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why do you need an immigration lawyer n.
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Why do you need an Immigration Lawyer? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why do you need an Immigration Lawyer?

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Why do you need an Immigration Lawyer?
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Why do you need an Immigration Lawyer?

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  1. Why do you need an Immigration Lawyer?

  2. Immigration has always been a complicated procedure requiring time, money and our patience. However, in general, if you don't possess any criminal records or any complications in your documents then applying for immigration visa or green card can be hassle free and straightforward case. This is not the case always as even a minor problem can because you trouble and leave you frustrated. Here, you would need a lawyer to help you with the time and frustration you might suffer otherwise. He won't attend your interviews but with the paperwork and communication with the consulates, he might be of a great help to you. In this blog we would learn how advogado de imigraçãocan be of great need to you in immigration. Confused in Options? Whether you are an employee or a family person who needs to immigrate, there are multiple visa options for you in a particular country. For instance, there are options like immediate right to a green card or a temporary right to entry so that you can apply for green card later on. In such case, you don't know which procedure would be faster and hassle-free. Only a lawyer can help you the best with the visa options as he knows the outs of consulates and embassies.

  3. When the Motive of Immigration is Your Profession Whether you are the employee or the owner of any company allowing foreign people to recruit, you need to get in touch to immigration lawyers to avoid wastage of your precious time and complications as any error in forms and documents would lead to denial of your application. While sponsoring the visa or green card for your employee you need to complete the labour certification process (PERM) which requires a complex procedure and surely you don't want to spend time in addition to money you are already putting into. Dealings in Immigration Court Proceedings No doubt court proceedings are not only hectic but quite frustrating. When it is immigration proceedings, surely you do not want to go alone without any legal advice. Get in touch with a good lawyer to know all the consequences of your case and the possible endeavours to get the case in favor of you. After each proceeding get advice as where would the case go next and what can be done.

  4. Get Off the Paperwork Load These processes require a great deal in paperwork and with a single mistake; it may result into return, delay or even rejection of your application. You, for sure, have to bear trouble looking for the several forms and documents required. Skipping this messy process would be a great relief and can't be done without the help of advogado de imigração. Obviously he has done these works countless times and can convert your troubling 5-6 hours into 1-2 easy hours. All the forms and applications are generally present in his computer and you can get your work done in a single window without shedding a single sweat. Avoid the most common problem: Delay In these bureaucratic offices, delays in approving for the green cards and visas are one of the most common problems and it has nothing to do with the law. It's just a common problem in bureaucracy. Due to delays we might have to face several problems which are not listened to. A lawyer may not have that power to resolve this problem but there are some inquiry lines which only they can use to ask about the status of applications. Thus, contacting a lawyer can be an option in the state of despair.