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TLTR presents . . .
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  1. TLTRpresents . . . INFORMATIONTECHNOLOGYDIVISION TechnologyChanges2002 Enhancing Student IT SuccessBill PadgettGoing WirelessJennifer Van Horn &Troy Holder Security ChallengesAlan Galloway & Jeff WebsterDisaster RecoveryDennis Norris Evolving Role of ITD Sam Averitt Open Forum:Information Technology Division(ITD) "Shaping the Information & Communication Technology Infrastructure at NC State" Moderated by Sarah Stein, Chair, TLTR

  2. Intro-- Sam Averitt: INFORMATIONTECHNOLOGYDIVISION ITD Open Forum Presentations & Discussion TechnologyChanges2002 1.Enhancing Student IT SuccessBill Padgett, Director, Computing Sevices2.Going WirelessJennifer Van Horn, Director, ComTechTroy Holder, Senior Network Engineer3. Security ChallengesAlan Galloway, Director, ITD SystemsJeff Webster, Security Coordinator4. Disaster Recovery, Academic ComputingDennis Norris, Director, Computer Operations5.The Evolving Role of IT and ITDSam Averitt, Vice Provost, Information Technology6. Question & Answer session . . . Enhancing Student IT SuccessBill PadgettGoing WirelessJennifer Van Horn &Troy HolderSecurity ChallengesAlan Galloway & Jeff WebsterDisaster RecoveryDennis NorrisEvolving Role of ITD Sam Averitt Moderated by Sarah Stein, Chair, TLTR

  3. (Many slides removed)

  4. Enhancing Student Success • Student Tuition Increase 2001 • ITD/CS received $100,000 designated for student computing support • CS created 2 CCII positions Solutions Database Student IT Competency

  5. (More slides removed…)

  6. IT Competency: What some of our students are telling us… “When I arrived at NC State, I was not prepared to meet the computer expectations of this university.” “Like so many entering freshmen, my computer knowledge was lacking when I first arrived. […] The emphasis this school places on computer skills adds even more stress to the already difficult process of becoming a college freshman.”

  7. Mean Student Response of Importance and Development of Computer Skills UPA Freshmen Survey Results • “Developing Computer Skills” consistently ranks first in importance of General Education goals. • Self reported personal development of computer skills, while rising, ranks much lower.

  8. Percent of new freshmen rating themselves as having low or very low computer skill development UPA Freshmen Survey Results In 2001, 9.5 percent of incoming students rated their personal computer skill development as “Low” or “Very Low”. Ratings have gone up over the years, as have faculty expectations.

  9. UPA Sophomore and Graduating Senior Survey Results • On the other hand:“Technology services items regarding assistance/training in the use of technology, in contrast, ranked among the lowest of all service area items.” On the one hand:“Access to the Internet & up-to-date facilities … ranked high among all academic services included in this section.”

  10. What Faculty are Saying • A percentage of students struggle with basic IT tasks • Navigating in Windows, word processing and even basic keyboarding skills • Sending email attachments • Completing web-based assignments • Using spreadsheets and databases • Getting support/access once they leave campus How does the University scale assessment, basic training and technical support to all students? And faculty & staff?

  11. IT Competency—Providing Early Intervention • Hold focus groups with faculty / grad students who teach freshmen to gather information on • What technologies are being used? • What are expectations of incoming students? • Assess student skill level during the summer prior to their arrival • Provide training opportunities, before and as they begin classes at NC State

  12. Back to NC State’s Scaling Issues • Duke University has embarked on creating a new • Technology environment called CITIE: Computer • and Information Technology Intensive Environment • • Within CITIE there is a 7 member team focused on • Assessment of Student Computer Skills • Offer Training Courses Students • Duke has 6,200 undergraduate students

  13. To see the entire set of slides used at the ITD Forum, go to: More info on the Forum, sponsored by our campus TLTR, can be found at: (End of relevant section)