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Set 11. Root Words – cont. morph, i, o – metamorphosis. shape, form. myo – myocardial infarction. Muscle.

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Set 11

Set 11

Root Words – cont.

Myo myocardial infarction
myo – myocardial infarction

  • Muscle

The heart is opened to reveal the left ventricular free wall on the right and the septum in the center. There has been a remote myocardial infarction that extensively involved the anterior left ventricular free wall and septum. The white appearance of the endocardial surface indicates the extensive scarring.

Neph i o nephron
neph, -i, -onephron

  • kidney

Set 11

  • A nephron (from Greek νεφρός (nephros) meaning "kidney") is the basic structural and functional unit of the kidney. Its chief function is to regulate water and soluble substances by filtering the blood, reabsorbing what is needed and excreting the rest as urine. Nephrons eliminate wastes from the body, regulate blood volume and pressure, control levels of electrolytes and metabolites, and regulate blood pH. Its functions are vital to life

Set 11

neur, -i, -o




Oculo binocular

  • Eye

Odont orthodontist odontalgia
odont- orthodontistodontalgia

  • tooth

The word comes from the Greek words ortho meaning straight and odons meaning tooth.

Set 11

  • Noun1.odontalgia - an ache localized in or around a tooth

Oo ovi oogenesis ovary
oo,ovioogenesis, ovary

  • egg

Oss eo osteo osteoporosis
oss,-eo,osteo osteoporosis


Set 11

Normal Bone Tissue

Osteoporosis, resulting in brittle bones, is a "silent thief" -- it robs your bones of calcium.

Osteoporotic Tissue

Oto otoscope

  • ear

Path i o pathogen

  • Disease

Mycobacterium fortuitum Bacteria. This nontuberculous Mycobacterium is a pathogen for various human clinical syndromes.

A pathogen or infectious agent is a biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host.[1] The term is most often used for agents that disrupt the normal physiology of a multicellular animal or plant.