 16 - Hourly Student NWS Graduate
  • 14W - Hourly Student WS Undergraduate
  • 16W - Hourly Student WS Graduate

UMB Furlough Plan

  • How does the plan work –
    • A salary reduction of 4 hours per payroll period for full-time employees will be scheduled beginning with payroll period 09-17 (February 1 – 13, 2009) and will continue until the required number of furlough days has been satisfied. All salary reductions will be satisfied by 09-26 (June 7 – 20, 2009).
    • A corresponding 4 hours of furlough leave must also be taken during the same payroll periods.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • How does the plan work –
  • Furlough Hours Pay Periods Dates
  • 2 days (4 half days) 09-17 – 09-20 02/01 – 03/28/09
  • Last pay check impacted: 04/03/09
  • 3 days (6 half days) 09-17 – 09-22 02/01 - 04/25/09
  • Last pay check impacted: 05/01/09
  • 4 days (8 half days) 09-17 – 09-24 02/01 – 05/23/09
  • Last pay check impacted: 05/29/09
  • 5 days (10 half days) 09-17 – 09-26 02/01 – 06/20/09
  • Last pay check impacted: 06/26/09

UMB Furlough Plan

  • Who will determine when furlough leave is scheduled for staff–
    • Supervisors are responsible for scheduling the furlough leave for their employees. Operational needs and other requirements must be considered. For example, classes may not be cancelled or clinic schedules interrupted in order to schedule furlough leave. Operations permitting, supervisors may schedule leave based on employee requests.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • Who will determine when furlough leave is scheduled for faculty –
    • Subject to administrative oversight and approval as required under School procedures to implement this Plan, faculty are responsible for scheduling required furlough time during each applicable pay period.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • How should furlough time be recorded on timesheets
    • Employees should record furlough time on their bi-weekly timesheets in the box marked Unpaid leave. The leave codes for furloughs:
      • FRS – (Furlough Salary) – Exempt employees
      • FRH – (Furlough Hourly) – Non-Exempt employees
      • FRF – Furlough Faculty

UMB Furlough Plan

  • Can employees choose to work during their scheduled furlough time
    • No. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), all employees must take the furlough leave during the same payroll period in which the employee’s salary is reduced. There are no exceptions. Faculty should not be assigned extra work time during the work week in which furlough time will be taken.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • How are furlough days calculated for 10 month faculty -
    • All 10 month faculty are paid over 12 months. The furlough days will be based on the 12-month biweekly salary.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • Can employees take 8 furlough hours at a time –
    • No, but an employee can request to use leave on their furlough day. Employees should follow their regular leave request procedures. Supervisors may approve the use of other leave.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • Can employees substitute paid leave or holidays for furloughs –
    • No, an employee may not substitute paid leave, holiday or compensatory time for a furlough.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • How will part-time (regular and contingent category II) employees be impacted-
    • Part-time employees should “annualize” their salaries to determine their salary level and their furlough hours will then be pro-rated based on their FTE.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • Example for part-time employees -
    • An employee who works 80% and earns a pro-rated salary of $40,000.
      • At 100% FTE they would earn $50,000.
      • They fall in the category for 3 days (6 half days)
      • They are required to take 80% of 3 days or 19.2 hours.
      • The hours would then be evenly divided over the number of pays – 3.2 hours over 6 pays.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • What about employees on paid or unpaid leave (i.e. FMLA or LWOP status) -
    • Employees on paid leave are still responsible for taking their unpaid furlough time.
    • Employees on unpaid leave who are scheduled to remain unpaid during the furlough pay periods will have met their obligation for furloughs. If an employee returns to paid status before the end of the furlough period they will take the remaining furlough hours during the corresponding pay periods.

UMB Furlough Plan

  • Contacts:
    • Payroll representatives should be the primary contacts for individual staff questions.
    • Furlough policy questions – Human Resource Services - Employee/Labor Relations
    • 410-706-7302
    • Questions related to faculty – Office of Academic Affairs - Office of the Vice President
    • 410-706-1850
    • Payroll processing – Financial Services – Payroll
    • 410-706-6958

UMB Furlough Plan


Tracking Furloughs in Time & Labor

Candace Chow


Payroll processing

  • A UMB Furlough Transaction page will be created (similar to Merit/Cola Page) and available on 1/27/09 for departments.
  • The page will allow payroll representatives to view and verify their employees required furlough days and amounts:
  • Administer Workforce  Administer Workforce  Use  UMB Furlough Transaction
umb furlough transaction page
UMB Furlough Transaction Page
  • Enter Department ID and click “Search” -

Payroll processing

  • Queries will be created to help you track the furlough requirements - a separate email will be sent when the transaction page is available for use.
  • Employee’s pay will be reduced by their furlough amount (negative) using the Additional Pay records in eUMB
  • Salary Reduction Earnings Code in Additional Pay - “FRA”
  • Furlough Leave Earnings Code/Time Reporting Code –
      • FRS – for EFY
      • FRH – for NFY

Payroll processing

  • For tracking purposes, ALL employees must record furlough
  • hours taken using the Timesheets.
  • Part-time employee scenario:
  • Part Time Employee (EFY) works 2-10 hours days with FTE = 0.50, standard hours per week = 20, salary = $20,000, Hourly rate = $19.18, Bi-weekly = $767.12
    • Annualized salary: $20,000/.50 = $40,000
    • Required furlough days = 2 days (4 pay periods equally)
    • Furlough hours requirement per pay period: (20 hrs per week/5 day)*50% of day = 2 hours. A half day pay equivalent will be reduced from employee’s pay
  • Amount to be reduced from employee’s paycheck from PP09-17 to 09- 20 (4 PPs) = 2 * Employee’s hourly rate
  • Timesheet recording: 2 hours FRS (TRC) each pay period
  • must be recorded from PP09-17 to 09-20

Payroll processing

  • Part-time employees continued:
  • PP09-17 – Employee’s salary pay will be reduced by using Additional Pay in eUMB (2 hours * Hourly rate)
  • Employee’s timesheet should show 2 Hours used (FRS) in each pay period from PP09-17 to PP09-20
  • The reduction will appear under the Other Type (FRA) and Other Earnings (negative amount) on the Cost Center Report/Payroll Register from PP09-17 to PP09-20. The 2 FRS furlough hours will appear starting in PP09-18 when furlough time entered in the Weekly Elapsed Time page

Payroll processing

  • H1B employees are exempt from furloughs –
    • Run query to identify your H1B employees.
    • Name of the query: UMB_PR_H1B employees.
    • From the query, if “Last updated” date is earlier than 1/1/2009, the H1B employees require updated paperwork in eUMB and Glacier to show the eligibility of the exemption.
    • Notify FS-Payroll before COB on 01/30/2009 and FS-Payroll will update the exempt status
    • Departments should validate on 02/02/09 from the UMB Furlough transaction page to make sure all your H1B employees are exempt from furlough.

"News You Can Use“

Payroll Representatives Newsletter - will be posted on Benefits Website


Benefits Enhancements:

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FAQs for Employees Separating from Employment

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