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Focalpoint Hotel Images Application

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Focalpoint Hotel Images Application - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Focalpoint Hotel Images Application . Pre Alpha Overview. Sue O’Hearn-Brennan May Law July 2010. Focalpoint Hotel Images Application. Over 860,000 hotel images available for approximately 95% of the properties in RoomMaster

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focalpoint hotel images application
Focalpoint Hotel Images Application

Pre Alpha Overview

Sue O’Hearn-Brennan

May Law

July 2010

focalpoint hotel images application1
Focalpoint Hotel Images Application

Over 860,000 hotel images available for approximately 95% of the properties in RoomMaster

ISSUE - images are not integrated with the agents’ shopping process (except in the Point and Click product available on Galileo core).

Current process cumbersome and inefficient

Standard Point and Click does not support 100% of hotel features/functions.  


Short-term - add-on Focalpoint application for Galileo Desktop 1.x + provides agents with easy access to images for displayed hotels

Longer term – Universal Desktop.

focalpoint hotel images application2
Focalpoint Hotel Images Application

Travelport Benefits

incremental hotel segments - agents will find all of the information required to shop and book hotels within Galileo

 As a result, markets and support teams should make this enhancement available to their customers to enhance hotel booking experience and maximize opportunity for incremental revenue.

focalpoint hotel images application3
Focalpoint Hotel Images Application

Product is add-on application (less than 2MB)

Free – no cost to customers

Download from Ask Travelport

Self Install

deployment plan
Deployment Plan

Travelport Proprietary and Confidential

alpha test
Alpha test

Targeted user – Internal Staff

Application, Installation Guide, User Guide and Beta test plan & questionnaire will be sent to you after this call


Return test plan by 30Jul

Sign off by 02Aug

Travelport Proprietary and Confidential


Global Product Manager – Sue O’Hearn-Brennan

Email –

Deployment Manager – Andrew Ferguson

Email –

Product Support Manager – May Law

Email –

Travelport Proprietary and Confidential