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Internship: Step to success

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Internship: Step to success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internship: Step to success. The Third JNC International Nursing Conference “The Heart of the Matter: Relevance of Nursing Responsiveness”. Ms. Muyassar Sabri Awadallah College of Health Sciences, WHO Collaboration Center Ministry of Health Kingdom of Bahrain. Novice Students.

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internship step to success

Internship: Step to success

The Third JNC International Nursing Conference

“The Heart of the Matter:

Relevance of Nursing Responsiveness”

Ms. Muyassar Sabri Awadallah

College of Health Sciences,

WHO Collaboration Center

Ministry of Health

Kingdom of Bahrain

presentation goal
Presentation Goal

Share College of Health Sciences Nursing Division experience of internship nursing program



To give nursing interns the opportunity to gain competent clinical practice where they enrich their knowledge, skill, and attitude in order to provide holistic nursing care for individual, family and the community in primary, secondary, and tertiary care settings

assessment criteria
Assessment Criteria

The grade will be determined based on the evaluation criteria of the respective objectives including a total patient care exam.

criteria for mastery
Criteria for Mastery
  • Achievement of 70% is mandatory at the end of each posting.
  • If an intern fails to get 70% he/she should repeat the practice in that area until he/she attains 70%.
  • Passing each criterion for mastery is compulsory.
  • Passing grade for the course is 70%.
  • Final evaluation is given only after passing the practical exam.
chs nursing faculty responsibilities towards the mentors and interns
CHS Nursing Faculty Responsibilities Towards the Mentors and Interns
  • Conduct survey on the internship course and the mentor’s performance at the end of the internship.
  • Analyze the survey and modify the course accordingly.
  • Revise the criteria for selecting the mentors based on the intern’s survey.
interns responsibilities
Interns Responsibilities

The intern must abide with the following rules and regulations during their internship period:

  • Demonstrate a professional behavior through out the clinical practice.
  • Wear appropriate uniform, according to CHS uniform policy.
  • Reinforce the goals and objectives of the internship program on daily basis.
  • Practice under the mentor's supervision and seek guidance /help in unfamiliar situations.
interns responsibilities1
Interns Responsibilities
  • Submit clinical schedule to the concerned faculty member in advance and inform the CHS Nursing faculty incase of any change.
  • Show accountability by being punctual and committed to the practice (If intern expects to be late or absent he/she must notify the ward supervisor 2hrs prior to the beginning of the shift. All absent days will be compensated by the intern at the end of the allocation).
interns responsibilities2
Interns Responsibilities
  • Function as a part of the health care team and assume all the responsibilities as a staff nurse.
  • Attend and participate in the various educational and other career oriented activities at each clinical area.
  • Ensure the client's safety at all time.
  • Use resources & equipment efficiently, economically and effectively.
interns responsibilities3
Interns Responsibilities
  • Participate actively in physicians rounds & utilize other learning opportunities as they occur for your assigned client.
  • Report to the internship coordinator incase of any untoward incident / problem as early as possible.
  • Complete all course assignments according to guidelines and schedule.
  • Submit log of signature to the concerned internship faculty at the specific time
mentor s responsibilities towards intern
Mentor’s Responsibilities Towards Intern
  • Orient themselves with the course objectives in advance.
  • Be a role model in the following:
    • Punctuality
    • Uniform equipped with essential items
    • Professional behavior
    • Rules and regulations
    • Interpersonal relationships
mentor s responsibilities towards intern1
Mentor’s Responsibilities Towards Intern
  • Monitor their achievement of self learning objectives on daily basis with documentation (anecdotal notes).
  • Share knowledge and clarify their doubts.
  • Encourage to function as a part of health care team.
  • Assist them to provide holistic care based on nursing process.
  • Motivate them to updated knowledge on current technologies pertaining to their client care.
mentor s responsibilities towards intern2
Mentor’s Responsibilities Towards Intern
  • Motivate them to enrich their knowledge by providing conducive learning environment.
  • Encourage the intern for self directed learning.
  • Assist them in identifying his/ her strengths/ weaknesses and provide constructive feedback as needed.
  • Empower in the use of problem solving strategies in his/ her clinical setting.
  • Involve them in handling emergency situations.
mentor s responsibilities towards intern3
Mentor’s Responsibilities Towards Intern
  • Encourage them to utilize the available resources to develop knowledge and skills.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the faculty member to ensure optimal learning-teaching process for desired outcome.
  • Attend meetings arranged by the CHS nursing faculty.
  • Report the progress of the intern on designated time to the ward in-charge and concerned CHS nursing faculty.
mentor s responsibilities towards intern4
Mentor’s Responsibilities Towards Intern
  • Report any undue incidents to the concerned faculty as early as possible.
  • Perform the mid evaluation towards end of the first posting with the ward in charge and provide constructive feedback to the interns in presence of CHS nursing faculty.
  • Guide, attend and evaluate the intern’s clinical presentation and submit the feedback to the concerned faculty.
mentor s responsibilities towards intern5
Mentor’s Responsibilities Towards Intern
  • Involve in the intern’s total patient care exam along with faculty, ward in charge and Nursing Officer.
  • Perform the final evaluation towards end of the second posting with ward in charge and submit to the CHS nursing faculty after discussion with intern.
ward supervisor s responsibilities
Ward Supervisor’s Responsibilities
  • Assist CHS nursing faculty in selecting the mentor.
  • Schedule the intern’s duty according to the concerned mentor.
  • Give orientation to the ward and explain about safety requirement including how to act in emergency.
  • Provide the mentor and intern with appropriate teaching/ learning facilities.
ward supervisor s responsibilities1
Ward Supervisor’s Responsibilities
  • Participate in various learning activities done by the intern and provide them with appropriate feedback.
  • Monitor the intern’s performance along with the mentor.
  • Participate in the mid and final evaluation of the intern.
  • Involve in scheduling the exam with CHS nursing faculty and the nursing officer.
  • Involve in conducting total patient care exam.
chs nursing faculty responsibilities towards the mentors and interns1
CHS Nursing Faculty Responsibilities Towards the Mentors and Interns
  • Provide orientation session for the mentors and interns (objectives and policies, etc)
  • Assist the interns in achieving the clinical training objectives
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the mentors to ensure high quality of nursing practice for the interns.
  • Participate in intern's evaluation on their clinical performance through