Summerville high school counseling advisory program spring meeting
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Summerville High School Counseling Advisory Program Spring Meeting. 2011-2012. Program’s Goals . Goal 1: To increase the Graduation rate from 70.8% to 73%-a 2.2% increase. Goal 2: Conduct Individual Graduation Plan conferences (IGP’s) with 100% of students

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Program s goals
Program’s Goals

  • Goal 1: To increase the Graduation rate from 70.8% to 73%-a 2.2% increase.

  • Goal 2: Conduct Individual Graduation Plan conferences (IGP’s) with 100% of students

  • Goal 3: To decrease 10th grade student discipline referrals that directly relate to classroom behavior by 2%

  • Goal 4: To increase the average number of credits earned by targeted at-risk eleventh graders by at least two credits by the end of their junior year.

Goal one
Goal One

Guidance curriculum used extensively

  • Open House- 9/8/11

  • Classroom Guidance Lesson: Round 1 (graduation reqs) -9/12-15/11

  • Monthly classroom guidance with Team 14

  • Connecting careers with Spanish classroom guidance

  • Small group counseling for academic assistance

  • Senior Information Night/Financial Aid Night

  • Letters sent out to failing seniors

Use of technology
Use of technology

  • School counseling website updated with relevant information for SHS students

  • School counseling twitter account used and updated to inform students of relevant information

Goal two
Goal Two

A. Individual Planning used extensively

  • All students that attend SHS, Givhavns, Dorchester Career School, and Pinelands have been offered the opportunity to have an IGP conference.

  • At this time 95% of SHS student population have had an IGP conference conducted.

  • We are 5% away from our targeted 100% goal.

  • IGP report includes students who are not diploma seeking.

Goal three
Goal Three

  • Two separate small groups were conducted to focus on appropriate classroom behavior and communication skills.

  • Mr. Edwards, Mrs. Hayes, Mr. Holt, and Mrs. Sanders conducted these groups.

Continuation of results data
Continuation of results data

  • A total of 170 discipline referrals were attained by participating students

  • Mr. Holt realized a 29% decrease of discipline referrals after small group was conducted

  • Mrs. Sanders realized that students who had a 100% participation were more likely to attain less discipline referrals post group. Students who did attend as much were more likely to have no significant impact on the amount of discipline referrals attained.

Overall information
Overall Information

  • This goal was met.

  • The 2010-2011: 239

  • 2011-2012: 122

  • result= 11.7% decrease.

What do we do with the results
What do we do with the results?

  • Inform the School Counseling department

  • To continue with small groups in future

  • Use small group in RAMP application

  • Share data with administration

  • Refer students to small group rather than ISS or OSS

  • Encourage teachers to use solution focused approaches rather than identifying deficits.

Goal four in progress
Goal Four (In Progress)

  • Action plan:

  • Queried third year high school students who had < 10 credits.

  • Reviewed 3rd quarter/1st semester report cards

  • Frequent checks of real time grades (Quick look up)

  • Strategies:

  • Students invited to participate in academic assistance small group (11 students participated)

  • Individual planning with identified group

  • Tutoring schedules given to all students