electrical technology n.
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Electrical Technology

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Electrical Technology. Group 4. Electric Tech.

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electric tech
Electric Tech
  • Electricity powers our world and our bodies. Harnessing its energy is both the domain of imagined sorcery and humdrum, everyday life from your PC. When put to the question, even acclaimed inventor Thomas Edison merely defined it as "a mode of motion" and a "system of vibrations."
uses for electricity
Uses for Electricity
  • Electricity is used in everything. It even powers our body. Our hearts wouldn’t even pump if there wasn’t in our body. And of course it fuels cars and just about everything we use, or it was used to make about everything.
why do we use it so much
Why do we use it so much

We use electricity so much because we use it in everything! And now even electric cars are coming out.

how was it discovered
How was it discovered

Michael Faraday discovered the relationship between

magnetic fields and electricity traveling in a wire. This led to

the brilliant work of Tesla. He is the father of modern

electricity. He invented the shaded pole electric motor. Still the heart of most systems today at the house or factory. Others shaped the finer details.