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Classroom recipe

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Classroom recipe.

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classroom recipe
Classroom recipe
  • Write a symbolic (figurative) recipe for the classroom. This means your ingredients are not simply desks, chairs, boards, ad/or pens, but also abstract nouns like patience, rage, and joy. What is really necessary to create room 1128? List ingredients and exact measurements, followed by a paragraph of instructions, advice and any tips or warnings. Be creative!
sample classroom recipe
Sample classroom recipe
  • Recipe for Period 5
  • List of ingredients:
    • 31 collectively buzzing brains (fresh)
    • 13 gallons of zeal
    • 7 buttons
    • 1 ghost, preferably Poe
    • 1 whisper of “la familia”
    • 13 handcuffs
    • 142 pinches of poetry
    • A truckload of tolerance
    • A sprinkle of negative comments
    • 8 grumbling stomachs (chopped)
    • 42 Achieve certificates
    • Matching striped socks
    • 1 string of lit bulbs (multicolored)
    • 9 pairs of glasses
    • 1 Spongebob plush toy
    • 1 Epipen
    • 99 bushels of beating hearts
    • A pinch of ketchup
    • 6 pieces of running commentary (typed)
    • 5 cacti (thinly sliced)
    • 1 grateful Ms. A
sample instructions
Sample instructions
  • To prepare a delightfully tasty Period 5, one must be attentive to the details. The secret to a fun-filled learned classroom is the broth. Take one enormous cauldron (preferably of Salem origin) and add 13 gallons of zeal—enthusiasm is key to this class. Then, add your truckload of tolerance and pinch of ketchup for sweetness. Pour 142 pinches of poetry for some soul and 5 thinly sliced cacti for a kick. Warning- they may create some prickliness towards other periods. While your brew is boiling, add your whisper of “la familia” to create some irreverence. Pour in the commentary, aggressively, for some wit. But be careful not too add too much or it could result in some bitterness. Add 8 grumbling stomachs, students grow hungry around this time, and 9 sets of glasses, some of us lack 20/20 vision and we’ll need to be able to see deeper meaning. Take cauldron off fire and place in freezer. When liquid is frigid, add light bulbs and ribbon to string creativity together, brew should illuminate at this point. Toss in striped matching socks to create like-mindedness and 1 Epipento avoid allergic reactions. Cut Spongebob up into 100 miniscule pieces to ensure you’ve killed him good before throwing him in. Cross fingers and spit in broth in hopes references to him are minimal. Add 7 buttons… they provide the weird. Add 13 handcuffs to ensure inappropriate remarks are bound. Mixture should now become dense and emerald. Dump in hearts and teacher and allow pot to sit over two years, this recipe calls for the patience and comfort which can only blossom over time.