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  1. PERFORMANCE Taking a Stand in History: People, Ideas, Events NATIONAL HISTORY DAY 2006

  2. Performance • A dramatic portrayal of your topic’s significance in history and must be original in production.

  3. THE ACTORSChoosing “Performance” Only category in which you present your research “live”and you have only one chance to do it • Do your enjoy acting? • Are you creative? • Are you good at memorizing? • Do you work well with others? • Are you and/or your parents committed to this project?

  4. THE CASTIndividual vs. Group Performances Individual Performance • must be work of only one student Group Performance • research and interpretation of 2-5 students

  5. THE PLAYChoosing a Topic • Comply with this year’s theme and be original • Can you analyze and defend your topic – does it shape history? • Does it interest you or has a personal connection • Could one or more characters communicate the topic • Enough sources particularly primary sources • Unique

  6. THE SCRIPTThe Creation Process Writing The Script • Research, research, research • Create a thesis statement and develop an argument-show how your topic shaped history • If in a group, discuss how your characters might interact • Don’t worry about the time limit – get your ideas on paper • Type different characters in different color fonts

  7. Revising The Script • Read script out loud and time it • Allow for several empty seconds (applause, forgotten lines, unplanned pauses, etc.) • Cut the script to the time limit making sure it relates to theme • Have someone critique your program • Revise and edit again and again and again THE SCRIPTThe Creation Process

  8. RUNNING TIMETime Requirements • May not exceed 10 minutes • Try to use all 10 minutes • Timing starts following the announcement of title and student’s names. • Allowed an additional 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to remove set/props • Removal of set/props must be done quickly

  9. THE STAGESets, Props, and Costumes • Keep sets, props, and costumes SIMPLE • Handmade sets, props and costumes are good • Use of slides, tape recorders, computers, or other media is permitted – you are responsible for them • Make them portable, easy to assemble and easy to set up-you are setting them up and removing them • They should contribute to your performance • Be historically accurate-research

  10. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Practice • Practice, practice, practice! • Listen to constructive criticism. • Practice with a stopwatch • Practice for whomever, wherever, whenever for however long

  11. THE CRITIQUEMeeting With the Judges • Hand the judges your PROCESS PAPER – 4 copies (one for each judge and an extra) • DO NOT include your script with the Process Paper • You have 5 minutes to set up your sets and props(you may use a cart or dolly and you must do it yourself) • Introduce yourself and state the title of your performance. (This is not part of the 10 minute performance time) Begin your Performance and have a great time!

  12. THE CRITIQUEMeeting With the Judges After you have finished your performance… • The judges will let you know if you should remove sets/props first or answer questions • Removal of set will be on your own • When answering questions, make sure you understand the question • Shake judges hands and thank them for judging

  13. THE CRITIQUEMeeting With the Judges • Do not be afraid of the judges • Take criticisms seriously • Stay calm and confident

  14. THE SHOW MUST GO ONRemember… • Don’t let a flub ruin your performance • Make your audience care and feel • Talk to the audience not “at” them • You must make a lasting impression • Your research must be evident

  15. Performance • Historical Quality 60% Historical Accuracy and Depth of Research • Clarity of Presentation 20% Original, creative and well presented • Relation to Theme 20% Present your position