Community meeting march 26 2014
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Community Meeting March 26, 2014. Agenda. Vision of the District Falcon Flyer Program Review STEM Academy. Vision Of the District. All students will be eligible for co- and extra-curricular activities, regardless of program. Falcon Flyer Review – Criteria.

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Community meeting march 26 2014

Community Meeting

March 26, 2014


  • Vision of the District

  • Falcon Flyer Program Review

  • STEM Academy

Vision of the district
Vision Of the District

All students will be eligible for co- and extra-curricular activities, regardless of program

Falcon flyer review criteria
Falcon Flyer Review – Criteria

  • Students that are not on grade-level:

    • Failed one or more core subjects (end-of-year)

    • Failed any portion of the STAAR or End-of-Course test

    • Not on grade-level based on normed reference testing (i.e., AIMS-web) at end-of-year

    • Rated as “Still Developing” on TPRI scores (KG – 2) at end-of-year

    • Low performing on TEJAS-Lee scores at end-of-year

  • New Students/Move-in Students  based on grades from previous school and/or test scores given by district

  • Special Education Students  Same criteria for Sp. Ed. Students who will take the grade-level STAAR test

    • Students in Life Skills or who are taking the STAAR-Alternative test will be placed based on ARD committee decisions

Falcon flyer review curriculum
Falcon Flyer Review – Curriculum

  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs) will be developed for each student based on where “gaps” in learning occur

    • Generally no grade-level content

    • Not “extra time” for homework

    • Not “tutoring”

  • Falcon Flyer Program is in addition to Response-to-Intervention (RTI) program that is done throughout the year during school day.

Falcon flyer review program day structure
Falcon Flyer Review – Program Day Structure

  • Students assigned to FFP will start school at the same time as all other students

  • Students in the FFP will have an extended day until 4:00 p.m.

Royal stem academy structure
Royal STEM Academy – Structure

  • Students in Grades 3-8; limit of 25 students per class

  • Housed in the old Middle School building

  • Extended Day

  • Students who attend must qualify and apply

    • There is an expectation that students in the STEM Academy participate in competitive academic events

      • Robotics

      • UIL

Royal stem academy student expectations
Royal STEM Academy – Student Expectations

  • Work Ethic: The student demonstrates commitment to his/her team, personal responsibilities and tasks.

  • Written Communication: The student effectively expresses and constructs ideas in writing clearly, concisely and correctly to a variety of audiences.

  • Oral Communication: The student speaks correctly, eloquently and effectively before a variety of audiences for multiple purposes.

  • Critical Thinking: The student gathers, analyzes, and synthesizes information in a variety of contexts.

  • Collaboration: The student actively and respectfully contributes to a team to solve problems while working towards a common goal.

  • Numeracy: The student applies computation, measurement, estimation and data evaluation in various settings.

  • Global and Community Engagement: The student explores different perspectives on global, cultural and local issues and values, leading to action in his/her community.

  • Content: Student creates products through projects that examine, synthesize, and justify content of the state student expectations, Texas Education Knowledge and Skills, acquired in the specific content area.

  • Technology Literacy: The student selects and utilizes appropriate technology to effectively perform a variety of tasks.

Royal stem academy student qualifications
Royal STEM Academy – Student Qualifications

  • Only students who are not mandated into the Falcon Flyer Program will be eligible for STEM Academy

  • Rubric will be developed to determine students who qualify

    • Factors include state accountability (STAAR) scores, grades, attendance, and universal screener (AIMSweb) score

  • Based on rubric score, students will be placed into 2 categories

    • Automatic Qualifying Students (AQS)

    • Non-AQS, eligible students

  • AQS students who apply to STEM Academy are automatically eligible to attend

  • Non-AQS, Eligible students will be placed into a lottery and randomly selected to attend the Academy

Qualifications example
Qualifications – Example

  • 7th Grade: 25 total slots

    • 16 AQS students apply and receive automatic admittance leaving 9 slots available to non-AQS, eligible students

    • 22 non-AQS, eligible students apply

      • 9 of 22 non-AQS, eligible students will be randomly selected through lottery

      • Remaining 13 non-AQS, eligible students will be placed on a waiting list

  • 3rd Grade: 25 monolingual slots; 25 bilingual slots

    • If not all monolingual slots are filled, those slots may be filled by bilingual AQS or bilingual non-AQS, eligible students if parents sign a “Parent Denial” form through the Bilingual Department

      • Only 18 monolingual AQS & non-AQS eligible students apply for the STEM Academy and 30 bilingual students apply for STEM Academy, those extra slots can be filled by bilingual students; however, the parents of the bilingual students must sign the “Parent Denial” form

    • Monolingual students are not eligible for bilingual classroom

Royal stem academy how to apply
Royal STEM Academy – How to Apply

  • Applications will be available May 5th

  • Applications will be available online, in the RES and RJH offices, and at the Central Administration building

  • Application deadline will be May 23rd

  • Applications will be reviewed & scored to determine AQS and non-AQS, eligible students

    • Non-AQS, eligible student will be placed into a lottery and selected based on the number of slots available in each class

  • Parents will be notified via letter on June 5, 2014 (included in the end-of-year report card)

Royal stem academy curriculum
Royal STEM Academy – Curriculum

  • STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

  • Generally, a STEM Academy/School will select one of those 4 areas for emphasis

  • Examples:

    • Science  Life, Physical, Earth

    • Technology  Computer Programming, Hardware, Software development

    • Engineering  Robotics, Types of Engineering, Design/Build

    • Math  Quantitative Reasoning, Statistics, Applied Mathmatics

Royal stem academy curriculum1
Royal STEM Academy – Curriculum

  • The Royal STEM Academy will focus on Engineering

    • Most inclusive of the pathways and allows for flexibility

    • Aligns with the goals for the Early College High School

    • Job-related skills

    • Cost

Royal stem academy project based learning
Royal STEM Academy – Project Based Learning

  • Royal STEM Academy will emphasize Project Based Learning (PBL)

  • PBL is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Essential Elements of PBL include:

    • Significant Content - At its core, the project is focused on teaching students important knowledge and skills, derived from standards and key concepts at the heart of academic subjects.

    • 21st century competencies - Students build competencies valuable for today’s world, such as critical thinking/problem solving, collaboration, and communication, and creativity/ innovation, which are taught and assessed.

    • In-Depth Inquiry - Students are engaged in a rigorous, extended process of asking questions, using resources, and developing answers.

    • Driving Question - Project work is focused by an open-ended question that students understand and find intriguing, which captures their task or frames their exploration.

    • Need to Know - Students see the need to gain knowledge, understand concepts, and apply skills in order to answer the Driving Question and create project products, beginning with an Entry Event that generates interest and curiosity.

Royal stem academy pbl implementation
Royal STEM Academy – PBL Implementation

  • Ongoing training and support for staff.

  • Parent-School partnerships through various methods.

  • Stimulating student inquiry and applying it consistently across grade levels and subjects to educate the whole child.

  • Creating an environment of honest feedback staff to staff, staff to student, student to student and school to stakeholders.

  • Every project starts with the state standards (TEKS). What the students are required to know.

  • Implementing engaging, rigorous inquiry and project based learning that emphasizes high level of real world application and developing critical thinkers in a teamwork based environment

Royal stem academy partnerships
Royal STEM Academy - Partnerships

  • RISD wants to create partnerships with local and national businesses

  • What might a partnership look like?

    • Human Resource- employees volunteering time, mentoring and offering professional expertise.

    • In-Kind resource- are the things that partners donate other than cash such as gift certificates, coupons, food, books, computers, software, school supplies, backpacks, etc.

    • Financial Resources- direct monetary contributions.

Royal stem academy cost
Royal STEM Academy – Cost

  • Personnel

    • Principal

    • 4 Core MS Teachers (Gr. 5-8)

    • 2 Core Monolingual Teachers (Gr. 3-4)

    • 4 Core Bilingual Teachers (Gr. 3-6)

  • Utilities

  • Infrastructure/Facilities Upgrades

  • Curriculum Costs

  • Supplies & Materials

  • Computer Teacher*

  • PE Teacher*

  • Office Staff (2)*

    * New Positions to the District

Total Estimated Cost –

$350K - $400K