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Medical Image Resource Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Medical Image Resource Center

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Medical Image Resource Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medical Image Resource Center
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  1. Medical Image Resource Center

  2. What is MIRC? • “Medical Imaging Resource Center” • Makes it easier to locate and share electronic medical images and related information • On your PC • In your department • Throughout the world

  3. MIRC: Why? • MIRC helps radiologists: • Create and manage teaching files and reference images for decision support • Participate in imaging clinical trials • Share research databases within institutions and across the imaging community

  4. Key MIRC Concepts • Libraries cooperate by using a common mechanism to query one another • The MIRC query mechanism allows users to find information within these libraries • MIRC stores and displays documents in multiple formats

  5. Key MIRC Concepts • Libraries cooperate by using a common mechanism to query one another • The MIRC query mechanism allows users to find information within these libraries • MIRC stores and displays documents in multiple formats

  6. Key MIRC Concepts • Libraries cooperate by supporting a common query mechanism • A Query mechanism allows users to find information within these libraries • MIRC supports multiple information storage formats

  7. MIRC Libraries • MIRC libraries archive a wide variety of text, images, and other multimedia information • Teaching files • Research and reference image repositories • Collection of disease-specific radiographs • Normal variants • Functional brain MR data sets • Clinical trials images and related data • Journal articles • Textbooks • PowerPoint and other types of presentations

  8. MIRC Components • Query Service Entry point into the MIRC community for a user on the Internet Query service is defined by its use of the MIRC query schema

  9. MIRC Components • Storage Service: Cooperating information library – a web archive or a database, designed to support the MIRC query mechanism. • Index: The library’s card catalog of the contents of a storage service.

  10. Index Server Index Server The MIRC Community User • MIRC Query Service: • Access to the community Internet Index MIRC Sites Server • MIRC Storage Service: • - Document Authoring • Document Storage • Document Indexing • Web Server RSNA

  11. MIRC Query Service:User Fills in Search Form

  12. MIRC Query Results:Displays “Hits” from MIRC Sites

  13. MIRC Teaching File Display:MIRC-TF Display Formats

  14. Insert images from File Cabinet Tabs for document sections Enter document content MIRC Authoring Tools Create and Edit MIRC Documents

  15. MIRC Authoring Tools Image Annotation

  16. MIRC Clinical Trials Features • Image acquisition from modalities and PACS • Image and metadata anonymization • Secure image and metadata transport • Automatic storage and indexing of all data, with the standard MIRC search and display functions • Interfacing to external databases for trial-specific analysis

  17. MIRC Clinical Trial Configuration FC DICOM PI DICOM FC DICOM PI DICOM FC DICOM Modalities Firewalls Workstations Internet HTTP HTTPS • MIRC Site: • Image reception • Image Storage • Transfer to PACS and/or workstations • MIRC FieldCenter Application: • Image reception • Anonymization • Transmission to PI

  18. MIRC in Clinical Trials • MIRC provides non-proprietary standards-based software for clinical trials, available free and open source • After extensive evaluation, the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Imaging Program has selected MIRC for use in clinical trials

  19. Other Ongoing Clinical Trials • WHIMS 1-3 (Women's Health Initiative Memory Study) • WHI – Women’s Health Initiative CT Study • CARDIA - Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults • RIDER - Reference Image Database to Evaluate Response to Therapy • CIREN – Crash Injury Research & Engineering Network • Wake Forest (PI) • CAMPS – Carotid Atherosclerosis MRI Progression Study • University of Washington (PI)

  20. Research Dataset Acquisition • MIRC feature developed in collaboration with Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology • Allows internal researchers to acquire DICOM images from modalities, store and manage them without using the clinical PACS • Bridges internal networks • Tracks access of PHI for HIPAA compliance

  21. NCI Collaboration • Successful demonstration in early 2005 • Support of current trials (RIDER, LIDC) • Decision to use MIRC for clinical trials in the future • Development of MIRC extensions to support the NCI imaging database

  22. MIRC Field Center MIRC Field Center MIRC Field Center De-ID De-ID De-ID Firewall Firewall Firewall JBoss Retrieval Data Transfer Object (DTO) Java Server Faces (JSF) HTTP FTP Field Centers at Remote Clinical Sites Cancer Centers Processors Query, Result set, User Registration, Lookup Manager, CSM, Export Submission Data Access Layer Data Manager Data Manager MDB Image zipping Tomcat Academia MIRC I3 Object API caCORE SDK CSM API MIRC Storage Service DICOMHTTP HTTPS Hibernate(I3 ORM) Hibernate(I3 ORM) Hibernate(CSM) Firewall MIRC DICOM Service Industry MIRC Database Service I3 DB (Annotations: Image, Clinical, Markup, etc.) File System (DICOM, XML, DOC) Researchers Curation

  23. Open Source Project • All source code is available on-line • CVS repository • Documentation on • Actively maintained MIRC project list

  24. What’s Next? • My MIRC • RSNA-hosted, Web-based system for personal teaching files • Enabling easy online access and permanent storage • Free to RSNA Members • Premiering in 2008

  25. MIRC User Group Meetings Open to all MIRC users • Sunday 1:30-3:30, Room E251 • Thursday 12:15-2:15, Room E257

  26. How to Participate? • Use MIRC to perform searches for images and information • Be an author • Set up a MIRC site: • Connect your existing Teaching File system • Build your own Teaching File system: • Use the RSNA MIRC implementation • Use someone else’s • Develop your own and make it MIRC compatible

  27. Need More Information? • Go to • Browse the documentation to learn how to use the software • Click the “Downloads” link to obtain the software and installation instructions