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Stay Aware!. Holiday Shopping Security.

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Stay Aware!

Holiday Shopping


Do not get out of your car to assist people who have “mechanical problems” in outer or remote parts of parking lots. Lower your window just enough to inform them that you are going to call the police or mall security to assist them. Do not linger! “Mechanical breakdowns” are often merely bait to get victims to leave their vehicles and become much more vulnerable to assault or theft.

Don’t fall in the trap!

Enjoy the Season and

Stay Safe!

Prepare, Take Care, Stay Aware!

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Take Care!


When leaving a mall or shopping center with packages, do a careful visual search of the area between the exit and your vehicle. Watch for loiterers and casual strollers. Remember JDLR! If something Just Doesn’t Look Right, go back in the mall and wait. If it still doesn’t appear to be safe when you next check, report to mall security.

Before you go gift shopping at a mall or shopping center:

Have a special wallet set aside for the trip, which includes the one or two credit or debit cards you will be using, as well as a form of picture ID. Write down the card numbers in case the cards are stolen. Place remaining cards and identification in a safe location within purses or, better yet, leave them at home.

Survey your route!

Avoid credit card losses!

Never press the Unlock remote control button until you are within a few steps of your vehicle. Most remotes produce either a loud unlocking “click” and/or briefly flash vehicle lights, which immediately announces your destination to anyone who might want to intercept you.

Put several opaque, reusable cloth shopping bags in your vehicle for use in the mall, especially if they have grocery or discount store logos on them. Thieves look for people with shopping bags that have upper-end or jewelry store logos on them.

Don’t announce

your destination!

Camouflage your purchases!

When loading bags and packages, if possible, put them in the trunk or otherwise out of sight. Once you have loaded packages into your vehicle and are seated behind the wheel, immediately lock all doors.

Never leave valuables of any kind in view on the seats or floor of your vehicle when unattended.

Don’t tempt thieves!

Hide your gifts!