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TRAMP AWARDS 2014. The best of the worst. SLUT TRAMP! . 3 rd - Gav slept with two people in the space of 4 hours at ISTO. 2 nd - Mairin. And the winner is... . Colm!!. NAUGHTY TRAMP!. 3 rd - Eimear. 12 pubs Klepto run and broke a toilet! . 2nd – Rosie .

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tramp awards 2014


The best of the worst...

3 rd eimear
3rd - Eimear

12 pubs Klepto run and broke a toilet!

2nd rosie
2nd – Rosie

Where she goes, mischief follows

the winner is sean and clare
The winner is... Sean and Clare!

Taping shifting couples together and pretty much taping anything that moved in Cavan

3 rd fiona browne
3rd – Fiona Browne

The face that improved many a picture

2 nd nagle and ruth
2nd – Nagle and Ruth

Got stuck in a lift at the bouncy ball and had to be rescued

and the winner is2
And the winner is...

Fiona Gough!! Ball.. Cavan.. General mess

2 nd samwich
2nd – Samwich

Torn to pieces at the Laugher Lounge

the winner is
The winner is...

Fiona Browne!!

Tumbling head first into the judges after being all hardy giving the finger at the end of her routine at the Dublin Open

2 nd big gay james and little gay james
2nd - Big Gay James and Little Gay James

Shnaky shifting

McBudley is not impressed

the winner is1
The winner is..

Colm and Lani!!

3rd place
3rd Place

Boy - Colm

Fiona G

2nd place
2nd Place

Boy – Jordan

Girl – Jenny Juno McD

the winners are
The winners are..

Girl - Nicole

Boy – Conor

runner up
Runner up..

Her favourite time of year is Cavan. Why? Cause she is, and always will be a PRETTY GIRL!


the winner is2
The winner is...

Paul and Jordan!!

3 rd vinnie
3rd – Vinnie

Snotted himself in Cavan playing limbo

2 nd glasgow
2nd – Glasgow

Also injured himself in Cavan

the winner is3
The winner is...

Plum and the infamous back!!

creep tramp

Lani aka Grace aka JoJo

And all her close up shots of the boys!

I got my eyes on you

gayest gay tramp

James Duncan



the winner is quite obviously
The winner is, quite obviously..

Cian Fat Ass Lawlor!!

Lets not forget he’s so fat he broke a bed at ISTO and broke the rig

and the winner is3
And the winner is….

Sarah Mullins (UCC)!!

For breaking the Nicole Catherine Quinn Britney prostitution scandal at ISTO

quotes of the year
Quotes of the Year!
  • Jordan – ‘I go really pale in winter’.
  • Rosie – ‘Carlsberg don't do weekends, but if they did I'd go to Cavaninstead’.
  • Jenny McDonnell – ‘Pregnancy is like pushing a watermelon out of a lemon’.
  • Gráinne– ‘I wiped my ass with your cheese, do you still want it?’.
  • Ross – ‘Don’t confuse love with bad maths’.
  • Glasgow – ‘So guys, apparently we won teams?’.
  • Lauren – ‘Is an acid trip when you trip in some acid?’.