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How to Wear Sneakers with almost Everything PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Wear Sneakers with almost Everything

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How to Wear Sneakers with almost Everything
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How to Wear Sneakers with almost Everything

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  1. Sneakers go with everything. These days, rubber soled kicks aren’t just for marathoners only; they’re all chic as well. Hightops, slip-ons, and lowtops with sneakers lights are now being one of the fashion trends these days. Whether it’s sneakers with jeans or with skirts and dresses, here are some tips on how to match sneakers with jeans, skirts, and other even dress.

  2. Don’t wear socks, or at least don’t make them too obvious. We know that this one can be hard for you. Especially if you like the espadrille takes on your sneaks or slides, as that roping is just not comfy. So try to find some low rise socks or foot socks that don’t show if the thought of naked feet in your closed-in shoes makes you queasy.

  3. Cuff your pants then show your ankle bone. When you’re wearing sneakers, you should make them a statement or something to show off. The best way to do this is to make sure they are seen so that your pants need to fall right above your ankle bone. Hem them, cuff them, or cut them. Try to do something to make them achieve the perfect length.

  4. Yes, you can wear them with a dress or skirt. Recreate the look with your favorite leather jacket, knee-length dress or skirt then accessorize with a bowler hat and a white sneakers. Wear it for a street style fashion. Something that we love about the sneaker is its laid-back reputation it can give. Go simple and comfortable by wearing a shirtdress then layer it with your all time favorite black cardigan.

  5. An A-line-button-front skirt can be one of the more elegant denim silhouettes in every season, which you can still keep it cool with a pair of lowtop sneakers. Summertime is the best season where tons of white clothes are the latest trends. You can keep your look monochromatic pairing varying shades of white and ivory flirty shift dress, right down to your rubber-soled toes.

  6. Make your colorful outfit pop by choosing one shade and mixing it with a clean white palette. Pick a pair of white kicks with a single accent color and then match the rest of your outfit to it. One of the most transitional fashion style or looks of the season is a slightly fancier dress, paired with a more casual sneakers. This style will surely bring out the sophisticated and chic style inside you.

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