Strategies Digital Marketers Can Use to Profit from Tourism Advertising
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Useful Digital Marketing Strategies Beneficial for Tourism Advertising - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategies Digital Marketers Can Use to Profit from Tourism Advertising

Data provided by Choice Hotels International

suggests that Americans will spend 8 percent

more money traveling this year compared to

last year. Also, they will spend 5 percent more

on each flight on an average.

That means, digital marketers can expect to

witness a search explosion concerning travel.

Fact is, eMarketer estimates travel digital sales

to total about $153 billion, which is a 6 percent

increase compared to last year. Mobile sales

are expected to reach $36 billion.

In case you are into tourism advertising, the following tips will help you get the most out of your ad


Focus your budget on the peak seasons

Travel searches reach the tip during the summer season and the winter season. Summer travel search

normally lasts June through August, and winter travel search December through January. Be sure to

have adequate budget and remain ready with your tourism advertising campaign during both of the


Be sure to benefit from high CTRs

A lot of people like to search for the Online Travel Aggregator (OTA) of their choice. Expedia and are two examples of OTAs. What is surprising is that OTA-related search ads attract 11

percent to 16 percent CTR. In case of smartphones, the range is 14 percent to 19 percent. It seems, even

when travelers look for a particular OTA, they are willing to reward tourism advertisement efforts.

Advertisers can start bidding on their personal brands to stop losing conversions to their competitors

bidding on the same terms.

Do not neglect the importance of cross-device campaigning

One eMarketer report released in November last year showed that the number of leisure travelers who

relied on search engines for planning trips was 6 out of 10. It also confirmed that most travelers used

multiple devices to complete the whole planning process up to booking. So, it is crucial for digital

advertisers to optimize their tourism advertisement to suit multiple device types.

Take into account the number of mobile users

A year-to-year Yahoo Bing Network report revealed that about 43 percent more users relied on their

smartphones to perform travel searches the second year. The numbers are only likely to grow as time

passes. As most travelers spend about 58 percent of their total travel expense during their trip, local

advertisers can profit by providing mobile tourism advertisement to attract travelers nearby. Adding

website information, contact number, location, and reservation line are some of the good ways to

optimize campaigns for mobile use. Mobile apps can prove to be big hits, as well.

Probe travelers to vacate a bit longer

On an average, the number of paid vacation days carried over by Americans was 3.3 from last year to

this year, worth close to $56 billion! So, inspiring them to utilize those extra days can benefit advertisers

greatly. Using ad copies and special offers is one way advertisers can achieve that.