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  1. Research

  2. Research • Behavior Analysis • What is the behavior(s) you are trying to capture? What are your users physically doing? • Users should be chatting, video conferencing, conversing, sharing documents, reading updates from contacts, adding contacts. They could be on the go, at home, in a coffee shop, library, school, office, conference room where video conferencing or phone conferencing is needed.

  3. Research • Challenges • Challenge 1 • There are currently a lot of users who already use this program and have learned the ins and outs of the program. • Challenge 2 • Video chatting remains accessible to those who are more technologically advanced. • Challenge 3 • Quality of video chatting still depends heavily on the quality of the internet connection. • Solution 1 • My project will try to recognize users who have become expert users but also find testing groups for new users/edge cases. • Solution 2 • My project will try to understand the existing tools that non-technologically advanced users are using and incorporate accessibility issues. • Solution 3 • My project will try to note on the awareness of internet connectivity and built that awareness and recognition to the user.

  4. Research • Objectives • Objective 1 • Meets expectations in terms of functionality: Using the KANO model, I will first seek to understand the basic functionality that the user is expecting out from Skype. This would be the basic expectations in terms of functionality and requirements to be performed from the program. • Objective 2 • Meets accessibility and usability concerns for the elderly population of video conferencing users. Decrease learning curve to increase uptake of users. • Objective 3 • Successful design should be able to eliminate frustrations and instill some element of delighters and satisfiers. Improve users happiness in using the program.

  5. Research • User • Ideally, I want this program to be able to cater to the broadest group of ages. In particularly, I want to pay attention to the elderly population. I believe that young individuals want to have a method of establishing virtual connection with someone far away. However, technological use is still very hard to learn and therefore, it’s important that the design remains simple at its core, with special attention to chatting for an elderly population. • Through some conversations with Berkeley students, we recognized that elderly individuals, who want to use Skype, must require the help of another young adult to guide them in installing, opening and operating the program. The entire process often requires another young adult to be alongside.

  6. Research • Context • Where will you find this UI? • This UI can be found on the desktop (if you are using Microsoft Windows) or if you directed downloaded the program off from the Skype website. • This UI can also be found on the app store, where the mobile app, ipad app versions are found where there are applications that are being sold.

  7. Research • Screen Size What are the screen size(s) for this? The design is meant to be for iPhone 6: 750x1334 px

  8. HOBBY • FAMILIARITY WITH TECHNOLOGY • DEMOGRAPHICS • AGE • >45 • Russia • Playing Chess • Low • Research • Persona 1 • FAVOURITE BRAND • Create a set of three personas* for different users. • Sears • Grandparents • Grandparents living in a foreign country wants to video-conference with grandchildren who are studying abroad. • Personality: Fairly outgoing, but less concerned about meeting people. Cares a lot about family. Prefers to stay home to take care of wife and going to the park to meet neighbors and discuss local issues. • Must do: He is a man of routine. He likes to wake up and make coffee, attend his dog and make breakfast with his wife. He likes to check his computer to see if any of his sons and daughters responded to his emails or whether his grandchildren has sent any emails to him. He also checks the mail to receive his daily newspaper before taking a walk around the neighborhood.

  9. HOBBY • FAMILIARITY WITH TECHNOLOGY • DEMOGRAPHICS • AGE • Facebook, Tennis • 25-35 • American • High • Research • Persona 2 • FAVOURITE BRAND • Create a set of three personas for different users. • Banana Republic • Young Adult • Young adults who are technologically savvy, need to be constantly connected wherever they go. They need video conferencing or long distance calling functionality because they are constantly on the go and need a way to keep in touch with his/her connections. • Personality: Intellectually curious, enjoys things that are well-designed, goes to music concerts and farmers markets on the weekends. • Typical Day: She is outgoing and is constantly on the move. She needs to be connected online because she runs an online-clothing shop. She will need to check the email every hour and she gets a message from a relative or close friend once in a while. She hopes to be able to schedule them in for a quick video chat, but never finds time because of time difference. She really wants to make effort in connecting with people, but she’s not good at making time.

  10. HOBBY • FAMILIARITY WITH TECHNOLOGY • DEMOGRAPHICS • AGE • Car Racing, Golfing • 25-35 • European • High • Research • Persona 3 • FAVOURITE BRAND • Create a set of three personas for different users. • Brooks Brothers • Business Executives • Outgoing business executive doesn’t like to waste time and is always on the go. Their life is heavily tied to their mobile phones and likes to be checking company emails and notifications all the time. They constantly need to book places for meetings and presentations. • Personality: Very business focused. Believes that all behaviors is rational and can be logically analyzed. Finds excitement through challenges and is always hungry for the next big adventure. • Typical Day: A typical day consists of waking up and heading to a fancy coffee shop for a bagel and a gourmet coffee. He download the newest New York Times news and reads it as he commutes on the train to work. He looks through his calendar as he commutes on the train and starts preparing for his first meeting of the day. He knows that he needs to set up an international calling code or conference meeting number so that their business counterparts can join in on the video conferencing discussion.

  11. Research • Use Case • Scenario • Write a scenario that describes what a user would do with the app. This scenario will then be used to create user flow and app screens. Use simple directions. • John Shin likes to read design blogs, chat with friends and go to local nearby bars for draft beers. He realizes that it’s Chinese New Year and wants to connect with his family back in Korea to congratulate and wish them good wishes for the cultural occasion. He looks up his phone trying to locate his mothers number. He finds it but realizes that his mother can only use webcam if his sister is next to her. He calls up his sister and asks if she is around their mother. She said that she will be in a couple of hours and asked him to call back later. He is concerned because he has a meeting later, so he decides to set an alarm to remind him when it’s a few hours later. Hours come by, John accesses his phone, connects with his sister and finally gets to have his sister help their mother set up Skype. John gets to talk to his mother to wish her Happy Lunar New Year.

  12. Research • Content • Create a user flow for one of your personas.

  13. Style Guide • Experience • What type of experience do you want to provide for your user? • I want this app to feel a sense of fun, but also provides an emotional attachment to users. Users should find it to be their one stop for all things video conferencing and that they can trust it to be clear and aware of technological difficulties in case of network disruptions, service problems, voice control issues, etc. The app should make video conferencing feel as close and easy to face-to-face interaction.

  14. Style Guide • Formal Collage