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Use Of Chinese And Indian Astrology To Determine Compatibility

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Use Of Chinese And Indian Astrology To Determine Compatibility

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  1. Use Of Chinese And Indian Astrology To Determine Compatibility There is no dearth of believers in astrological predictions and calculations. However, there are divergent forms of astrological calculations. It could be astrological predictions based on zodiac signs, numerical numbers, or sun and moon shines. Two of the oldest forms of astrological studies are the Chinese and Indian astrology. Each of the forms has its own unique features. They also have many similarities as well as differences. Both types can also be used to determine the compatibility of two or more signs.

  2. Main Difference of Indian and Chinese Astrology More than anything else, it is the approach that marks the difference between the Indian and Chinese astrology. Astrology in India is also known by different names like Jyotishshastra and Vedic astrology. Indian astrology is a combination of Phalita or astrology and also Ganita or astronomy. In the use of the art the methodology used is to calculate the positions of different planets and their constellations. Calculations and predictions are largely dependent on calculations of planetary positions and their movements. In case of Chinese version of the astrological studies the astrologer deals in 12 signs that are represented by animal names like dog, rabbit and others.

  3. Findyourfate.com is the Best Place to Get Numerology, Daily Horoscope, and Palm Reading Most people resort to astrological predictions in some form or other. Also, most of them are interested to learn what the future has in store for them. Of course; there are people that desire to know about their past and present as well. However, the percentage of such people are small in comparison to the vast contingent of people that look forward to have a peep in to their future that can help them to take an informed decision about taking important moves that can affect their career, health, relationship, and social status considerably. That is why people search in the print and electronic media about their daily horoscope so that they can try for the best while remaining ready for the worst.

  4. Things to Know About Nadi Astrology Various forms of astrology are there and in India itself there are various forms. Some of these are called dharma astrology like the nadi astrology. The form is very popular among people as well as practicing astrologers in South India. Core concept of the nadi astrology is based on the belief that in the past the sages and monks had the ability to predict the future of people by studying the movements of planets and naxatras in their birth chart. Basically the ancient reading of providence that grew and flourished in South India and especially in Tamil Nadu, nadi reading is believed to be the creation ancient monk named Agastya. Growth of this form of astrological studies is attributed to the priests in and around Vaitheswara Temple in Tamil Nadu. Details of the processes are recorded on palm leaves that served the purpose of paper in ancient times.

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