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Information for Participants

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Information for Participants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information for Participants.

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Information for Participants

Carnival Organising CommitteeWhat happens at Maccabi WA Junior Carnival?Social and Entertainment Sports- Outdoor / Indoor Age GroupsRegistrationBilleting Community DayShabbat Code of ConductSecurityHealth/ MedicalSocial MediaState specific information VIC Team Management Pricing VIC Participants Uniforms

carnival organising committee
Carnival Organising Committee

Carnival Joint Managers Karen Steinberg/Howard Steinberg  

Billeting Managers

Fund Raisers  

Maccabi WA Representative

Security Managers

Sports Manager

Social Manager


what happens at carnival
What Happens at Carnival?

Outdoor sports will be played from 9.00 am

• The starting time will be a little later this year so participants may sleep in if they wish.

  • Sport commences at 9am sharp at the Maccabi Grounds. Kids may be dropped off from 8.15am to accommodate working parents

Lunch Break - Midday

• At midday there is a lunch break where all the participants will come to the Gordon Bloomfield Hall undercroft to buy or eat their lunch. They have a choice of going to the ‘Chill out Wi-Fi Zone’ to lounge around on bean bags in the air conditioned hall, sit undercover outside and listen to music, or go into the Gym for a quick game of Table Tennis or Badminton.

• At 1pm buses will leave the car park to take participants to their afternoon sports, all of which will be played indoors due to the Perth heat.

Indoor sports will be played from 2pm

  • Parents must collect their children from the outdoor sports venue by 5.00pm

• Home time to relax, eat and freshen up

• Evening Social Function

All Sports and Social events are compulsory unless VIC Management have been advised and given approval.

social events
Social events

Here’s a sneak peak!!

  • All events are fully supervised and only carnival participants are allowed to participate.
  • Social events are compulsory unless prior arrangement with WA team management are made. For security purposes parents will collect from the door of every event.
  • Some highlights will include: Foam Party, Night Club, Adventure World and Dress to Impress Gala Finale Party.

Participants will select 3 sports from each section; morning and afternoon.

Outdoor Sports

Morning Sport Sessions – mainly Outdoors

Choose 3 of the sports below

Netball (girls)

Soccer (girls)

Tennis & Table Tennis (girls)

Softball (mixed girls and boys)

Volleyball (mixed girls and boys)

Soccer (boys)

Tennis & Table Tennis (boys)

Touch Rugby (boys)

Indoor Sports

Afternoon Sport Sessions - Indoors

Choose 3 of the sports below

Basketball (girls)

Netball (girls)

Indoor Beach Volleyball (mixed: girls and boys)

Badminton (mixed: girls and boys)

Basketball (boys)

Futsal (Indoor soccer) (boys)

Indoor cricket (Boys)

Zumba and Dance Aerobics also available for the girls !!!

age groups
Age Groups

Age Groups

  • At this Junior Carnival, the age groupings will be determined on the school year of each participant for the year ending 31 December 2013.

• Age groups will be determined once registrations have been completed and we see how many from each year have registered. In most cases, participants will be competing with others in the same year as them at school. Some years may be combined depending on numbers.

• The minimum age for registration is 11.5 years of age as at 15 January 2013 for WA participants and 12 years of age for every other State.

• The maximum age for registration is 16 years and 11 months as at 15 January 2013.

  • Registrations will close Friday 15 November 2013.
  • Registrations for Carnival are online at the Maccabi website.
  • To register for Jnr Carnival, you will first need to register your child with a My Macc account if they do not already have one . This will contain basic information and a photo of your child and is required to sign up online to any Maccabi club/event in the future. (Please remember that you are registering the My Macc account and filling in the Registration Form in the participant’s name – NOT yours!)

Once the participant’s My Macc account is created you will be directed to the registration form and payment section. You will require:

  • Medical information including your doctor’s and dentist’s contact details
  • Medicare and Private Health insurance information
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Sports Chosen
  • Credit Card details for online Payment (Other payment options are available by contacting us if required)
  • Please ensure that you and your child read through the Code of Conduct together and then accept the terms by ticking the allocated box.

Billeting is one of the highlights of Junior Carnival – meeting new friends, getting to know them and literally “living” together for a week.

Every participant from WA is asked to host at least two billets. Depending upon the numbers from interstate some people may miss out on a billet or some families may be asked to take multiple billets, if required. Under special circumstances , the two billet rule may be waived.

If you already know someone from Perth you would like to be billeted with, it is important that both you and the WA participant have this clearly marked on the application form to ensure this is organised. Confirmation from the host parent (and not the host participant) is required for the Registration Form.

Billeting will be worked out on the following priority:

- Shomer Shabbat - Glatt Kosher - Kosher -

- Allergies - Gender - Age Group

- Sport Choices

Families will be notified a few days before the start of carnival as to who their host is. This will give you time to make contact with them, to thank them and to discuss any important issues, if any, relating to your child .

community day

Community Day

Community Day has proven to be a most worthwhile cause and something that participants feels really good about doing.

Plans are underway to make the Community Day interesting, beneficial and to provide each Carnival attendee with a sense of “contributing back”.

Community Day is on the Friday of the Carnival and it is expected that every Carnival participant is actively involved and participates in Community Day.


Shabbat services at any of the Perth Synagogues is compulsory for all carnival participants. Team Management will be at all venues to take note of all attendees.

Team Uniform must be worn at Synagogue.

  • Saturday is a ‘no sport’’ day and is a chance for all participants to rest, relax and get ready for the second half of carnival.
  • No public transport is to be taken on this day – or any other day of carnival.
  • If activities are arranged for you by your billet on Saturday– please make sure all parents are comfortable with this activity.
  • After Shabbat goes out there will be a fantastic social event- so use the rest to re-charge your batteries.
code of conduct
Code of Conduct

The Code Of Conduct must be accepted by every participant upon registration.

It covers items including:

  • Billeting
  • Smoking
  • Drugs and Alcohol policy
  • Caffeine policy covering energy drinks,(Mother, Redbull, V etc) which are all not to be used or consumed at carnival
  • Weapons
  • Violence
  • Bullying

Serious offences will result in participants being removed from carnival with no refund


The security and health of all our participants during carnival is our number one priority. Security will be provided at all venues by CSG.

It is imperative that:

  • Identity bracelets must be kept on for the duration of carnival – these will replace the traditional lanyards and photographs

No ID No entry

2. Hosts must drop and collect all participants to and from the door of each sport and social event

No parent drop off No participation

3. No participants are to walk to or from ANY event.

No parent to collect – they will be called and the participants will wait until collected

4. No participants and their billets are to catch any public transport, taxis or accept rides from unauthorised persons for the duration of carnival.

health medical
  • The security and health of all our participants during carnival is of paramount importance.
  • There will be a St John’s First Aid team at the Maccabi Grounds and a Doctor and nurse on call for social events.
  • In the event that a participant is injured, there will be a list of Doctors and Physiotherapists who will be on hand to assist all participants with post injury needs.
  • Team VIC Management together with WA Team Management will take participants to medical appointments if needed.

It is imperative that:

1. All medical conditions are declared on the registration forms- all of this information is strictly confidential.

2. Emergency contact information is current and up to date.

The preferred Medical practice for carnival is

Fitzgerald Medical Centre 435 Fitzgerald St North Perth. Phone 9228 8173 and

APS Physiotherapy 437 Fitzgerald St North Perth. Phone 9227 7117

In an emergency we will call 000

social media
Social Media

Carnival 2014 Facebook page:

Carnival website:

Instagram account coming soon

There will be lots of competitions, chances to tag yourself and your friends and lots of cool prizes to be won .......

so keep an eye out for these and pass the word on

team vic management
Team VIC Management

Team VIC Management are responsible for your children at all times during carnival.

They are:

Team Manager – David Michelson

Assistant Team Manager – Natalie Altman & David Zivin

Youth Leaders –Daniel Halprin, Emma Kaye, Alexandra Lehrer & Ryan White

price for team vic participants
Price for Team VIC Participants
  • Package 1: Maccabi Member - Registration, Flight & Full Uniform $ 1,340.00
  • Package 2: Maccabi Member - Registration and Flight $ 1,270.00
  • Package 3: Maccabi Member - Registration & Full Uniform $ 720.00
  • Package 4: Maccabi Member - Registration Only $ 650.00
  • Package 5: Non-Member - Registration, Flight & Full Uniform $ 1,370.00
  • Package 6: Non-Member - Registration and Flight $ 1,300.00
  • Package 7: Non-Member - Registration & Full Uniform $ 750.00
  • Package 8: Non-Member - Registration Only $ 680.00

Uniform package includes: 2 x Sports polo top, 1 x Sports shorts, 1 x Travel t-shirt ,cap and water bottle.


All Team VIC participants are required to wear the team sports polo shirt and shorts at:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • All sporting days
  • Shabbat service (compulsory for all attendees-

uniform shirt must be worn with

appropriate skirt/ pants)

  • Community Day
  • The Travel T-Shirt must be worn on team flights to & from Perth.

Uniform must not be altered in any way- No uniform No participating

thank you

Thank You 

Thank you for taking the time to read this information pack. Should you have any more questions please email your Team Manager

Please visit our website to register