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SOLAMON ENERGY SCAM SAFETY NEWS-Apollo Acre PowerPoint Presentation
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SOLAMON ENERGY SCAM SAFETY NEWS-Apollo Acre - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. "Happy Days Ahead," Exclaimed Chris Black, President of Solamon Energy Corp., As the Company Published and Proudly Unveiled a New Website to Its Senior Team and to the World Today

  3. (Toronto - Posted March 9, 2010) - "Happy days ahead," exclaimed Chris Black, president of Solamon Energy Corp., as the company published and proudly unveiled a new website to its senior team and to the world today. "We intended the site to simply communicate our offering and the progress of each project for our customers and all stakeholders in fact. 

  4. Hetmerk has acheived that goal. Our company sells and installs power plants that generate electricity from renewable sources which are clearly abundant across the Caribbean."

  5. "We tasked Hetmerk with delivering a website that was easy to use and informative," Black adds. "They've done an excellent job, and we see how the website will enable us to efficiently and effectively grow the company and succeed in our mission."

  6. Solamon Energy Corp. designs and installs integrated arrays of ground-mounted photovoltaic cells that are connected by cable to each other and to converters, batteries and transmission points, utilizing 5 acres of land per unit; each unit is called an Apollo Acre™. Solamon is focused on packaging and delivering turnkey systems across the Caribbean, and seeks to open field offices in The Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados and Puerto Rico.

  7. The company is excited not only to deliver turnkey power plants using renewable energy sources, such as sun and wind, to Caribbean countries but that will also generate jobs locally, in terms of their installation and subsequent maintenance.

  8. Our executives are thus not only looking for locations and partners to manage each Apollo Acre™, adds Black, but to also establish a suitable training program for implementation teams in collaboration with relevant government agencies.

  9. For each customer, Solamon Energy Corp. provides full management of each Apollo Acre™ installation, including site inspections, project design and development, as well as environmental and local permitting, 3rd party engineering, procurement, construction and system commissioning.

  10. Solamon Energy provides renewable energy solutions to growing communities. The company was founded by a group of eco-conscious Canadians who recognize that the opportunity to provide electricity to communities relying on fossil fuel is immense. Our mission is simple: to generate new energy around the world by commissioning power plants fueled with renewable resources.

  11. Today, we provide a turnkey solution called the Apollo Acre™ and a simple four-step implementation process toward customers generating solar electricity, and their children will thank them for it.

  12. Over the past few years, Solamon executives have visited numerous countries across the Caribbean and Central America, as well as Morocco and India, to discuss the significant need for new energy in growing economies. These conversations, enjoyed with many people of many professions and backgrounds, have enabled the company to continue its efforts and expand.