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La Quinceañera PowerPoint Presentation
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La Quinceañera

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La Quinceañera - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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La Quinceañera

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  1. La Quinceañera

  2. The celebration of a young woman’s 15 birthday in the Spanish Speaking world is a very important event. This tradition has been carried on for centuries. 15

  3. ¿Qué es una Quinceañera? • Es una chica de quince años • Es una celebración…. ¡UNA FIESTA!

  4. The most important part of a quinceañera celebration takes place in the Church. La Misa de acción degracias or Mass of Thanksgiving is the focal point of the traditional 15th Birthday celebration.

  5. La quinceañera wears a beautiful light pink or white dress. She is given a place of honor at the front of the church

  6. The Mass is a celebration of the young woman’s passage from girlhood to womanhood. The priest talks about her new responsibilities as an adult in her Church, family and community.

  7. Sometimes, during the mass, the mother of the Quinceañera may place a tiara upon her daughter’s head, the father changes her flat shoes to high heels and the Quinceañera gives her youngest sister her porcelain doll.

  8. So after the ceremony at the Church, what happens? LA FIESTA

  9. Here are some of the things that could happen at the party for the Birthday Girl: The honor court is introduced to the guests as they enter the party...

  10. Then, la quinceañera and her escort are introduced.

  11. The first dance is a waltz danced with the Quinceañera and her father .The Court of Honor joins the dance.

  12. Las velas, candles, are lit. Each one represents a year of the girl’s life.

  13. During the party, the Quinceañera takes turns dancing with the male guests. After this first waltz, the toast is given and the cake is cut. Then, the meal is served and the party continues!  

  14. The family and friends of the birthday girl do their best to provide a memorable day for her. However, not everyone can afford to have an elaborate quinceaños celebration. There are several costs involved.

  15. So if a family has $350 to spend on the entire celebration, how much should be spent on the dress? 15% of $350 is... Approximately $42

  16. REMEMBER… Whatever the family’s budget is, a Quinceañera should be a very special day. Whether she has a backyard bbq and plays CD’s or you has a large banquet at a function hall the most important part is the celebration. Whether she wears a designer dress or one borrowed from a friend, she is the princess for the day.