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Table of Contents. Unit Three. Personal Finance. Financial Matters 理财问题. Focus. S: A questionnaire about money matters at college. L: I’m broke. L: No risk, no gain. S: Enquiring about loans. R: How the stock market works. W: Writing a spending survey report.

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Unit three

Table of Contents

Unit Three

Personal Finance

Unit three


  • S: A questionnaire about money matters at


  • L: I’m broke

  • L: No risk, no gain

  • S: Enquiring about loans

  • R: How the stock market works

  • W: Writing a spending survey report

Unit three

1. Starter--A questionnaire about money matters at college


1. personal finance个人理财

☆financen. 财务管理,财政;金融;资金

e.g. My present finances preclude the possibility of buying a car.

Unless we can get more finance, we’ll have to close the hotel.


e.g. His parents financed his college education.

The government will finance the building of the new roads

with the taxes it collects.


如:financial affairs 财务问题;

a grave financial crisis 严重的金融危机。

Unit three

2. ☆loann. 贷款;出借

e.g. They found it impossible to get a bank loan.

We wish to take a loan of your car for an afternoon.


e.g. These works of art are too precious to be loaned out for


Unit three

3. Do you think a part-time job would affect your studies?


*affect vt.影响,对……起作用

e.g. This area was affected by the flood.

Recently, the financial crisis in the U.S.A has affected

the job market to a large extent.

Unit three

4. Can you make ends meet every month?


make ends meet达到收支平衡

e.g. He found it hard to make ends meet on his low income.

Mary has spent so much money on new clothes that she

finds it hard to make ends meet again this month.

Unit three

2. I’m broke


1. Jenny, could you lend me a few dollars? 珍妮,能不能借我点钱?


e.g. I borrowed a book from him.= He lent a book to me.

2. I’m a little broke. 我快没钱花了。

△broke a. 没钱,囊中羞涩;破产的

e.g. Jim had to take the job as a waiter in a small restaurant because

he was broke.

The paper was going broke and would cease publication.

Unit three

3. I’m short of money myself… 我自己也缺钱……

be short of 缺少

e.g. The family is badly short of money due to the child’s disease.

We’re short of time. Let’s hurry up.

4. …but I buy a lot of things and pay by credit card.


☆creditn. 信用贷款;赊购

e.g. If you are very rich, you can probably get unlimited credit.

In stores where once he had been able to obtain credit he was

forced to pay cash.

Unit three

5. Yes, so do I. 是的,我就是这样。

so do I的意思是“我也是”或“我也这么认为”。so放在句首有


e.g. Jim thinks Yao Ming is a world-famous basketball player.

So do I.

Unit three

2. I’m broke

6. But people spend too much with their credit cards and go over

their budget. 人们过度使用信用卡,消费超过了预算。

go over超过

e.g. Your spending should not go over your income.

Tom went over John and became his boss.

☆budgetn. 预算

e.g. It is important to balance one’s budget.

We simply can’t stretch the budget enough to buy a car.

Unit three

3. No risk, no gain


1. Jessica has decided to invest all her money in stocks.


*investv. 投资,投入

e.g. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in this plan.

She invested in a painting by a famous young artist.


如:a big investment in land 。

Unit three

2. So, any luck finding a new job? 是吗?运气如何?找到新工作了


这是一个省略句,any luck在口语中很常见,可单独使用,也可


e.g. Any luck with your hunting?

Any luck in your dating?

3. None.没找到。



e.g. — How many birds are there in the tree?

— None.

Unit three

4. You’ll be up to your ears in debt if you keep spending like this.


up to one’s ears in debt 债台高筑

e.g. You’ll soon be up to your ears in debt if you don’t stop gambling.

*debt n. 债务,欠债

e.g. He is in debt for his house and his car.

He spent more and more money, getting deeper and deeper into


5. I’ve decided to buy stocks. 我决定去买股票。

*stock n. 股票

e.g. Father owns some stocks in that railroad.

Stocks are generally lower in value because of the financial crisis.

Unit three

6. Yeah, but no risk, no gain! like this. 是的,但是没有风险,何来回报!

no risk, no gain的字面意思是“没有风险就没有收获”,在特定


e.g. I spent all my pocket money buying lottery tickets. No risk,

no gain!

7. I’ll bet all my savings on them! 我要把所有的积蓄都押在上面!

bet…on… 把……赌押在……

e.g. I’ll bet my life on his success.

He bet all my savings on stocks!

Unit three

8. As the old saying goes… like this. 俗话说得好……

as the old saying goes正如老话所说,古语有云

e.g. As the old saying goes, a friend in need is a friend


Unit three

4. Enquiring about loans like this.


1. When do I start paying back the loan?


pay back 偿还(借款等)

e.g. Lend me $100, will you? I’ll pay it back at the end of the


I must remember to pay you back for the concert ticket.

Unit three

2. Start by like this. filling out our form online, and it can be approved in a

few days. 先网上填表,几天之后便会得到批准。

fill out填写

e.g. The policeman filled out a report of the accident.

*approvev. 批准,认可

e.g. The firm’s directors quickly approved the new deal.

The government sector initially approved the proposal in 1974.

approve还可表示“赞成,赞许”,常与of 搭配使用。

e.g. I do not quite approve of his moral character.

Everybody approves of the plans for a new school building.

approve的名词形式为approval,如:gain/obtain/win the approval

of 得到……的赞同。

Unit three

5. How the Stock Market Works like this.




If asked “What’s one of the fastest ways to lose money?” your answer might be: “Invest in the stock market and follow the investment company’s advice.” There may be some truth to this answer. The following story tells you how the stock market works.

☆investment n. 投资

e.g. The firm has made a huge investment in new equipment.

His investments amount to millions of dollars.



some truth to sth.在某方面有点道理

e.g. I decided to take his advice because I found some truth to it.

You are talking nonsense. I can’t find any truth to your words.

If asked…是省略形式,完整形式应该是If you were asked…

Unit three

Back like this.



﹡purchase vt. 买,购买

e.g. He purchased a ticket and was about to get on the train.

Last week I purchased a lot of things that I didn’t need.

purchase还可用作名词,表示“购买物;购买行为”,如:make seasonal purchases购买时令商品;cash purchase 现金采购。

﹡announce v. 宣布

e.g. It has been announced that he will sail for England.

I hope to announce the winner shortly.

announce的名词形式为announcement,如: issue / make an announcement 发表公告;formal announcement 正式通知。

Years ago in a village, a man turned up and announced to the villagers that he would purchase monkeys for 10 dollars each.

The villagers went out to the forest and began catching monkeys.



years ago几年前

e.g. Years ago, I was a student at the Shanghai Institute of Tourism.

turn up出现

e.g. We arranged to meet at the cinema at 7:30, but he failed to turn up.

He didn’t turn up at the meeting yesterday.

Unit three

Back like this.



The man bought thousands at 10 dollars and as supply started to decrease, the villagers stopped their effort. The man further announced that he would now buy at 20 dollars. The villagers renewed their efforts and started catching monkeys again.

*supply n. 供应,供给;提供

e.g. Drinking water is in short supply in this area.

The electricity supply was cut off because of the flood.

supply还可以作动词使用,意思是“提供,供应”,常用于supply sb. with sth.或supply sth. to sb.的结构。

e.g. Cows supply us with milk.

The dairy company supplies milk in bottles to each house every morning.

*effort n. 努力


e.g. With great efforts, the frog jumped out of the well. (指一次一次具体的努力)

His success depends upon his effort and ability. (泛指努力)

*decrease v. 减少,下降

e.g. We can see that his interest in this subject is gradually decreasing.

We should decrease the use of water.



e.g. As it is raining, the sports meeting is cancelled.



e.g. Let’s consider the point further.

*renew v.


e.g. Do you want to renew the contract we signed two years ago?

The traffic accident prompted her to renew her insurance.

Unit three

5. How the Stock Market Works like this.



注意as, because和since的区别:


e.g. As you’re an adult, you should be responsible for your own decisions.

Since we are young, we shouldn’t be too afraid of making mistakes.

You can trust these products because the quality never changes.

Unit three

Back like this.



Soon there were few monkeys and people started going back to their farms. The offer price increased to 25 dollars and the supply of monkeys became so small that it was an effort to even see a monkey, let alone catch it!




e.g. The speech was so dull that I almost fell asleep.

It rained so heavily that we had to stay at home.




e.g. The speech was so dull that I almost fell asleep.

It rained so heavily that we had to stay at home.


offer price卖价;卖方报价

与price相关的短语还有:market price市场价格,市价;wholesale price批发价; price index 物价指数; factory price 出厂价; price level 物价水平。

let alone 更不用说

e.g. We can’t afford a bicycle, let alone a car.

此外,let sb. alone表示“别理,别管,别烦扰,别干涉某人”。

e.g. Let me alone!

Unit three

Back like this.



The man now announced that he would buy monkeys at 50 dollars! However, since he had to go to the city on business, his assistant would now buy on his behalf.



on one’s behalf 代表……;为了……的利益

e.g. The President can’t be here today, so I’m going to speak on his behalf.

Unit three

Back like this.



When the man was away, the assistant told the villagers, “Look at all these monkeys in the big cage that the man has collected. I will sell them to you for 35 dollars each and when the man returns from the city, you can sell them to him for 50 dollars each.”


Unit three

Back like this.





The villagers spent all their savings buying all the monkeys.

Then they never saw the man nor his assistant again, only monkeys everywhere!

Unit three


  • S: Proverbs on money matters

  • L: He is really something

  • L: A good budget will work

  • S: How to spend lifetime income

  • R: Nature of spending

  • W: Expressing opinions on spending

  • R: Not for naught

Unit three

2. He is really something like this.


1. Make a sound budget…制定合理的预算

此处sound的意思是“合理的,正确的”,如:give a sound

explanation 作出合理的解释。

e.g. I believe that it’s sound for boys and girls to have

basically the same education.

2. He always seems to have money to burn.


have sth. to do表示有某事可做,其中to do是不定式作名词后


e.g. I have some books to read.

Unit three

3. But he like this. deserves it. 但是这是他应得的。

☆deservev. 值得,应得;应受

e.g. He has been so awful that he really deserves whatever he


If you do wrong, you deserve to be punished.

deserve well from sb. 应该受到某人好的待遇

e.g. She deserves well from her employer.

4. He’s really something! 他真是个了不起的人物!


e.g. There’s something in what you said.

Theory is something, but practice is everything.

Unit three

3. A good budget will work like this.


1. A good budget will work! 一项好的预算很有用!


e.g. The medicine worked soon.


e.g. We can see that the plan worked badly.

Unit three

2. How do you like this. manage to make ends meet, man? 你是如何做


*managev. 设法做到,设法维持

e.g. In spite of these insults, she managed not to get angry.

Believe me, we can manage without you!


e.g. Still an active woman, she was managing the household


I don’t think it’s her shop. I think she just manages it.



Unit three

3. Uh, I pay a monthly rent of $900, including like this. gas, water, electricity

and TV. 呃,我每月房租900美元,包括煤气、水、电和电视


*gas n.煤气,天然气;气体;汽油

e.g. I smell gas; there must be a leak.

Is there a gas station nearby?



与gas搭配的短语:gas burner 煤气炉;gas explosion 瓦斯爆

炸;gas mask防毒面罩;gas mixture气体混合物;step on the

gas 踩油门,加油

Unit three

4. I often like this. dine out, so those expenses add up.我经常外出就餐,


*dine vi.吃饭,进餐

e.g. When do you dine?

dine out 表示“下馆子,外出吃饭”,其反义词组为dine in(在



add up是合理的;是对的

e.g. His words about the theft simply did not add up.

These figures don’t add up right. Do it again.

add up还可表示“把……合计”。

e.g. He weighed each stone and then added up all the weights.

add up to的意思是“合计为……”。

e.g. The bills add up to exactly $100.

Unit three

5. Movie tickets and a concert or two. $600 like this. or so.


or so大约

e.g. It was about an hour or so after he lay down.

He must be thirty or so.

Unit three

5. Nature of Spending like this.




Everyone has their own beliefs about of how to manage their finances. As part of our value system, it affects the way we look after our money.

According to our different values, we are put in three groups. They are: the ant, the cricket and the snail.

somebody, someone, everybody, everyone, no one等不定代词均为单数。根据语法规则,后面应用其他单数代词(he, she, his, her)。但现在很多人认为这种用法有性别偏见之嫌,因而较为可取的是they, them或their。

e.g. Everybody said they would help.


e.g. We spent part of our holiday in France.

It plays an important part in economic development.

*valuen. 价值观;价值

e.g. The young have a completely different set of values and expectations.

The market value of this property has declined.




在the way we look after our money中,the way之后的定语从句除了可省略关系代词之外,还可用that或in which引导。

e.g. I don’t like the way (that) she walks.

*nature n. 本质;天性

e.g. He is very honest by nature.

She holds a strong belief in the goodness of human nature.

*belief n. 信念;信仰

e.g. The judge shares my belief that he is innocent.

She could not accept the religious beliefs of her parents.


e.g. Do we have the finances to support each other?

Are the firm’s finances sound?

Unit three

Back like this.



just like… 正如……


e.g. He speaks English just like an Englishman.

He walks just like his father.

  • The ant — work first

  • Just like ants, who work heart and soul in summer in order to store food for winter, these people don’t care about enjoying the moment. They work very hard and save the money they earn to enjoy life when they get old. The ant loves to save, but they could make more out of their money if they were willing to invest in some low-risk funds and stocks.




e.g. The girl who is great at football has just walked in.

The couple (who) we met on holiday sent us a card.

in order to 为了

e.g. In order to successfully use it, users must understand how the software works.

He wore gloves in order not to dirty his hands.

care about


e.g. Don’t you careabout this country’s future? 

I really careabout what happens to her. 

make… out of… 从……中获得,用……做成……

e.g. Newspapers make a profit out of the advertisements they carry.

She made a fortune out of a business.

make… out of… 从……中获得,用……做成……

e.g. Newspapers make a profit out of the advertisements they carry.

She made a fortune out of a business.

此处if they were willing to...用了虚拟语气,表不(太)可能发生的事情。

e.g. If I were you, I could eat a horse right now.

Unit three

Back like this.



◆ The cricket — fun first

The cricket wants to enjoy everything now and doesn’t think too much about the future. They even borrow money when they really want something. These people have little savings. When they get old, they might have problems. They should learn to save.



Unit three

Back like this.



△luxuryn. 奢华,豪华;奢侈品

e.g.We lived for a time in great luxury.

We can’t afford many luxuries.


e.g. Hilton Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

The millionaire leads a luxurious life.

本句中使用了“make +名词/代词+形容词”的结构。该结构中make是“使变得,使成为”的意思,这个结构表示“使(某物/人)变得(怎么样)”。

e.g. The news that he had passed the final examination made his parents very happy.

At the meeting she made her objections clear.

◆The snail—living under pressure

The snail refers to people who make life difficult for themselves. They take big long-term loans from the bank to buy luxury things. They are happy to take big loans even though they are not sure they can afford them. This can cause problems in the future. They should plan more carefully.



此处even though表示“即使,虽然”,引导让步状语从句。该短语经常可与even if换用。

e.g. Even though I didn’t know anybody at the party, I had a good time.

I Iike the job even though it’s badly paid.

☆long-term a. 长期的


e.g. Any long-term plan in your mind?

Here’s to our long-term cooperation. Cheers!

*pressure n. 压力

e.g. The manager has been trying to put pressure on us.

He could not come because of business pressure.

refer to指……而言,指的是

e.g. When I said some people were stupid, I wasn’t referring to you.

Who does the pronoun in the third sentence refer to?

Unit three

The End! like this.

Thank You!