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Kayla Heard p.2b. Criminal . By: Terra Elan McVoy. Publisher- Simon & Schuster Children Publishing Division Year of Publication- May 2013. Introduction.

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Kayla Heard



By: Terra Elan McVoy

Publisher- Simon & Schuster Children Publishing Division

Year of Publication- May 2013

  • Nikki and her boyfriend Dee have just gotten back together. Nikki feels happy and complete. On the other hand her friend Bird isn’t so happy claiming that he’s trouble. Nikki only realizes that Bird is right after she realizes Dee murders a police officer.
protagonist antagonist

Nicola Dougherty (Nikki)

  • Nikki is very dependent on her boyfriend, Dee. She will do anything for him including throwing herself under the bus.
  • Dee is a very attractive, but yet sinister boy. Dee is involved in a gang and does gang related things.

Denarius Pavon (Dee)

  • The main character struggles against herself and Dee. Nikki is so in love with Dee that she’ll do anything he ask of her without even a question about it. She also feel likes she always has to save him from his problems. Even if it causes her more problems.
minor characters
Minor Characters
  • 1. Bird- She is Nikki’s friend who has always been their for her. Nikki often spends the night with her.
  • 2.Nicole- She is Dee’s real lover. He uses Nikki so he can get back to Nicole.
  • 3.Priscilla- She is Nikki’s inmate who helps her adjust to jail life.




what critics say
What Critics Say
  • They say, “ It’s an emotional rollercoaster that takes you through the ups and downs of being so in love with someone that you will do anything. It also shows the changes of a young woman as she changes her mindset.”
my thoughts
My Thoughts
  • The was a very inspirational book that took you through many ups and downs. It’s like you can feel all the emotion bursting out of the book. I highly recommend reading the book. It’s really good ,and teaches a lesson or two.