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Gilbane Gold

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Gilbane Gold
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Gilbane Gold

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  1. Gilbane Gold An Ethics Video Focusing on the Professional Responsibilities of Engineers Available from the National Institute for Engineering Ethics Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409-1023

  2. Presented by: Speaker’s Name

  3. Before We Watch Gilbane Gold, Let’s Consider: How Engineering Addresses Public Needs The Importance of Ethical Leadership Characteristics of Ethical Leaders

  4. Public Good Public Needs Maintenance Ethics&Teamwork Construction Engineering Design Creativity Planning

  5. What is Important for Ethical Leaders? An effective ethical leader will… …Create “Candor” in the workplace… …an environment where the engineer feels safe bringing up and resolving ethical issues.

  6. Effective Ethical Leaders? An effective ethical leader will … … Foster an environment of “Trust” among individuals in the Workplace… …and this trust will encourage openness among team members without fear of retribution.

  7. Characteristics of Effective Ethical Leader An effective ethical leader will: Treat everyone as intrinsically valuable… and not as a means to an end.

  8. How Do We Develop Ethical Leadership Skills? To achieve “Ethical Leadership Skills,” engineeringleaders, in both education and industry, need to possess the following traits:

  9. Effective Leaders Will Have: • Understanding ... A clear understanding of professional ethics

  10. Effective Leaders Will Have: • Communication Skills An ability and willingness to communicate ethical issues.

  11. Effective Leaders Will Have: • Ability to recognize ethical issues.

  12. Effective Leaders Will Have: • Appreciation for the frequency at which ethical issues occur.

  13. Effective Leaders Will Have: • Awareness that guidance on ethical dilemmas is available from a variety of sources

  14. Effective Leaders Will Have: • Comprehension ... “Knowing What’s Right”

  15. Effective Leaders Will Have: • The Desire Willingness & Courage … ... to “Do What’s Right”

  16. Effective Leaders Will Have: • Ability to resolve ethical issues by using traditional engineering methods of inquiry, namely: • Listing options • Testing the options • Making a decision, and • Most importantly, Acting !

  17. Question How does all this tie together?

  18. ETHICS SOCIETAL NEED ENGINEERING ANALYSIS ENGINEERING DESIGN Engineering Leadership ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE Idea for graphic based on Professional Responsibility: The Role of the Engineer, Jnl. of Science and Engineering Ethics, Vol. 3, No. 3, 1997 by Drs. Steve Nichols and Bill Weldon, UT/Austin

  19. Answers to ethics questions? • Sometimes there are several right answers to ethics issues... • Sometimes there are no right answers... • But, like engineering design problems, there is a personal best answer.

  20. Resources for Leaders Text Books and Articles Ethics Centers & Institutes Ethics Newsletters … examples 

  21. Where Can We Get Guidance?From:- Rules of Professional Conduct -- Codes of Ethics -

  22. Rules of Professional Conduct Expectations of Company Licensing Boards Professional Societies Technical Societies

  23. Guidance from the National Society of Professional Engineers Board of Ethical ReviewOver 200 NSPE-BER Cases on the Internet at

  24. An Interesting Thought On Engineering Ethics

  25. If the “Ethics Rope” Breaks Ethics We All Lose !

  26. Now Let’s Watch Gilbane Gold

  27. Synopsis of Story Gilbane Gold is the name given to dried sludge from the city of Gilbane wastewater treatment plant. It is sold to farmers as a commercial fertilizer. The annual revenue generated saves the average family about $300 per year in taxes.

  28. Synopsis of Story Z CORP, a computer components manufacturer, discharges wastewater containing small amounts of lead and arsenic into the city sewers. By current city test standards, the discharge meets allowable levels.

  29. Synopsis of Story Z CORP environmental engineers know of a newer test which shows that the discharge may still meet the letter of the law, but exceeds the spirit of the law.

  30. Synopsis of Story Protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public is the principal concern.

  31. List of Characters DAVID JACKSON:Environmental engineer working for Z CORPTOM RICHARDS:Engineering consultant fired by Z CORP PHIL PORT:Manager of environmental departmentFRANK SEEDERS:Z CORP's engineering managerDIANE COLLINS:VP in charge of Z CORP's Gilbane plantLLOYD BREMEN:Former commissioner WINSLOW MASSIN: Professor emeritus, Hanover UniversityMARIA RENATO:TV reporter

  32. Ethical Concepts include: Protection of public health and the environment (spirit versus letter of the law)Quality of life and welfare of people(jobs and taxes)Free enterprise (profitability & competition in the marketplace)Personal integrity(view of self and living up to personal standards)

  33. Let’s consider these concepts and: Think of them from:1.A Personal Viewpoint2.A Responsibility Viewpoint

  34. Suggested Strategy for Study and Discussion

  35. After Watching Gilbane Gold, break into small groups and: From a “personal” viewpoint, list two or three major ethical issues in the video.ThenFrom a “responsibility” viewpoint, assume you are the President of ZCORP. List two or three actions you would take immediately (within the next 2 days)

  36. Questions & Discussion