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  1. Group members • Anam Ehtesham Roll#15 • Bahjat fatima Roll#03 • Kashif Roll#16 • Jamshaid Roll#68

  2. Anam Ehtesham Roll#BB-11-15

  3. Dressing Etiquettes

  4. INTRODUCTORY THOUGHT Compare a Raw Diamond Etiquettes can bring your real value in the market place as a polished diamond. to a Polished Diamond

  5. WHAT ARE ETIQUETTES ? Etiquettes are the manners, protocol or the way of behavior one presents during his/her interactions with people….

  6. APPEARANCE • Dressing • Grooming

  7. You only have one chance to make a good first impression!

  8. YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR! • People make the following decision about you in the wink of an eye when they meet you for the first time: • Your economic level • Your education level • Your trustworthiness • Your social position • Your level of sophistication • Your moral character • Your success

  9. Determining Appropriate Dress • Consider the environment • Consider your goals • Consider the clues • Consider others’ dress • Consider the impression you want to make or leave

  10. YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR • In a business setting or social circle, people first notice • Your clothing • Your face • Your hands • Your shoes • Your writing instrument • Your briefcase • Your watch. • The care taken in your appearance indicates the care taken in your position

  11. Why Is Dress So Crucial For Success? • First impressions are extremely important! • Irreversible assumptions are made almost immediately based on a persons’ appearance. • You want to put your best foot forward and present yourself in a positive light.

  12. 5 Tips Everyone Should Know About Dressing Professionally • Keep your appearance neat and clean. • Clothing should be freshly pressed - no wrinkles! • Well groomed nails are important. • Wear minimal make-up and jewelry. • Neutral body odor is essential (wear an antiperspirant/deodorant, use perfume or other fragrance sparingly)!

  13. “Winning is accomplished in the preparation phase, not the execution phase.” Anonymous

  14. INFLUENCES OF DRESS IN A PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENTAppropriate Dress Dress code: a policy that addresses issues such as required attire, uniforms, and hairstyle Dress one position higher than your current position Develop a style that conforms to both company policy and your taste

  15. Muhammad Jamshaid Roll# BB-11-68

  16. WHAT IS BUSINESS DRESS? • Attire appropriate for meetings or an office environment • Purpose is to convey a professional appearance, as well as create an environment conducive to work • Personal expression is encouraged, but should not be taken to extremes

  17. Suits • Colors to Wear: dark blue, gray, brown or muted pin-stripes • Tailored and freshly dry cleaned

  18. Shirts • Good quality, white button-down or white classic color – bi/color….? • Make sure the shirt is pressed

  19. Ties • Silk or good quality • Complement suit • Tip of tie should end near the center of belt buckle Don’t let the tie speak for you! YES! NO!

  20. Shoes • Highly polished slip-ons • Colour of shoes should be black, cordovan or brown • Dark socks that are high enough to hide your skin when you sit down

  21. Facial Hair • No facial hair if possible, if you must, trim it neatly YES NO! MAYBE

  22. Jewelry • No chains or necklaces showing • No rings other than wedding rings. • No earrings or other piercing; if you have them, take them out • Conservative watch

  23. Other Tips • Clean fingernails • Minimal cologne • Empty your pockets to avoid clinking or bulges • Turn off cell phones and beepers • No gum or cigarettes

  24. Muhammad Kashif Roll#BB-11-16

  25. How to dress casually like a grown men •  Now that your mom isn’t buying your clothes anymore, start following the Style Pyramid

  26. Make sure your suit fits

  27. Check the fabric

  28.  Is it stylish?

  29. High school is over : Get a real pair of shoes

  30. Stop buying small, medium and large clothes

  31.  Holey and unnaturally faded jeans are deal breakers

  32. Know how to roll your sleeves

  33. For ties, matching colors and patterns is key.

  34. Pocket squares are meant to complement, not match.

  35. Cuff links can make or break an outfit.

  36.  Get a haircut like the guys from Mad Men.

  37. Use the sun to your advantage.

  38. Be confident

  39. In the context of business

  40. Formal Parties

  41. Informal Dressing

  42. Behjat Fatima BB-11-03