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Unit 6

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Unit 6. Fun Cycling. Stage 1. Review of the vehicles. The games of the 29th Olympiad in 2008 are awarded to the city of Beijing. Stage 2 Pre-listening. Task 1. excited. exciting. Field trip. airplane. Buy the ticket. airline. Mount Tai. cycle.

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unit 6

Unit 6

Fun Cycling

stage 1
Stage 1

Review of the vehicles

field trip
Field trip


Buy the ticket


Mount Tai


My sister went to Jinyun Mountain by bike.

My sister cycled to Jinyun Mountain.

task 2
Task 2

Xiao Shenyangr, what are you going to do this weekend?

I decideto go shopping.


Wow, how wonderful!

What about you?

It’s hard to say.

If you were Lu Yu, what are you going to do this weekend?

more examples for practice
More examples for practice:

I’d like/love to have a picnic on Jinyun Mountain.

I decideto have a picnic.


to visit Beibei Park

to cycle around the Jialing River

to sleep

to help my mother to do housework

to play basketball/volleyball/…




task 3
Task 3

Read these questions and guess the answers:

1. What are they going to do?

A. go hiking B. have a picnic

C. have a spring field trip D. climb mountain

2. How long will it take?

A. oneday B. twodays

C. threedays D. fourdays

stage 3 while listening
Stage 3 While-listening

Task 1Listen to the tape and check the answers.

Task 2Listen again and answer the following



1. What are they discussing about?

2.How many ways are mentioned during

the discussion?

task 31
Task 3

True or False Questions:

1. It’s too far for cycling to get to Mount Tai. ( )

2. The teacher asks Kangkang to find out the cost by bus. ( )

3. The teacher asks the students to bring their information the day after tomorrow. ( )





Task 4

Choose the right answers according

to the dialogue.

1. As Miss Wang says, it’s too far for cycling, but

there are other vehicles for us ____from.

A. choose B. choosing C.to choose D. chose

2. Kangkang and Michael will find out the cost

___by train.

A. going B. gone C. go D. to go


Task 5

Blank Filling

  • I have some exciting news _____ you! (tell)
  • Do you know the best way _____there? (get)
  • We’ll decide on the best way _____on our field trip. (go)
  • There is so much homework_____. (do)
  • We have some difficult problems____________. (deal with)

to tell

to get

to go

to do

to deal with


Task 6 Listen to the tape

Miss Wang:Boys and girls, I have some exciting

news to tellyou! For our spring field trip, we will go

on a two-day visit to Mount Tai.

Maria: Wow, how wonderful! How will we get there?

Miss Wang: Let’s make the decision together. It’s too far

for cycling, but there are other vehicles for us to

choose from. Do you the best way to get there?

Jane:It’s hard to say.

Michael: Let’s find out some information about the cost.

Miss Wang: Ok. Kangkang and Michael, you two find out the cost to go by train. Helen, please find out the cost by bus.

Jane:I’d love to go by airplane. I’ll ask the airline over the phone.

Miss Wang: Ok. Bring your information tomorrow and we’ll decide on the best way to go on our field trip.

stage 4 post listening
Stage 4 Post-listening

Task 1 Group work: act the dialogue out.

Task 2 Fill in the blanks with the words

fromthe box.


make a decision vehicles two-day exciting

  • get field trip excited find out cycle

The class of Miss Wang will have a ______visit to Mount Tai for their spring _______. All the students are very______ about the _____news. Now, they are discussing the best way to_____ there. Miss Wang thinks it’s too far to ____there. So they must choose one of the other_______. Michael advises that they should _______some information about the cost. Finally, Miss Wang asks the students to during their information tomorrow and they will ____________ on the best way to go on their field trip.


field trip






find out

make a decision

task 3 pair work on page26
Task 3 pair work (on page26)

Finish the dialogs according to the

pictures and the words.

task 4 pair work on page26
Task 4 pair work (on page26)

Discuss which place is the best to

visit. Then make a similar dialog with

your partner.

stage 5 homework
Stage 5 Homework

Do some exercises on your workbooks.