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When Things Come Your Way PowerPoint Presentation
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When Things Come Your Way

When Things Come Your Way

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When Things Come Your Way

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  1. When Things Come Your Way

  2. A lot of people have asked me since starting this blog where the genesis of Finding Balance came from. The goal of this blog post is to discuss why it remains vital in life to constantly be seeking to improve yourself, and that even when you feel at a disadvantage, to keep your head up. I did not begin creating the framework for Finding Balance because I was living the most balanced lifestyle, meditating regularly, eating super clean, nurturing my relationships and killing it at work. Quite the opposite of that, actually. I was in an absolute rut, and was running on fumes.

  3. After long talks with family and friends, therapy sessions, hours of journalling, researching ways to improve my wellbeing and general self-reflection, I began to piece together what was needed to get out of my low in life to bring me back on top. I began taking much greater care of my mental health, my diet straightened up, I began working out much more aggressively, meditation became a regular habit, and I took the actions necessary to bring me back to a place where I could feel great again. I developed the habits needed for this, and thanks to my obsessive tendencies, I created frameworks that carried over to what we now call Finding Balance.

  4. Now by no means am I someone to idolize based on my habits nor am I guaranteeing I will never hit a rough patch, but in the process I created Finding Balance, which sets out to ensure I can maintain stability and be more resilient. When I hit a rough patch, I have my framework I can always refer back to so I can remind myself why I am here and what I need to be doing.

  5. So what does that mean to you, dear friend? It means that you do not always go down a path because that was your god-given talent. Sometimes, your path comes to you when you are feeling more vulnerable than ever, so keep your head up so you can see the world around you to find your opportunity.