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Protecting Teachers Defending Education

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Protecting Teachers Defending Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Protecting Teachers Defending Education. Vote Yes Yes in the NUT Ballot. Why This C ampaign?. Never before have our pay, our pensions, our conditions of employment and our professionalism been under such direct attack

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Protecting Teachers Defending Education

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protecting teachers defending education

Protecting TeachersDefending Education

Vote Yes Yes in the NUT Ballot

why this c ampaign
Why This Campaign?
  • Never before have our pay, our pensions, our conditions of employment and our professionalism been under such direct attack
  • It is not an accident: this Government is determined to break up democratically controlled public education as we know it
  • This is a strategic response from the NUT and NASUWT - working together on an unprecedented joint campaign
nut nasuwt working together
NUT & NASUWT working together

What does the declaration cover?

  • Workload pressures: damaging teachers’ health, threatening educational standards
  • Pensions: unfair contribution increases and changes to pension ages
  • Pay: proposals for local pay and performance related pay and the continuation of the pay freeze
  • Conditions: attacks on national terms and conditions of service, including through academisation of schools
  • Jobs: arising from funding cuts and curriculum reforms
  • This is a campaign that we have to win
  • 68 is too late
  • Work Longer, Pay More, Get Less Will Unfold
  • NUT has been at the forefront of the campaign throughout
  • We have worked hard to bring NASUWT into joint campaigning
  • 85% of teachers will make a difference
  • We need to support the demonstrations on July 14th
  • 2nd year of the freeze starts in September
  • 2 more pension contribution increases
  • 3 more years of below inflation rises announced
  • Local pay proposals being developed
  • Performance pay proposals being developed
  • OFSTED to enforce PRP
  • Heads oppose the local pay proposals but not PRP
  • How much can teachers take?
workload appraisal capability
  • Latest Survey Says Teachers are working 56 hours per week
  • Government wants to replace Performance Management with more punitive Appraisal system
  • It wants more teachers in Capability
  • Limits on things like Lesson Observations being removed
  • OFSTED is even more of a Reign Of Terror
  • We need joint action at school level to resist
breaking up education
Breaking Up Education
  • The Government is determined to take local democratic accountability out of education
  • It is forcing schools to become Academies
  • It is bringing in private providers to run Free Schools
  • It wants schools to compete, not collaborate
  • It wants to remove national pay and conditions for teachers
nut nasuwt working together1
NUT & NASUWT working together
  • Joint declaration launched on 28th May
  • Joint letter to Government demanding talks
  • NUT ballot in summer term
  • NUT and NASUWT marches on 14th July

If no movement from Government

  • joint non strike sanctions from Sept
  • joint strike action later in the term
nut nasuwt working together2
NUT & NASUWT working together

What sort of non strike sanctions?

  • enhancing teaching/learning while hitting out at over-the-top accountability
  • such as refusing to hand in short term planning, attend more than one directed meeting per week or cooperate with more than 3 PM observations per year
  • not withdrawal of goodwill

What sort of strike action?

  • both unions will take any strike action together
  • We will also seek to work with other unions
attitudes we have to challenge
Attitudes We Have To Challenge

Sir Michael Wilshaw:

“If anyone says to you that 'staff morale is at an all-time low', you know you are doing something right."

2nd December 2011

attitudes we have to challenge1
Attitudes We Have To Challenge

Michael Gove:

those who object to the fragmentation of the system are "happy with failure" and are"enemies of promise”

On average, 2 press notices have been issued every week this year which have demotivated and denigrated teachers – see the full list on the NUT website

together we can win
Together We Can Win

We have already won concessions on pensions

  • Teachers over 50 are protected
  • A pension which would have been £10,000 will now be £10,800 (but should have been £15,000)
  • Two days strike action has won £800 a year!

We can win more if we are united

  • NUT & NASUWT together are 85% of teachers
the nut ballot
The NUT Ballot
  • Ballot papers arrive from June 25th
  • Get the votes in before the end of term, even though the actual close date is in September
  • The NUT pensions ballot is still valid – the new ballot is to protect pay and working conditions
  • The pensions campaign continues in tandem – strike action would be on both campaigns
what are our d emands
What are Our Demands?

We want negotiations covering all schools (academies included) to:

  • provide protection on excessive workload
  • limit inspections and observations
  • defend the current pay arrangements (opposing school by school pay, PRP and threats to spine points) and
  • end the pay freeze.
we can win
We Can Win

As a result of the pensions action, the NUT has more reps and more members

  • This means more active members to help us mobilise
  • Active members can visit nearby schools and help get a YES vote
  • Actually, 2 YES votes, one to each question

Together, we will win!