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Michigan Green Jobs Conference

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Michigan Green Jobs Conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Michigan Green Jobs Conference. Southeast Michigan Leading the Way to A New Green Economy Bill Stough, CEO Sustainable Research Group. A Bright Green Economy. DWEJ/SMSBF Green Economy Collaboration Detroit’s Bright Green Future Overview of the Proposed Detroit Sustainability Center

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michigan green jobs conference
Michigan Green Jobs Conference

Southeast Michigan Leading the Way to A New Green Economy

Bill Stough, CEO

Sustainable Research Group

a bright green economy
A Bright Green Economy
  • DWEJ/SMSBF Green Economy Collaboration
  • Detroit’s Bright Green Future
  • Overview of the Proposed Detroit Sustainability Center
  • Leading by Example
the power of collaboration
The Power ofCollaboration

Southeast Michigan Sustainable Business

Forum’s Vision:

“To have a profound and positive impact on the

growth and prosperity of SE Michigan through

sustainable business practices .”

the power of collaboration4
The Power ofCollaboration

SMSBF’s Strategic Purpose:

“Is to enable business leaders in Southeast Michigan

to create long-term and sustainable value for

stakeholders in a region and world undergoing

fundamental and rapid economic, environmental,

and social change”

the power of collaboration5
The Power ofCollaboration

DWEJ’s Build Up Detroit Program Mission:

To catalyze a new development paradigm for Detroit

that will ensure lasting health and prosperity through:

  • Green job creation and workforce development
  • Civic engagement and education
  • Sustainable development
the power of innovation
The Power of Innovation

Detroit’s History of Innovation:

  • One of the first steamship manufacturing sites
  • Center for early American machine shops
  • The first modern manufacturing center for autos
  • Created the modern blue-collar middle class
  • “Arsenal of Democracy”
the need to collaborate
The Need toCollaborate
  • Detroit has more than 60,000 abandoned homes

and businesses

  • 40,000 brownfield sites that are available to be


  • Since 1999 the Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment

authority has developed approximately 200 sites.

the power of collaboration9
The Power ofCollaboration

Poverty in Detroit:

  • 236,000 individuals living below the poverty line (Census Bureau, 1999)
  • Since 2008, the median household income dropped 24 percent over the last eight years to about $35,000, well below the $54,200 figure statewide
  • 14.9% Unemployment Rate in Detroit (March 2009)
the power of collaboration11
The Power ofCollaboration

Detroit lags behind the rest of the Nation and the rest

of Michigan in being organized around

sustainable development principles.

the power of collaboration12
The Power ofCollaboration
  • Currently Detroit does not have a focal point for educating entrepreneurs and incubating businesses oriented toward sustainable development.
  • A huge opportunity exists for Detroit to capture worldwide momentum for new business leaders and businesses whose purpose is to profit by delivering sustainable growth solutions.
the power of collaboration13
The Power ofCollaboration

The core principles of the Build Up Detroit project is to

demonstrate how a coordinated strategy using

sustainable development principles, citizen

engagement and new job development initiatives can

lead to community redevelopment and establish

Detroit as a national leader in sustainable development.

the power of collaboration14
The Power ofCollaboration

The Detroit Sustainability Center (DSC) is an element

of Detroiters for Environmental Justice’s (DWEJ) Build

Up Detroit (BUD) Project.

the power of collaboration15
The Power ofCollaboration

The vision of the DSC is to establish the groundwork for an

environmental, social and economic paradigm shift for Detroit

and Southeast Michigan, by providing an inspirational physical

headquarters where coordination and training will occur to help

develop safe and healthy housing, good paying green technology

jobs and restoration of the environment through sustainable

development practices.

the power of collaboration16
The Power ofCollaboration

Short-term – Establish the DSC as the focal point for

planning and collaboration for sustainable

development advances and improvements in the City

of Detroit and surrounding communities, and serve as

the home for the environmental technology worker

training program and business incubation.

the power of collaboration17
The Power ofCollaboration

Long-term – Establish the DSC as the source of

collaborative progress on improving community

environmental health, social justice and community

sustainable development.

the power of collaboration18
The Power ofCollaboration

The Detroit Sustainability Center will provide:

job training in environmental remediation and emerging green industries for displaced and unemployed workers

resource center and networking hub for developers and contractors around green building

the power of collaboration19
The Power ofCollaboration

Community resources for sustainable living and environmental justice

Community charrette space, with GIS-enabled computers, plotters, design assistance

A center for community organizing and youth leadership in environmental stewardship

the power of collaboration20
The Power ofCollaboration

A health clinic for low-income citizens

Interactive exhibits demonstrating the advantages of healthy and green building practices.

A high-performance environmental building site with public access that will model Detroit’s unique opportunities for innovative retrofitting of historic structures.

the power of collaboration21
The Power ofCollaboration

A think tank for sustainable economic development - developing sustainable industries in fields such as deconstruction, energy efficiency, renewable energies, phytoremediation, recycling, green chemistry, green landscaping and community sustainable development policy coordination.

the power of collaboration22
The Power ofCollaboration

An incubator for small businesses pursuing environmentally sustainable practices

Technical assistance to existing businesses that desire to reduce its carbon footprint by incorporating pollution prevention mechanisms and/or employing best practices in their supply chains to do the same.

the power of collaboration28
The Power ofCollaboration

Summary – DWEJ/SMSBF Detroit Sustainability Center

  • Continue Detroit’s history of business & cultural innovation
  • Have a brownfield, historic renovated high-performance environmentally designed iconic building
the power of collaboration29
The Power ofCollaboration

Summary – DWEJ/SMSBF Detroit Sustainability Center

  • Train leaders in green job skills and business innovation (GHG, Material & Energy Efficiency)
  • Center to promote community environmental health, sustainable development policy & planning
  • Help Detroit Transition to a Bright Green Future
additional information
Additional Information

Please contact:

Bill Stough, CEO

Sustainable Research Group

PO Box 1684, Grand Rapids, MI 49501