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TV Ad Networks in India: FAQs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Even after the advent of internet and smartphones, TV advertising is the most effective medium to create widespread awareness about a brand or product. \n

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Tv ad networks in india faqs


Networks in

India: FAQs

Tv ad networks in india faqs

Even after the advent of internet and smartphones, TV

advertising is the most effective medium to create

widespread awareness about a brand or product.

According to a write-up by Marketing Minefield, an adult

spends an average of 26 hours a week watching TV.

Although, TV advertising is the most expensive media

formats, its widespread reach is quite popular. It is for

this reason, in recent times, there has been a rise in the

popularity of TV ad networks in India.

Let us get the answers of some common FAQs related to

TV advertising and TV ad networks in India.

Is TV advertising effective these days?

Due to higher cost, small businesses hesitate to go for TV

advertising. However, it still works for many businesses.

Now-a-days, most of the satellite channels have highly

targeted audience based on region, demographic, sex,

and shows. All these factors collectively increase the sale.

It is a general thing that masses respond more to a TV ad

than other forms of advertising like radio and newspaper


Tv ad networks in india faqs

Do TV ads work only for big brands?

With the development in digital TV, people have now

hundreds of channels available on their TV sets. Most of

the channels are usually focused on a specific topic

offering promising targeted audiences to advertisers. A

business can run a TV advertising campaign as per their

product and target audience. A range of advertising

options is available such as sponsorship, product


Tv ad networks in india faqs

How does the whole process work?

For advertisement on TV, businesses contact an ad

network in India. In other words, they hire an agency that

has experience in running variety of campaigns and can

give valuable advice. The agencies negotiate with the

publishers, plan the campaign after considering the

target audience in mind and monitor results. In short,

from creation to media planning to broadcasting, ad

networks manage all.

How effectively can a TV

advertisement be targeted?

One of the biggest benefits of targeted TV advertising is

that with cumulus broadcasting platform, targeting the

local audience with ads has become much easier than

before. Now, ads can be displayed on individual TV sets

based on audiences’ demographic like age, gender,

status and interest. With it, geographic targeting is also


Tv ad networks in india faqs

What is an average TV advertising


The cost depends on:

How many people watch the show where

advertisement will be displayed? This data

remains available on TV stations.

What is the average CPM - cost per mile – (fixed

amount of money for every 1,000 impressions) for

the show?

How many spots do you want to purchase? – Ads

usually run 30 to 60-second spot.

Now assume that you want to buy 10 spots for a month

on an 8:00 PM soap opera show on a local channel and

around 10,000 people watch the show. The total cost will

be the number of spots multiplied by the number of

viewers in thousands. The total will be multiplied by

average CPM.

You must have got the answers of all FAQs related to TV