estuary survival l.
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Estuary Survival

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Estuary Survival - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Estuary Survival. The Rules of Life. The Players. Dungeness crab – Cancer magister. 5mm across carapace – megalops 12mm across carapace – 1 st instar 20mm across carapace - juvenile. Coho salmon – Oncorhynchus kisutch. 35mm fork length – parr 50mm fork length – smolt

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estuary survival

Estuary Survival

The Rules of Life

dungeness crab cancer magister
Dungeness crab – Cancer magister
  • 5mm across carapace – megalops
  • 12mm across carapace – 1st instar
  • 20mm across carapace - juvenile
coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch
Coho salmon – Oncorhynchus kisutch
  • 35mm fork length – parr
  • 50mm fork length – smolt
  • 65mm fork length - juvenile
predator prey cards
Predator/prey cards
  • The Striped Bass represents a non-native fish.
  • These fish appear on the predator/prey cards.
  • Predator/prey cards describe a situation with consequences for crabs and salmon in the estuary depending on factors such as your size and location.
estuary condition cards
Estuary condition cards
  • Estuary condition cards describe the tides and different factors that will impact life in the estuary.
  • The habitats below the low tide line include only the open water channel and the eelgrass meadows.
  • If you’re crab or salmon occupies a square that has any of a particular kind of habitat in it, you may claim that habitat. For example, if you have any bright green eelgrass in your square, you are protected by the eelgrass.
habitat and tide zones
Habitat and tide zones
  • The estuary playing board is divided into three areas – low, mid, and upper estuary which are divided by lines across the board.
  • The low tide line is marked in black.
  • The habitat zones cross over these areas.
  • To claim a habitat, at least 50% of your square must be covered by this habitat.
  • Four habitat zones exist
    • Eelgrass (bright green)
    • Open water (blue)
    • Mudflats (brown)
    • Salt marsh (dark green)
your scorecard
Your scorecard
  • Investigator’s name
  • Common name of the animal
  • Genus and species
  • Size and life stage
  • Three questions
  • Scoring box for each round
tokens are worth 20 points each
Tokens are worth 20 points each

5mm crab megalops

35mm salmon smolt

50mm salmon smolt

12mm crab larva

65mm salmon smolt

20mm crab larva