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Rely On Fibroid Treatment Clinic to Lead a Painless Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Rely On Fibroid Treatment Clinic to Lead a Painless Life

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Rely On Fibroid Treatment Clinic to Lead a Painless Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The women who experience unbearable cramps and heavy bleeding during those days of the month are more likely to suffer from some serious health issues like Adenomyosis or Uterine Fibroids. If you’re diagnosed with any of these conditions, you should consult the doctor and opt for the minimally invasive procedures that would provide you with permanent relief from these conditions.

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w w w . f i b r o i d s . c o . z a

do you experience intolerable pain or heavy

Do you experience intolerable pain or heavy bleeding in

every menstrual cycle? If yes, it’s high time for you to

consult a doctor. It is always recommended not to consider

these signs to be normal as these symptoms could be the

indication of certain underlying, serious health issues. The

women who are diagnosed with such conditions mostly

rely on a reputable doctor or opt for a reliable clinic to

have the best treatment. If you’re looking for one such

trusted clinic that can offer you with permanent relief

from such unbearable cramps, you can feel free to choose

the renowned Fibroid Treatment Clinic. Located in

Johannesburg and Cape Town, our clinic has some

experienced and skilled doctors who carry out effectual

surgical procedures to treat the medical issues like

Adenomyosis and Uterine Fibroids.

more about the clinic

More About the Clinic

At Fibroid Treatment Clinic, we have a proficient team of radiologists, anesthetists, administrator,

and manager who work hard to help the patients have the best treatment and aftercare that enable

them to recover in no time. The doctors in our clinic perform surgical procedures that are effectual

and minimally invasive as well. Unlike hysterectomy, the surgical methods carried out to treat

Adenomyosis and Uterine Fibroids in the clinic are less risky and helps in preserving one’s uterus.

with years of experience in the medical field

With years of experience in the

medical field, our skilled doctors

provide treatment that helps on to

return to normal lifestyle within a

short period. It is their proficiency

that helps them to perform

surgeries without leaving a single

scar behind. If you’re looking

forward to have a relief from

heavy bleeding period, you can

feel free to consult our experts. 

procedure carried out in our clinic

Procedure Carried Out In Our Clinic

At Fibroid Treatment Clinic, the surgeons carry out

the minimally invasive process named Uterine

Fibroid Embolisation to treat fibroids on a

permanent note. In this procedure, the

interventional radiologist inserts small tube within

the arteries that supply nutrients to the uterus. The

tiny particles are further infused into blood vessels

that supply nutrients to the fibroids. These non-

cancerous masses start shrinking as they are

deprived of the nutrient supply. This procedure not

just helps in treating the fibroids but also improve

periods within a short time. The procedure carried

out by our professional doctors during Adenomyosis

is UAE OR Uterine Artery Embolisation.

why should you choose our clinic

Why Should You Choose Our Clinic?

“This entire process, from the staff to the actual procedure, was such a

“good” medical experience – I would highly recommend it to anyone

with similar medical symptoms. And so many women do! I have made

every effort to spread the word here in Gauteng among my friends.

You and your staff have been absolutely incredible” -L.P

Our clinic has gained great

reputation worldwide for

providing top-notch

treatments at finest rates.

The quality of our services is

evident from the feedback

that we have received in our

testimonial section:

“I just thought you might like to know that I’m doing very well since my

UFE just over a month ago. I’m yet to get any tests done, but judging

from how strong I feel, I’m quite sure .I’m no longer anaemic (for the first

time in years).”

to know more about the treatments we provide

To know more about the treatments we provide for fibroid during

pregnancy, do visit our official website at


+ 27 11 484 0135