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The FNR Foresight

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The FNR Foresight. A participative Process. Aims of the Foresight exercise. Identification of National Research Priorities in the public sector with short-term and/or long-term socio-economic interest for Luxembourg Scientific and political rationale for this choice of priorities

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the fnr foresight

The FNR Foresight

A participative Process

aims of the foresight exercise
Aims of the Foresight exercise
  • Identification of National Research Priorities in the public sector with short-term and/or long-term socio-economic interest for Luxembourg
    • Scientific and political rationale for this choice of priorities
    • Shared understanding of stakeholders
    • Proposal of set of priorities to government
  • Identification of research priorities for future FNR programmes
  • Consolidation of communication networks among stakeholders
models of science production and exploitation
Models of Science Production and Exploitation

Luxembourg should not invest in basic research but implement ideas generated abroad

  • This strategy is based on the linear model (Mode 1) of knowledge production
  • Mode 2 knowledge production:
    • transdisciplinary
    • back and forth between:

fundamental and applied

theoretical and practical

  • Mode 1 and 2 co-exist today
  • Pure opportunistic strategy would not work
    • Need residential expertise to absorb new knowledge
    • Science is a (constantly changing) networking activity
  • The question remains the same for small or big countries: in which areas should Government concentrate public funding for science?

Mode 1

Mode 2

the exercise
The Exercise

Setting a Context

Identifying Priorities

Creating a Baseline






Data collection


International research trends

Evaluation of FNR programmes

Mapping of Lux. Research landscape

‘Long list’ of possible research domains

Online Questionnaire

Exploratory Workshop

‘Long list’ of research domains

Initial assessment

Selection of broad research fields

Stakeholder Workshops

No formal input

General Challenges for Luxembourg

Expert workshops per field

SWOT Analysis

Initial assessment of domains

Future trends

Luxembourg context

Research priorities candidates

Conclusion and recommendations

phase 1
Phase 1
  • Interviews (50 2-hour interviews + 9 phone interviews)
  • Young researchers workshops (97 participants, 57% public, 8% private, 35% abroad)
  • Exploratory Workshop
  • Online Questionnaire (298 questionnaires of 900 people contacted):
  • 8 % Ministries/Agencies, 56% public, 14% private, 22% abroad
phase 2
Phase 2
  • 13 workshops (approx 200 participants) + CS/CA meetings
  • More than 300 individual participants (not including questionnaires) in whole exercise

Prioritization Funnel

Phase 1: „Long List“:

56 possible research areas

with about 250 research issues

End of Phase 1:

about 25 Research Domains

Phase 2:

19 Research Domains

+ 4 Technology Platforms

Official Presentation of the Final Report to the MCESR: June 18th, 2007

FNR CS CA prioritisation

6 Research Priorities

Rational based on 11 criteria

Further prioritization

national priorities
  • Technology Platforms:
  • Modelling and Simulation
    • High performance scientific computing and powerful computation infrastructure
  • Information Infrastructure
    • Central infrastructure acquiring and managing scientific information/databases
  • Tissue Bank
    • Systematic collection of human samples of tissue, cells or body fluids
  • Other Technology Platforms like Proteomics, Genomics, etc.
added value of foresight
Added value of Foresight
  • 6 Research priorities of great interest to Luxembourg
    • Existing synergies between priorities and various sub-domains
    • Topics of great future scientific interest
    • Based on the existing competences and new boundaries
  • Results generated by participative process
    • Many different actors of R&D environment
    • Research priorities of particular interest for Luxembourg
    • Important part of the process: wiring-up of the actors!
  • Momentum built & Leasons learned
  • Innovation in Services
  • Sustainable Resource Management
  • New Materials, Surfaces and Sensing Devices
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Labour Market, Educational Requirements and Social Protection
  • Identities, Diversity and Integration



Next steps