latin and greek roots and affixes n.
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Latin and Greek roots and affixes

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Latin and Greek roots and affixes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latin and Greek roots and affixes. (1) arch- means chief; first. Examples Archetype = original Archbishop = chief bishop Archeology = study of first people or ancient times. (2) be- means over; thoroughly. Examples Bedaub = smear all over Befuddle = to confuse totally

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Presentation Transcript
1 arch means chief first
(1) arch- means chief; first


Archetype = original

Archbishop = chief bishop

Archeology = study of first people or ancient times

2 be means over thoroughly
(2) be- means over; thoroughly


Bedaub = smear all over

Befuddle = to confuse totally

Beguile = totally charm or even deceive

3 bi means two
(3) Bi means two


Bicycle = two-wheeled fun

Biennial = every two years

Bicameral = two groups/houses (like in Congress)

4 cata means down
(4) cata- means down


Catastrophe = disaster

Cataract = waterfall

Catapult = to hurl (throw down)

5 circum means around
(5) circum- means around


Circumnavigate = travel all the way around the world

Circumspect = cautious (looking around)

Circumscribe = to limit (place a circle around)

6 com con means with together
(6) com-/con- means with; together


Combine = put together with

Communicate = talk with

Conference = meeting

7 co col means with together
(7) co-/col- means with; together


Coeditor = editor with another

Collateral = connected with

Collate = to put together

8 cor means with together
(8) Cor- means with; together


Correlate = to match up with

Corroborate = to confirm; to verify

9 contra contro means against
(9) Contra-/contro- means against


Contravene = conflict with

Controversy = argument or dispute

Contradictory = disagreeing with

10 demi means partly half
(10) Demi- means partly; half


Demigod = partly a god

Demitasse = small cup

11 di means two
(11) Di- means two


Dichotomy = split into two parts

Dilemma = choice between two bad alternatives

12 dia means across
(12) Dia- means across


Diameter = distance across the center of a circle

Diagonal = distance across a figure

Diagram = a drawn model

13 dis dif means not apart
(13) Dis-/dif- means not; apart


Discord = not in harmony

Differ = to disagree

Disparity = not being equal; having a difference

14 dys means faulty bad
(14) Dys- means faulty; bad


Dysfunctional = operate incorrectly

Dyslexia = faulty ability to read

Dyspepsia = indigestion

15 ex e means out
(15) Ex-/e- means out


Exit = to leave

Expel = to drive out

Extirpate = to root out

Eject = to throw out

16 extra extro means beyond outside
(16) Extra-/extro- means beyond;outside


Extracurricular = beyond the curriculum

Extraterritorial = beyond a nation’s boundaries

Extrovert = a person mostly interested in other people and things

17 hyper means above excessively
(17) Hyper- means above; excessively


Hyperbole = exaggeration

Hyperventilate = breathe very quickly

18 hypo means beneath lower
(18) Hypo- means beneath; lower


Hypoglycemia = low blood sugar

Hypothyroid = low-functioning

Hypodermic = beneath your skin

19 in im means not
(19) in-/im- means not


Inefficient = not efficient or productive

Inarticulate = can’t speak understandably

Impeccable = not wrecked up; perfect

20 il ir means not
(20) il-/ir- means not


Illegible = not readable

Irrelevant = doesn’t matter

Irrevocable = can’t change it or “call it back”

21 inter means between among
(21) inter- means between; among


Intervene = come between

International = between countries

Interjection = a comment thrown in

22 in im il ir means in on upon among
(22) in-/im-/il-/ir- means in; on; upon; among


Invite = to call in

Illustration = something that makes things clear

Impression = have an effect upon someone’s opinion

Irradiate = to shine upon

23 intra intro means within
(23) intra-/intro- means within


Intramural = within a school

Introvert = person who turns within himself

24 macro means large long
(24) macro- means large; long


Macrobiotic = prolonging life

Macrocosm = the entire universe or “the big picture”

25 mega means great million
(25) mega- means great; million


Megalomania = delusions of grandeur/greatness

Megaton = explosive force of a million tons of TNT

Megaphone = makes your voice really loud

26 meta means involving change
(26) meta- means involving change


Metamorphosis = a complete change of form

Metacognition = a complete change of thinking

27 micro means small miniature
(27) micro- means small; miniature


Microcosm = miniature universe/world

Microscopic = extremely small to look at

Microbe = tiny organism

28 mis means bad wrong
(28) mis- means bad; wrong


Misdemeanor = minor crime

Mischance = unfortunate accident

Misnomer = wrong name

29 mis means hatred
(29) mis- means hatred


Misanthrope = person who hates mankind

Misogynist = person who hates women

30 mono means one
(30) mono- means one


Monarchy = government by one king or queen

Monotheism = belief in one god

Monopoly = one person/entity has complete ownership/control

31 able ible means capable of adj
(31) -able/-iblemeans capable of adj.


Portable = able to be carried

Legible = able to be read

Interminable = not able to be limited

32 ac ic means like or about adj
(32) –ac/-icmeans like or about adj.


Cardiac = about the heart

Aquatic = about the water

Dramatic = about drama

33 acious icious means full of adj
(33) –acious/-iciousmeans full of adj.


Audacious = full of daring

Perspicacious = full of mental perception

Avaricious = full of greed

34 al turns a noun into an adjective
(34) -al [turns a noun into an adjective]


Maniacal = insane

Final = the end of something

Logical = clear and orderly thinking

35 ant ent means full of adj or noun
(35) –ant/-entmeans full of adj. or noun


Eloquent = full of fluid and effective speech

Suppliant = a person full of requests

Verdant = very (full of) green