2011 ferrari ff n.
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2011 Ferrari FF One Beautiful Choice PowerPoint Presentation
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2011 Ferrari FF One Beautiful Choice

2011 Ferrari FF One Beautiful Choice

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2011 Ferrari FF One Beautiful Choice

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  1. 2011 Ferrari FF One Beautiful Choice

  2. MORE THAN JUST LOOKS • The company that is known for building 2-seater sports cars is now bringing something completely surprising to the automotive industry with the new Ferrari FF. • FF stands for four seats and four-wheel drive, but even with these additions this sports car is something to drool over.

  3. SERIOUS POWER • Ferrari lovers who are worried that the new styling will affect the performance of the car don’t have to worry. With a 6.3 Liter V12 engine that’s capable of producing 651 HP and can provide 504 pounds of torque, this is the largest capacity engine that Ferrari has ever produced. And the fact that it can go up to 208 MPH is just a bonus.

  4. NEW STYLE • The FF features a brand new style. The front looks like a classic Ferrari, while the back has a much less severe look. The gently rounded rear makes for plenty of head room for the passengers who are sitting in the back of the vehicle, without affecting the car’s performance.

  5. FOUR WHEEL DRIVE! • With the FF, Ferrari is introducing a new four-wheel drive system. This system, known as 4RM, is 50% lighter than the conventional four-wheel drive system, yet still provides the power all four wheels need to get through rough terrain. It remains in rear wheel drive unless the Manettinodial on the wheel is changed to the snow or comfort settings.

  6. GREAT Ferrari FEATURES • Premium leather • Bucket front seats • Remote power lock doors • Dual zone climate controls • 4-wheel ABS • Electronic brakeforce distribution

  7. Roomy! • The hatchback-like design of the new Ferrari FF gives tons of room in the back of the car for your belongings, especially since you can collapse the rear seats. When the seats are down you’ll get about 28 cubic feet of room.

  8. Rain or Snow, It’s All Good • The new four-wheel drive system means that you won’t ever have to put your Ferrari up in a garage for the winter, no matter what state you live in. Ferrari says this is their first true four-season car.

  9. Accolades • From the looks of it, though, the FF is getting the history of the official Ferrari shooting brake off to a spectacular start. – Car and Driver • Quick,  you can call it Radical and you even can call it expensive, but regardless of the adjective you use to describe this fantastic four-door 4WD FF flagship 4-seat fastback, the 2012 Ferrari FF, there’s no denying the fact that you want it, and in fact everyone wants it. – Automotive Craze • Uniquely, the FF also guarantees this exceptional performance on terrain with very low grip coefficients, thanks to Ferrari's own patented 4RM four-wheel drive system. – Car Dot Com

  10. Isn’t it time to add A Ferrari to your garage? • Learn more at