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eB usiness DSMC Faculty Forum April 20, 2001 PowerPoint Presentation
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eB usiness DSMC Faculty Forum April 20, 2001

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eB usiness DSMC Faculty Forum April 20, 2001 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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eB usiness DSMC Faculty Forum April 20, 2001. Agenda. Overview Programs EC Day Contact Information. DRID#32 - Paperless Contract Closeout DRID#33 - Paperless DD Form 250, Material Inspection and Receiving Report DRID#39 - Travel Reengineering DRID#43 - Defense-wide Electronic Commerce

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eB usiness DSMC Faculty Forum April 20, 2001

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. eBusiness DSMC Faculty Forum April 20, 2001

    2. Agenda • Overview • Programs • EC Day • Contact Information

    3. DRID#32 - Paperless Contract Closeout DRID#33 - Paperless DD Form 250, Material Inspection and Receiving Report DRID#39 - Travel Reengineering DRID#43 - Defense-wide Electronic Commerce DRID#44 - Paper-free Program Objectives Memorandum Submission DRID#46 - Paperless Contracting DRID#47- End-to-End Procurement Process DRID#48 – Adoption of Commercial EDI Standards for DoD Logistics Business Transactions MRM #2 - Moving to a Paperfree Contracting Process by 1 Jan 2000 MRM #11 - Adoption of Commercial Identifiers in DoD Business System by 1 Jan 2000 MRM #12 - Expanding Use of Prime Vendor Contract Instruments MRM #15 - Reengineering Defense Transportation, Documentation and Financial Processes MRM #16 - Identifying Requirements for the Design, Development & Implementation of a DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Requirements Defense Reform Initiative Directive Management Reform Memorandum

    4. eBusiness Vision Develop, implement, and sustain common enterprise-wide solutions that support strategic information exchange in the DoD marketspace T R A N S P O R T A T I O N A C Q U I S I T I O N C O N T R A C T I N G L O G I S T I C S P E R S O N N E L Business Areas F I N A N C E M E D I C A L T R A V E L EB Services Transport Translation Search Engine Services Shared Data Warehouse Info Assurance Directory Services Workflow Management Information Access Information Exchange Information Sharing Information Collaboration Virtual EB Enterprise Results in reduced cycle time and operating costs

    5. JECPO Mission/Partner Roles Serve as the Department of Defense Executive Agent for Accelerating the Application of Electronic Business Practices and Associated Information Technologies to Improve DoD Acquisition Processes, Supporting Life-Cycle Sustainment, and Other Department Business Operations DISA’s Role DLA’s Role • Lead Technical Architecture • Coordinate Standards • Lead Development of Technical Solutions/Alternatives (I.e., PKI) • Develop Enterprise Licensing Approaches • Conduct Testing • Technical Cross-Functional Integration • Systems Engineering/Architecture • Accelerate Coordination of Full Business Cycle Requirements • Accelerate Coordination of Cross Functional Integration • Identify Best Business Practices • Functional Industry Outreach • Support Product Data Process by Integrating EC Policy and Oversight: DoD CIO Total Integrated Business Process Solutions

    6. DoD EB/EC ArchitectureHigh-Level Operational Concept Operational View OV-1 Warfighter Operations Movement Training Requirements Analysis Maintenance Industry (various ops) Adjudication T&E Auditing • DoDBusiness Operations Environment • Develop a transaction • Manage a transaction • Manage reference data • Provide performance support • Control access to and protect transactions and reference data • Transmit and translate transactions and reference data Transportation Budget Planning Training Development Construction Mgt Receiving Program Sch, Dir, Cont Contract Admin Procurement Disposal Personnel Admin Engineering Payment/ Disbursement Facilities Mgmt Funds Mgmt Oversight Inventory Flow Mgmt Maintenance Planning Health, Safety, Environment Accounting Log Planning DoD Business Operations Business Protection Environment

    7. Wide Area Workflow Wide Area Workflow Paperless Contracting Environment APPLICATIONS SHARED PROCESS DEBX EPASS Specifications Funding Closeout DD 1594 Wide Area Workflow Requirements SHARED DATA Vendor Data Contract Data Financial Data Log/Receipt Data SPS/Legacy Systems DPPS/Legacy Systems DPPS Legacy Systems Post Award Contract Pay Contract Closeout Solicitation Requirements Evaluation/Award Contracting Continuum

    8. Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Data Input Data Output Contracting Officer Queries DUNS Validation Payment Download Data Validation Agencies Downloads CAGE Validation 165,000 Registered Vendors Vendor Queries Single repository for Government vendor data. CCR information is used across several functional arenas (e.g., procurement & finance).

    9. CCR DeBX DoD Business Opportunities USA108 Sites USN / USMC96 Sites USAF125 Sites DLA3 Sites DISA5 Sites DeBX229 Sites Objective: Provide Access to All DoD Solicitations

    10. Procurement System Contract Pay Technician Contact Accounting Technician Contract Funds Administrator Electronic Document Access Awards Contract Document Manager - Conversion - Index - Storage Over 1.3M contractual documents Over 18,000 Users EDA Procurement Officer WEB Index Server - - Homepage - Document Address - Queries Administrative Modifications Procurement Administration Audit Contract Administrator Contract\ Administration and Bill Paying System Electronic Document Management Shares common documents using World Wide Web technology. Single solution to support multiple communities.

    11. Wide Area Workflow DEBX SDW EDA Review/ approve Review/ approve Review/ Inspect EFT Wide Area WorkFlow Receipts and Acceptance Vendor Request for payment ftp data upload web Inspection Activity Acceptance Activity Entitlement System Payment Office Paperless processing of invoices and payments

    12. Complete Data Warehouse Awaiting change to source Systems >$5M Svcs & IT>$1M Ops Spt < $5M Ops Spt > $5M Past Performance Automated Information System System Admin Management User Operational User Contractor Data Sources Tier 1 - Client Web Browser Netscape/IE 4.0+ 128 bit encryption AFMC CPARS Navy CPARS Report Card • Applications • Account • Group Management • Membership • Source Selection Support • Reports • Query • Stored Query • Passive Methods Army PPIMS Tier 2 - Application Server Security Communication DISA PPT Contract Data Tier 3 - Data Server Data Management Translation methods Admin CCR Navy PDREP Over 7500 Assessments Over $270B in contracts covered DLA ABVS Passive Other Single repository for DoD contractor past performance records

    13. DoD eBusiness exchange • DoD Electronic Business Exchange • Located at: • DECC Columbus • DECC Ogden • Defense Automatic Addressing • System Center Buyers, Payers, Shippers, etc. Industry Sellers, Shippers, etc. Government EB participants Commercial Trading Partners Data Warehousing & Decision Support Common data translation and transportation services for EB systems

    14. Wide Area Workflow EPortal Access Services DoD EC Applications EPASS Single Sign-On User Registration IA Function Authorizing Agents -Service/Agency POCs -Vendor POCs Users Government/ Vendor Approval Provide Electronic Business access services to include an automated registration process for vendor and Government personnel that facilitates the conduct of DoD Electronic Business

    15. Product Data Markup Language PDML Outcomes • Reduce need for redundant repositories at DSCs • Find product data anywhere within govt/industry network • Fewer product data errors • Electronic commerce environment for product data • Reduce number of product data deliverables • Improve part replenishment • Enhance design reuse • Increase reliance on vendor sources Supply & Depot Systems Prime Contractor Repository Warfighter Systems PDML PDML PDML Government Repository Sustaining Engineering Systems Acquisition Sustainment Product support services integrated data environment on track for August roll-out demonstrating hands-free business data exchange in support of certain logistics processes.

    16. On-Line Order Status Simple Registration Secure On-Line Ordering Stock Inventory Visibility Search By NSN, P/N, Description Credit Card or MILSBILLS FY99 FY 00 Sales: $51.5M $143M Registered Orderers: 1078 2776 Items: 2.3 M 12M Point, Click and Ship DoD EMall –The Shoppers View

    17. NIPRNET/SIPRNET/LAN Fused Picture JTAV Objective Architecture Data Capture AIT AIT Asset Pipeline In-Process In-Storage In-Transit In-Theater Factory/Depot Foxhole In-Storage In-Transit In-Process AIS AIS AIS AIS AIS AIS Data Access Infrastructure Local Data Global Data Army Navy Air Force Objective Attributes • GTN • DAAS Enterprise Access LocalAccess DLA USMC Theater Access at Source • Global Data • Locate • Access Control • On-Line Fusion • Web Server Technology • Any User/Any Box/Any Where Communications • JTAV Capability Application Infrastructure Development of Commo/Security Overlays Essential! • Query Processor • Data Fusion • COTS • User Customization Application Server Inter-Service Communication User • Three Major Components • Data Servers • Application Server • User Interface • Any User • Any Box • Any Where

    18. Trading Partners Navy Army Transaction Set 511 - Requisition Trading Partners Air Force USMC Navy Army CINCs DFAS Corporate Services Air Force USMC DLA/DoD Agencies Non-DoD Agencies DFAS CINCs DLA/DoD Agencies Non-DoD Agencies DRID #48: Adopting Commercial EDI Standards for DoD Logistics DoD Proprietary - fixed length Commercial Standard - variable length Today - Many-to-Many Tomorrow - Many-to-One/One-to-Many Data Management Translation Services Business Rules Stepping stone to international standards

    19. EC Day 2001“Revolution in eBusiness Affairs” • Location: • Hilton Alexandria Mark Center • Partner: GEIA • Pre-event: June 6 • Tutorials, Exhibits • EC Day: June 7 • General Session, Panel, Exhibits, Breakout Sessions, Awards Program • Register at: •

    20. For more information contact: Stan Dubowski 703-767-0614