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Skill Measuring Game PowerPoint Presentation
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Skill Measuring Game

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Skill Measuring Game - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Skill Measuring Game

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  1. Skill Measuring Game Rescue the Stranded People

  2. Plot • In the year 2124 humans are colonizing the universe, but something has gone badly wrong and it is your jobs to fix it • You must safely guide a rocket and rescue team to the correct planet to rescue the stranded explorers

  3. Skills • Documentation • Teamwork • Focus on the problem • Break the problem down

  4. Scoring • Each skill is worth 20% of the score • Create a fraction based on the number of decisions relating to that skill • Each question depending on number of possible answers is equal to a decimal e.g. there are 4 answer choices for 1 decision they are worth 1, .75, .5, and 0

  5. Focus on the Problem • Along the way to the target planet the player will receive various offers to earn more money or various upgrades • You will get more points for not going but if you need money or supplies you will have to chose the short diversions and choose things that you gain more than you lose

  6. Break the Problem Down • Along the Journey you will have choices about how to complete a mission • You will have choices that rush the mission and that get the jobs done in sections

  7. Sections • 11 sections • Problem Presented • Research info and information important to mission presented • All customizable mission options presented • Money earning options presented • Launch • Flight • Entry + Landing • Preparation for search • Search • Rescues • Return to Earth

  8. Problem Presented • The problem will be presented through an animation or short video clip • It will contain the name of the planet information about the person being rescued and information about obstacles along the way

  9. Research Info • The player will have a list of research topics to choose from • When the topic is selected a short video or animation will be presented with the information • The player will be able to finish the animation and then choose another topic • This will be accessible anytime during the game

  10. Diversions Presented • The player will be made offers by scientist, researchers etc. • Some of these may be instant and necessary for funding for the mission • Some will take longer than others • These will affect your score for Focusing on the Problem

  11. Launch • During this animated phase of the mission certain problems may arise • The player may have to rely on the specialties of their team to solve any problems • The player may be faced with bad weather the player will then have to look at a weather forecast and decide weather to go anyway and risk damage or to wait and waste time • *damage will come in the form of lost fuel or supplies or a decrease in money

  12. Flight • During the flight the player will have to interact with the team to keep things moving • During the flight the player may be attacked by aliens and will need to fight them off • The player will also have to plan the flight path and periodically revise it • During the flight offers will be presented to get money or other supplies • During the flight their will be some space “stations” that you will be able to refuel and buy other supplies • At the space “stations” you may be able to hire guides who know the terrain • Other things might pop-up like a battle at a space “station” • And you will have to decide whether you help if you do you might not get anything or if you are prepared for the fight you might find some very helpful information

  13. Entry+ Landing • During this stage the player must plan for the search • Aliens may attack or you could hit a dust storm • You must work with your team to land safely • Game element- you will have to use keys to land the ship safely where ever you want it • Before you will also choose landing elements such as, rockets, parachutes, and inflatable protection bubbles when you land you will be able to activate these in a minigame

  14. Prep for Search • During this phase the game will measure ability to break a problem down into simple parts • During this time the player will divide up their team into search parties they will have between 1-5 people you can also designate a team to guard the spaceship • You should also decide what supplies each team will bring with them and what their vehicle will be

  15. Search • During this phase the player and their team will search for the missing people • The teams go out to look if one runs into trouble they will use a distress beacon and it will be up to the player to decide which team if any goes to their rescue, but beware it could be a false alarm • Aliens and dust storms could appear at any time and you must decide how to handle them. Retreat to your spaceship, go around, call help, ignore it? • Game element- The player will use keys to navigate around the planet searching for the missing people if they find the person they will press a beacon and the other teams will come if another team finds the person first

  16. Recovery • During this phase the team must recover the missing person • Depending on the situation the person is in you may have to dig or fight off aliens • This is when many of the specialties your team might have will come in for example doctors or certified rescue personnel

  17. Return to Earth