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My Diamond Club Experience

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My Diamond Club Experience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Diamond Club Experience. Derya K ucukali. Who am I?. Married mum of two girls – 6 and 9 years old Bachelor of Science BScDipEd Science teacher – 10 Years Health Coach Owner/Manager Organic Instinct Volunteer Islamic Studies teacher DoTerra Wellness Advocate.

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My Diamond Club Experience

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    1. My Diamond Club Experience Derya Kucukali

    2. Who am I? • Married mum of two girls – 6 and 9 years old • Bachelor of Science BScDipEd • Science teacher – 10 Years • Health Coach • Owner/Manager Organic Instinct • Volunteer Islamic Studies teacher • DoTerra Wellness Advocate

    3. My DoTerra Journey. . . . . • Began 11 months ago . . . . • Initially a sceptic! • Noticed the healing benefits on my family and was convinced this was to become part of my health message to the world.

    4. Should I do Diamond Club? Diamond Club Kick off on the Gold Coast • Molly Dayton – US DC Winner 2013 • 16 enrolments per month – OK do-able! • She did 60 in her first month – She’s crazy! I had: X Self doubt “Can I really do this?” X Concerns about neglecting my family – interstate trips X Juggling my Organic Instinct business, relief teaching, volunteer work and family.


    6. WHY Diamond Club? My husband Ahmad said, “Why not?” • You believe in the product • You’re passionate and driven • You want to share your health message • You have the ability and the skills • DoTerra is providing you with the opportunity (travels paid, free products etc.) • I will support you ALL the way! HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE A CHANGE!

    7. My WHY? Yasemin and Rayhan • Empower individuals to take back control of their health and wellbeing. • Create momentum for my team • Financial stability for my family • Develop Leaders • Personal growth • Rank advancement

    8. HOW?Family support My rock My backbone My husband Ahmad Helou

    9. How?Planning & Preparation • Contacted leaders and informed them of my availability for the next four months. • Begin filling in the calendar minimum one month in advance • Prepare your tools – oils, handouts, PowerPoint, book flights • Know your WHY – keep reminding yourself of it.

    10. How? Faith and Prayer • Driving to a session I would reflect on my purpose and recheck my intention. • My intention is: • Helping • Healing • Empowering/Inspiring • Providing opportunities

    11. HOW? Sincere and Genuine • Positive energy and belief in what you are doing should emanate through your words and actions. Focus on helping people. Be a real person, not a sales person. • You need to be sincere and genuine with your audience. If your mission to empower them with the tools of health – they will sense it and gravitate towards your message.

    12. How? Commitment, Teamwork and Passion Love the work that you do and the fruits of your hard work will begin to show with every phone call and email from people that want to thank you for changing their lives. • Teamwork - You are only successful as a team! • Our leaders achieved new ranks • Our leaders developed a healthy level of confidence in their abilities. • Be passionate about what you do and you’ll never have to ‘work’ a day in your life.

    13. In Action!

    14. Was it hard? • Felt exhausted at times • Compromised house duties • Take away food – kept it healthy! • Volunteering at my daughter’s school limited • Family gatherings – I wasn’t there! • We experienced a roller coaster of emotions

    15. Diamond Club Benefits

    16. Developed leaders • Leaders had the opportunity to observe me present a medicine cabinet makeover on numerous occasions using different methods – PowerPoint/Tear pad. • They got to see how I interacted with my audience and answered questions and introduced LRP and incentives. • Many advanced to ELITE and even Premier. • One team member enrolled in March and hit Silver by the end of May!

    17. Incentives DC only provides e.g. travel compensation , free products…..

    18. My comfort zone was challenged! • Booking flights and car hire • Meeting new people • Speaking to a large audience • Business training my leaders

    19. Forged new long lasting friendships I was introduced to many wonderful people, some of which have become great friends and leaders in our team.

    20. Increased volume and rank advancement Our team volume doubled and even tripled over the four month period. Rank advanced from Elite to Silver Total of 251 Enrolments.

    21. I was fed well 

    22. HUMAN By: Robin Sharma H – helpfulness : always do more than you are paid to do. U – understanding: speak less and listen more. M – mingle: people love doing business with people they like. A – amuse: have fun while you do great work. N- nurture: leave every single person who intersects your path – better, happier and more engaged than you found them.

    23. So many people to thank. . . Heba El-Hakim Mitch Oldham John and Paula

    24. Every human being, regardless of race, faith, and creed wants happiness and good health. You are the key – believe this and watch success happen.