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Required Text Package ISBN: 1111019037 PowerPoint Presentation
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Required Text Package ISBN: 1111019037

Required Text Package ISBN: 1111019037

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Required Text Package ISBN: 1111019037

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  1. Math 1A03 McMaster University Required Text Package ISBN: 1111019037

  2. Math 1A03 McMaster University • An interactive homework and content mastery tool, including tutorials, videos, and animations • Easy to use and available 24/7 • Homework graded instantly • Instant feedback on performance • Student-centered support available live 6 days a week • Research proves that students using EWA achieve higher results on testing! • More than 1.2 million students at over 1,500 institutions are using WebAssign.

  3. Math 1A03 McMaster University Student Feedback • 97% of students agreed that homework on Enhanced WebAssign was easy to access. • 88% of students either strongly agreed or agreed that using Enhanced WebAssign helped monitor their learning and understanding of topics in the course. • 87% of students either strongly agreed or agreed that using Enhanced WebAssign did help them become more prepared for exams. • 85% of students either strongly agreed or agreed that Enhanced WebAssign would assist in achieving a better grade in their class.

  4. How to Self-Enroll in WebAssign • Please go to the login page at •

  5. Click the I Have a Class Key button

  6. Submit the Class Key

  7. Verify Class Information • If the correct course and section is not listed, check with your instructor.

  8. If you are a first time user: click the ‘I need to create a WebAssign Account.

  9. Complete the Log In and Student Information It’s best to user either your school e-mail address or your school username so you don’t forget.

  10. Be sure to remember your login! • After clicking you will get a confirmation page. • You will need to remember what you entered as your password. • Click Log in Now

  11. How Do I Access WebAssign now? • After logging in you may see a notice that includes Grace Period information and payment options. • You can: • register a code number if you have an access code card. This will be bundled with your text available in the bookstore. This code is good for the Life of the Edition. • There will be stand alone EWA access cards available in the bookstore. -or- • you can buy an access code online with a credit card.The bundle and stand alone cards in the bookstore are a better price for you. • ***After the Grace Period you will see the payment options and not be able to continue without entering an access code.

  12. Payment/Code Registration Screen

  13. What Does An Access Code Look Like? • Your access code card will look something • like this:

  14. Student homepage: this is where you can access assignments, see announcements, any course materials posted. Set reminders about due assignments etc.

  15. Help in your Assignments: at the bottom of your assignment page there is a link to TA support. Just click on ‘ Ask Your Teacher’.

  16. How Do I Reset My Password? • If you are logged in, click the My Options link in the upper right corner. • Fill in your new Password then re-enter for confirmation • Fill in your old Password where requested in the lower left corner • Save • Be sure to add an email address if none is listed.

  17. What If I Forget My Password? • If you know your username, institution code and the email address on file for your account, you can request a reset password from the login page. • Otherwise you will need to ask your instructor to reset your password.

  18. Student Guide • Links to the WebAssign Student Guide are available on your login page and after logging in. Please read over the guide so you are familiar with: • How to access and open assignments • How to submit answers to various types of questions • How to ask your teacher for help • How to view scores and grades • What additional resources are available

  19. Need Additional Help ? • Phone support: (800) 955-8275 • 8:00 am - 8:00 pm ET Mon-Fri • 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm ET Sun • E-mail support: • 8:00 am - 11:00 pm ET Mon-Fri • 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET Sat • 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm ET Sun