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The TESOL Program at Temple University PowerPoint Presentation
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The TESOL Program at Temple University

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The TESOL Program at Temple University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The TESOL Program at Temple University
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  1. The TESOL Program at Temple University

  2. TESOL The primary mission of the TESOL Program is: to provide pre-service and in-service teachers and novice researchers with theoretical and practical tools that will enable them to become effective teachers to explore language and teaching practices in multiple settings to conduct efficient and ethical language assessment and to engage in critical thinking about curricular and policy decisions with regard to linguistically diverse populations

  3. TESOL The Master's degree program in TESOL requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of formal course work and a culminating comprehensive exam.Required Core Courses (18 semester hours)  TESOL Electives (6 semester hours) Non TESOL Electives (6 semester hours)

  4. TESOL However, for Hanyang students, the first 12 credits can be taken at Hanyang, and the final 18 credits can be completed at Temple. These 18 credits can be completed in two semesters, and then students take the comprehensive exam (1 credit) in the following semester.

  5. TESOL Required Core Courses (18 semester hours) TESL 8611 - Applied Language Study I (3 s.h.) TESL 8612 - Applied Language Study II (3 s.h.) TESL 8614 - Approaches to Teaching English language learners (3 s.h.) TESL 8616 - Curriculum and Assessment in TESOL (3 s.h.) TESL 8618 - Second Language Acquisition (3 s.h.) TESL 8621 - Contexts for Teaching and Learning Language (3 s.h.)

  6. Why Temple TESOL? 12 credit hours can be transferred in from your home university.

  7. Why Temple TESOL? The faculty: AnetaPavlenko Yasuko Kanno Elvis Wagner Jill Swavely Tamara Sniad 

  8. Why Temple TESOL? The Temple TESOL program seeks to provide a theoretically sound, yet practical degree. Every course has a fieldwork component, in which students are required to work with English Language Learners as part of the assignments for the course Many Masters students observe, do fieldwork, tutor, or teach in Temple’s IELP (Intensive English Language Program) Hands on teaching experience

  9. Why Temple TESOL? Diverse Student Body. TESOL students at Temple are a rich mix of U.S. and international students. Approximately 75% of the Master’s students are from the United States Approximately 25% are from outside the U.S. (Europe, South America, Asia)

  10. Why Temple TESOL? Academic Support. Students receive guidance and instruction based on their needs, including support for non-native speakers of English.

  11. Why Temple TESOL? No Masters thesis is required. Instead, we have a Comprehensive Examination as the culminating assessment.

  12. Why Temple TESOL? Temple TESOL Language and Linguistics Speaker Series—every semester, we have 3 or 4 guest speakers that come to Temple to give a lecture. In the past few years, some of the speakers have included: Diane Larsen-Freeman Rod Ellis William Labov Jim Purpura Zhaohong Han Bill VanPatten Linda Harklau JoowonSuh

  13. Why Temple TESOL? A Ph.D. program in Applied Linguistics Developed through a college-wide collaborative effort that included representatives of all programs at the College of Education, this program offers an integrated and interdisciplinary design providing fundamental knowledge and resources.

  14. Why Temple TESOL? Temple’s College of Education: Ranked among the nation’s top schools of education Largest school of education in Philadelphia metropolitan area One of the largest school of education in PA and the nation

  15. Why Temple TESOL? Temple University: A large urban university, recognized as “moving up” in higher education in the U.S. 28,000 students, with an incredibly diverse student body

  16. Why Temple TESOL? Philadelphia, PA: 5th largest city in the U.S. First capitol of the U.S., the “birthplace of America” Incredibly diverse, proud city 90 minute train ride from New York; 2 hour train ride from Washington, DC International hub airport, with direct flights to hundreds of cities in the U.S., Europe, Central and South America, and Asia (but not to Korea)

  17. Why Temple TESOL? Philly is the 2nd largest city on the East Coast. It is full of world-class museums and performance centers, ballparks, and amazing restaurants.

  18. Why Temple TESOL? Articulation Agreement with Hanyang: Transfer credits Individualized attention Streamlined application process No GRE required

  19. Application Materials Submitted Application Must Include: A completed Graduate School Online Application with $60 application fee.Note: When creating your application, select Application Type = “Teaching and Learning MSEd Programs" and under "Planned Course of Study" select the "Teaching English as Second Language" concentration.

  20. Application Materials Submitted Application Must Include: TOEFL scores (combined 100) or IELTS scores (minimum 7.0 average) taken within the past 2 years.

  21. Application Materials Submitted Application Must Include: Official undergraduate and graduate transcripts from all accredited colleges or universities attended. Transcripts from all institutions attended must be included even if the credits have been transferred and are shown on the transcript of a receiving college or university. They must be in sealed envelopes from the issuing institution and sent to the Graduate Programs Office. Foreign credentials must be in the original language as well as translated into English. For Hanyang students, you do NOT need to use the WES evaluation service

  22. Application Materials Submitted Application Must Include: At least 2 letters of recommendation (3 letters are better). The transcripts and letters of recommendation can be sent together in one envelope, but each letter should be sealed in its own envelope with the professor's signature on the flap.

  23. Application Materials Submitted Application Must Include: A professional goal statement. The goal statement should be approximately 500-1,000 words in length and should indicate your goals and objectives for obtaining a master's degree in TESOL.  The statement should also include the following elements:  your specific interest in Temple’s program; your research goals; your future career goals; and your academic and research achievements.

  24. Application Materials Submitted Application Must Include: A professional resume (You do NOT need to send a “Career Certificate” or “Certificate of Career”—just a resume)

  25. Application Deadlines For fall admission: April 1 For spring admission: October 1 1

  26. @msdani_marie Connect With Us!

  27. Thank You! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at