the realm middle america n.
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The Realm Middle America PowerPoint Presentation
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The Realm Middle America

The Realm Middle America

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The Realm Middle America

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  1. The Realm Middle America

  2. Introduction to Middle America All land and islands between North and South America (aprox. 7000 islands) Fragmented – Physically and politically Big diversity Roman Catholicism prevalence
  3. Caribbean Sea to the East: Islands Greater Antilles Substantial Landmass: Mexico Lesser Antilles Narrowing strip of Land: Central America
  4. Physical Geography Barrier between Atlantic and Pacific waters Landbridge Soaring volcanoes, forested plains, mountainous islands and flat coral cays
  5. Climate Tropical monsoon climate Tropical savanna climate Subtropical highland climate Tropical rainforrest climate Hot desert climate Hot semi-arid climate Cold semi-arid climate Humid subtropical climate
  6. Natural Hazards Islands consist of the crests & tops of mountain chains Result of collisions Hurricanes Earthquakes Volcanoes Arenal; Costa Rica
  7. Distribution of Volcanoes
  8. Hurricane Tracks
  9. History Maya (Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Yucatan, Peninsula) Highland Aztecs (Valley of Mexico)
  10. History – Effects of the Conquest Spaniards invaded Central America Changed the whole culture Includes Famine & Poverty Mainland and Rimland British – on mainland British, French & Dutch – Caribbean Later United States influence – no colonial conquest
  11. Political Fragmented in eight different countries All but one were Hispanic origin Largest – Mexico (70% of the realms entire land area) Population of 106 Million Was for several years the most visited country in Latin America
  12. Greater Antilles Cuba (Hispanic influence) Population of 11,4 Million Domenican Republic (Spanish heritage) Population of 9,2 Million Jamaica (Legacy of british involvement) Population of 2,7 Million Haiti (Inprints of African and French) Population of 7,4 Million
  13. Lesser Antilles US Virgin Islands (once Danish) Guadeloupe & Martinique (French) Group of Islands, including Barbados, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago (British) St. Maarten (Dutch, shared with French) Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao (Netherlands)
  14. NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement Effective: 1st January 1994 A trade agreement between: Canada, US & Mexico Reduced and regulated trade tariffs, barriers and quotas between members Standadized finance and service exchanges
  15. Benefits for Mexico Higher standard of living Mexican exporters increase their sales to US and Canada Creates more jobs for Mexican, as US companies begin to invest more in the Mexican market Since 1997, second-largest export market – displacing Japan
  16. CARICOM - Caribbean Community Organisation of 15 Caribbean nations and dependencies was signed July 4th in1973 Promote cooporation and integration among the members health, education, labor, science and technology, tourism, foreign policy, and the environment
  17. Types of Tourism Wildlife Tourism and Birdwatching Observe abundant reptiles, amphibians, mammals and avians Ecotourism travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people
  18. Canal Tourism In Panama, offers passengers to travel from one ocean to the other through a series of locks Adventure Tourism Snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and whitewater rafting, coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater life in crystal-clear water
  19. Medical Tourism Popular destinations for „Health-Tourism“, cosmetic procedures, dental and eye surgeries, and fertility assistance Ethno-tourism On the country's indigenous peoples and archaeological sites
  20. Growing number of cruise ship arrivals is another type of tourism development In some cases, convention and business tourism has been developed, tied to large international hotel chains (San Salvador)
  21. Caribbean according to UNWTO, accounts for 2.2% of international tourist arrivals in the world Cancún and the Maya Riviera, account 0.9% for Central America
  22. Mexico City, Tulum, Cahuita, Comayagua, Suchitoto, León, and Granada Tourism services in which the most money is invested: along the coasts, in colonial cities, and in some natural, archeological, and cultural heritage destinations
  23. Read more: The World's Top Tourism Destinations | Infoplease.com Top Ten Destinations
  24. Depending on region Tourism industry has been growing at an average of 10% per year over the past decade