case studies effects of scalarwave structured water on human subjects n.
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Case Studies Effects of Scalarwave Structured Water on Human subjects

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Case Studies Effects of Scalarwave Structured Water on Human subjects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Case Studies Effects of Scalarwave Structured Water on Human subjects. Lana J. Ford, Ph.D. Lana J. Ford, Ph.D., FAOTA, OTR/L, CBT Founder, Sounds to Heal Certified Biofeedback Specialists (NBCB & the Canadian Examining Board) Post-Doctoral Studies in Quantum Physics

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Lana J. Ford, Ph.D., FAOTA, OTR/L, CBT

Founder, Sounds to Heal

Certified Biofeedback Specialists (NBCB & the Canadian Examining Board)

Post-Doctoral Studies in Quantum Physics

30 year history as a College Professor teaching physiology, anatomy, neurology, human potential

Ph.D. Neurocognitive Behavior

Fellow, American Occupational Therapy Association

Consultant, Commission on Practice, American Occupational Therapy Association

Consultant, Army Medical Specialists Corps, Surgeon General’s Office

MS Special Education

B.S. Occupational Therapy

Lana currently has a private practice in Bellingham Washington where she also conducts workshops, and is a frequent speaker at national events supporting the evolution of consciousness and expansion of human potential.

For the purposes of this study, clients were instructed to record the amount of structured water and the amount of other fluids consumed daily for 30 days.

Before and after measurement of organ vitality were taken using the Biopulsar Reflexograph.

case studies were conducted using the biopulsar reflexograph as a measurement device
Case Studies were conducted using theBiopulsar Reflexograph as a measurement device

The Biopulsar measures the “reflex zones” in the hand and provides a reading of the vitality status in specific organs and in the brain.

Data analysis involved examination of three measurements: 1) amplitude changes, 2) high readings indicating stress and 3) and the presence of sustained vitality (downward slope of the readings)

Case #1

Subject was a 44 year old white female with a reported problem with insomnia. She had a medical diagnosis of Stage III Lymes Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Migraine Syndrome and secondary diabetes Insipidus. She reported she had gall bladder surgery. During the last four years she had been treated for a thyroid disorder, food sensitivities, an absorption disorder and intestinal problems.

Subject consumed an average of 28 oz of structured water daily during a 26 day period. She also consumed an average of 74 oz of water and other liquids.


Graphic reading indicates a high level of amplitude changes in specific organ structures. This means the energy is not stable enough for sustained activity. In other areas the energy is stable but elevated to the state of stress.


After consumption of scalar wave structured water for 26 days, graph for this subjects indicates there are very few amplitude spikes, the majority of brain and organ structures show much less chaos. The lack of amplitude change suggests organs are able to carry out their functions in a more organized manner.

Case #2

Subject was a 71 year old white female. Her primary complaints centered around arthritic and spinal pain. She had three lumbar laminectomies, a total hysterectomy and surgery for removal of a cyst in her breast. She received chemotherapy for breast cancer. She had been diagnosed as having hypertension and diabetes. She was currently taking medications for pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. In addition to pain, she reported chronic fatigue, shingles and sleep apnea.

Subject consumed an average of 27 oz of structured water daily over a 30 day period of time. She also consumed an average of 40 oz of other fluids and liquids.


Graphic display is primarily characterized by a down-ward slope in nearly all structures suggesting that the brain and organ structures cannot maintain vitality over time. As brain and organ structures lose their vitality, they often rob surrounding structures of their energy thus further depleting energy in the entire system.


After consuming structured water for 30 days, the client reported greater energy throughout the day, with a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol medica-tions. Most organ structures do not show a decreasing slope. Amplitude changes were found primarily in the presenting symptoms (motor control associated with the cerebrum and trauma to the spine). Soft tissue structures show increased vitality.

Case #3

Subject was a 50 year old white male. He had a surfboard accident at age 9 which resulted in fusion of several cervical vertebras. He had a radical mastoid procedure performed on his left ear at age 13. He reported surgery on his urethra at ages 2, 12 and 13. He was diagnosed with HIV in 1987. In 1993 he was diagnosed with spinal meningitis as a result of drinking contaminated water on a camping trip. He reported he suffers sciatic pain and lower back pain as a result of deteriorization of 3 lumbar disks. He reported he had been taking cholesterol medication for the last 6 months and irregularly for 4 years. He reported he did not like drinking water.

Subject consumed 16 oz of structured water and 24 oz of other fluids and liquids for 20 days


Graph is characterized mostly by amplitude changes in specific organ structures and high levels of stress in other areas


In comparing water consumption for these 3 cases it is interesting to note

Ave. daily Consumption in ounces

Case Structured Water Other Fluids Total

#1 28 72 100

#2 27 40 67

#3 16 24 40

Subject #3 consumed far less structured water and considerably fewer ounces of other fluids which suggests the change phenomena being explored is not a result of hydration alone.


Case #4

This study was completed to specifically test immediate effects of scalar wave structured water consumption.

Subject was a 58 year old white female. She reported a frozen left shoulder, cramps in both feet and surgery for removal of a thyroid tumor. She had a history of allergies, malabsorption problems, childhood hyperglycemia and loss of hearing. She was currently taking medications for blood pressure and depression. She had been exposed to insecticides and had 25 mercury fillings.

An organ vitality reading was taken using the Biopulsar. Client consumed 8 oz of scalar wave structured water. She was retested after 10 minutes.


For this particular reading a green “health” bar was added. Readings above the bar indicate stress while readings below the bar indicate depletion. This chart shows both amplitude changes (chaos at the organ level) as well as a decreasing slope or loss of vitality over time.


This graph is remarkable for several reasons: 1) there are few amplitude fluctuations, 2) the downward slope is not as severe and 3) many of the readings are close to the mid-section health bar indicator.

summary of observations
Summary of Observations

Whether scalar wave structured water is consumed in equal or unequal ratios to other beverages, there is a resultant change in the overall vitality of individual organ structures.

summary of observations1
Summary of Observations

Regardless of age, chronicity, severity or multiplicity of health issues, all subjects tested showed marked health benefits in 30 days or less.

(Only 4 of 20 case examples are presented here).

summary of observations2
Summary of Observations

The study showing dramatic changes in 10 minutes after consumption of scalar wave structured water suggests that healing as we understand it may not be time dependant. Rather, health and healing may be more closely related to resonance patterns set up in the body.


Something to ponder. . .

It is my belief that water is a transport system for the solute materials in our body (the amino acids, hormones, proteins, etc). This suggests that while hydration is critical to health; health is more than hydration. Because scalar waves are more like the double helical pattern of DNA, they can be used to carry information to cellular structures. In short, this “super water” may serve to set up inter-cellular communication patterns thereby ensuring functioning of the whole even in the presence of single organ patterns of dysfunction. LJF