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Ways in Which Smart Card Lock for Door Are Safer Than the Regular Ones

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Ways in Which Smart Card Lock for Door Are Safer Than the Regular Ones - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Smart Card Lock for Door was previously used only in hotels, and now it is being used for household and industrial purposes as well.\n

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Presentation Transcript

Ways in Which Smart Card Lock for Door Are

Safer Than the Regular Ones

The present locks are popular devices that are now ruling the market. The advantages of its

different features have made it preferable than other regular locks. Presently they are often

found in hotels and or other mechanical places. It is a small rectangular shaped plastic card that

can unlock the door. There are different varieties of these locks available in the market and well

acceptable for personal use as well. It includes a magnetic stripe, a bar code and a microchip

card that makes them able to work as locks. There are safe and probably more advantageous

than the regular ones.

Ways to use it

The Smart Card Lock for Door has different advantages that have made this more attractive

than the regular ones. They are inserted into the panel that is fixed to the lock or swiped across

the card readers. If they are inserted in the panels, it means that these panels have the card

readers that unlocks or locks the door as needed. The information processed by these cards is

used to disengage the locking systems. In fact, as the user only shares this information, it

remains safe against any duplication.

Beneficiary factors of these locks


There are several types of such smart locks that are available in the market. Few of them are for

the purpose of hotels or resorts. They are helpful and advantageous for such places. This is

because; they are mostly sleek in design. Hotel rooms will not be preferred with the regular

locks and keys. Mostly because they are heavy and have tendencies to get lost, it may cause

inconvenience to the guests as well as authorities. The keys can be lost, and that will create a

hassle in opening the lock. You will need a locksmith to reopen it. However, these smart locks

can be opened by the configuration of the card readers in times of emergencies.

Useful for household use

The Smart Card Lock for Door also acts as a safety for household purposes. If you have the

regular keys, it can be broken easily or can be opened with the help of different techniques.

However, these smart locks are unable to open unless you are aware of the configuration. In

fact, unless the bar code matches, these smart locks will not unlock the door. Its magnetic strip

needs to match the panel before unlocking and locking. Hence they are much safer than the

regular locks.