columbia theatre renovation project
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Columbia Theatre Renovation Project

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Columbia Theatre Renovation Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Columbia Theatre Renovation Project. Presented to Longview City Council July 10, 2008. Columbia Theatre Renovation Project. The renovation work is being designed and will be bid in four parts: Base Bid Bid Alternate #1 Bid Alternate #2 Bid Alternate #3

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columbia theatre renovation project

Columbia TheatreRenovation Project

Presented to

Longview City Council

July 10, 2008

columbia theatre renovation project1
Columbia Theatre Renovation Project

The renovation work is being designed and will be bid in four parts:

  • Base Bid
  • Bid Alternate #1
  • Bid Alternate #2
  • Bid Alternate #3

The CTPA is continuing its capital campaign beyond the bidding date of the project.

Bidding will occur this September. Contract award for base bids and additive alternates will be subject to donations/grants in hand at time of bid award.

columbia theatre renovation project3
Columbia Theatre Renovation Project


Accessibility upgrades: Includes auditorium, lobbies, public dressing rooms, principal dressing rooms, and accessible routes to stage and orchestra pit for the patrons and performers


  • Project will protect and enhance theatre’s architectural integrity and excellent acoustics
  • Fully new mechanical and electrical systems to enhance building safety, patron comfort, and performance functionality
  • State-of-the art heating and ventilation system with sensors that will adjust the temperature in the auditorium and stage to ensure artist and patron comfort.
columbia theatre renovation project4
Columbia Theatre Renovation Project

Sustainable concepts:

  • Renovation reduces the amount of raw materials necessary for new construction and minimizes the amount of construction debris entering the waste stream and landfills.
  • Additionally, materials scheduled for removal can be evaluated for salvage value or recycling to reduce waste. As an example, CTPA is looking for a new home for the removed seats.
  • Lighting design: Energy efficient fixtures have been incorporated throughout the back of house areas (dressing rooms, basement, etc.). This was balanced with the existing historical fixtures to remain and theatrical lighting fixtures. The comprehensive lighting design meets the Washington State Energy Code.
columbia theatre renovation project5
Columbia Theatre Renovation Project

Other sustainable concepts, continued:

  • Mechanical system is provided with a direct digital controls system for user-specific programming of the air systems.
  • Heating is high efficiency gas fired.
  • Custom air handling units are provided with MERV filters to ensure indoor air quality (IAQ), silencers for acoustical control and 100% outside air economizer cycle to capture free cooling when outdoor temperatures allow.
  • Integral CO2 censors monitor occupancy within the space and provide ventilation per the actual number of occupants.
  • New plumbing fixtures are water efficient and new faucets are battery powered, sensor operated.
  • Known hazardous materials will be removed from the building, improving indoor air quality for the occupants.
  • Manually operated roller shades are provided at the lobby windows for sun control to help regulate heat gain.
columbia theatre renovation project6
Columbia Theatre Renovation Project


This scope of work includes removal of all the old seats, new underlayment on the floor, new aisle lighting, and installation of new seats.

  • The new seating layout will be provided in accordance with building code requirements including ADA seating at the rear of the orchestra level
  • Appropriately spaced rows and aisles, and the additional of handrails.
  • The new seating layout will also provide a greater level of comfort, with wider seats, and more space between rows than the old seating.
columbia theatre renovation project7
Columbia Theatre Renovation Project


  • Increase number and size of dressing rooms
  • Heating and ventilation will be improved
  • Addition of showers and bathrooms
  • A “Green Room” will be added for social interaction between artists and patrons, and will provide amenities to support the use of the room as a rentable space for meetings or other community functions
  • A new, accessible box office will be provided.
columbia theatre renovation project8
Columbia Theatre Renovation Project


This alternate will add a chiller to provide air conditioning to the building.

columbia theatre renovation project9
Columbia Theatre Renovation Project


Base bid construction $7,503,487

Bid add alt. #1 $658,467

Bid add alt. #2 $787,360

Bid add alt. #3 $605,286

“Soft costs” $2,727,883

Total project cost estimate $12,282,483

columbia theatre renovation project10
Columbia Theatre Renovation Project


Currently funding is available for the base bid as follows:

PFD-State Sales Tax (bond amount) $6,024,892

Capital Campaign $1,615,575

State Bldg. for the Arts grant $740,625

Interest earnings $134,527

Total CTPA Funding $8,515,619

City participation $1,500,000

Total Funding to date $10,015,619

Current City Match Ratio $1.00 : $5.68