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Dubliners Background. A. The process of publication - Begin to write: 1904 - Complete most of them: 1905 - London publisher, Grant Richards: 1905 (1906)

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dubliners background


A. The process of publication

- Begin to write: 1904

- Complete most of them: 1905

- London publisher, Grant Richards: 1905


- Publish: 1914

dubliners background b controversial points
DublinersBackgroundB. Controversial points

- The true incidents

- The true settings: libelous

“He paused at last before the window of a poor-looking shop over

which the words Refreshment Bar were printed in white letters.

On the glass of the window were two flying inscriptions: Ginger

Beer and Ginger Ale.” (Two Gallants)

- The wild words: “bloody”, blasphemous

“She brought me two bloody fine cigars.” (Two Gallants)

“At dinner, you know. Then he has a bloody big bowl of cabbage

before him on the table and a bloody big spoon like a shovel.”


dubliners background3


C. Author’s opinion

- To create effect

- A nicely polished looking-glass

- A chapter of moral history

- The first step of the spiritual liberation

Reference: Richard Ellmann,

Selected letters of James Joyce

dubliners structure theme
DublinersStructure& Theme

A. Structure

-- A collection of 15 short stories

-- The process of a person’s growth

- children  the old

- individual  social life

- dream  disappoint, despair

dubliners structure
I. Childhood

1. The Sisters

2.An Encounter


II. Adolescence


5.After the Race

6.Two Gallants

7. The Boarding House

III. Maturity

8.A Little Cloud



11. A Painful Case

IV. Public life

12.Ivy Day in the Committee Room

13. A Mother

14. Grace

(Epilogue)15. The Dead

dubliners theme

B. Theme:

a. The paralysis of Dublin

“It (paralysis) had always sound strangely in my ears…. But

now it sounded to me like the name of some maleficent and sinful

being. It filled me with the fear, and yet I longed to be nearer to

it and to look upon its deadly work.” (The Sisters)


“There was no hope for him this time: it was the third stroke.”

(The Sisters)

dubliners theme7

= emptiness(Araby)

= a prisoner for life- spiritual weakness

“She set her white face to him, passive, like a helpless animal.”


“It’s useless. The wailing of the child pierced the drum of his ear….

The tears of remorse started to his eyes.”(A Little Cloud)

b. The style of “scrupulous meanness”

- irony & sympathy coexist

dubliners technique

A. Realism

B. Detachment: Show, don’t tell.

C. Epiphany

1. Religious term: A Christian festival

2. Joyce’s term: To realize in a moment

D. Symbolism & Metaphor

E. Literary Reference