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Beowulf . Journal. How do we, as a society, determine what is good/bad, good/evil, right/wrong?. CCGPS. ELACC11-12W1: Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence. CCGPS.

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  • How do we, as a society, determine what is good/bad, good/evil, right/wrong?
  • ELACC11-12W1: Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.
  • ELACC11-12L1:Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
  • ELACC11-12L2: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.
  • ELACC11-12RL4: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in the text, including figurative and connotative meanings; analyze the impact of specific word choices on meaning and tone, including words with multiple meanings or language that is particularly fresh, engaging, or beautiful.
essential question
Essential Question
  • How do differing point of views affect the same story?
    • Hint: Think of previous point of view discussion.
the beowulf text
The Beowulf Text
  • Most famous tale from Anglo-Saxon period
    • Written between 7th-10th centuries
  • Written in England, set in Scandinavia
    • Scandinavian region: Denmark, Norway, Sweden.
  • Written in Old English
    • Current versions are translations
    • “Foundation text”- One of earliest English works
  • Began to be told after Anglo-Saxon conversion to Christianity
an epic adventure
An Epic Adventure
  • Epic- A long narrative poem that celebrates a hero’s deeds.
  • Plot reflects timeless values ,such as courage and honor…
  • Themes are universal (good vs. evil, life and death, etc.).
  • Hero’s actions often determine the fate of a group of people…
  • Hero himself is a legendary figure in his society.
  • Theme: the central idea or message in a literary work
    • Lesson, moral, or observation about life/society that is bigger than the plot or characters
    • Expressed in one complete sentence (not multiple sentences or a single word.
  • What is a theme in Forrest Gump?

-Never let adversity stop you from achieving all that you wish in life.

literature enhancers
“Literature Enhancers”
  • Allusion:a reference to a historical, religious, or fictional person, place, or event with which the reader is assumed to be familiar.
    • Example: Before my friend moved away, we were a much greater team than Batman and Robin.
  • Tone: an expression of a writer’s attitude toward a subject.
  • Alliteration: repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words
    • Example: “The great Geat glistened with sweat, standing over the fallen corpse of the evil monster.
beowulf s background
Beowulf’s Background
  • No one knows if Beowulf ever lived; however Hygelac, his uncle, was a historical figure who lived in 525.
  • During Higlac’s time, the Anglo-Saxons were not Christian, instead living by a “Code of Honour.
    • Code of Honour served as religion (code based on warrior ability)
    • Gathered in mead halls to eat, feast and drink
    • Listened to tales (such as Beowulf), sung by poet-singers called scops (pronounced shops)
beowulf s background1
  • Warrior, Leader of the Geat army.
    • Geats from Sweden
  • Crosses sea to help Danes.
    • Danes - Denmark
    • Example of the “Code of Honour”
  • Goes back to Sweden to become king.
  • Three stages of Beowulf’s life
    • Ascension to throne.
    • Fierce and mighty king/period of prosperity
    • Elderly legend/death.
you are hereby known as
You are hereby known as……
  • Kenning: a descriptive phrase that replaces a noun
  • Purpose: to create a quick and powerful image of a person, place, or thing; to add variety to a story
      • Compound (uses a two-word phrase): “Literature-Teacher”
      • Possessive (uses a possessive phrase): “Carrollton’s own”
      • Prepositional (two words connected by “of”): “Writer of essays”
beowulf reading comprehension questions p 36 44
Beowulf: Reading Comprehension Questions (p.36-44).

1. Grendel is a descendant of which biblical figure?

2. How does Hrothgar know of Beowulf?

3, In what way does Beowulf pledge to kill Grendel? Why is the manner in which he chooses to do so significant to what we know about the Anglo-Saxon “Code of Honour”.

4. What is Grendel’s reaction to Beowulf’s attack?

5. How does Beowulf finish off Grendel? How does he choose to celebrate his accomplishment?

pre ap
  • -“Would you characterize Grendel’s Mother as a hero or a villain in her response to the death of her son?” Explain in a paragraph (5 to 7 sentences)
find literature enhancers
Find Literature Enhancers
  • Ticket out of the door:
    • Find 2 examples of the following:
      • Alliteration
      • Kenning
    • Find 1 allusion
grendel s mother beowulf s demise
Grendel’s mother/ Beowulf’s demise
  • Grendel’s mother steals the claw and Beowulf travels to her underwater lair to defeat her.
  • Beowulf returns home and becomes king and reigns supreme for 50 years.
  • A thief steals a cup, disturbing a sleeping dragon who is guarding a treasure. Beowulf fights the dragon to the death with only the aid of one warrior (Wiglaf).
grendel chapter 2
Grendel: Chapter 2
  • 1. Grendel notices that humans frequently participate in which types of activities?
  • 2. How does Grendel feel about the way in which humans treat animals?
  • 3. Does Grendel feel that he is similar to humans in anyway?
  • 4. Which aspect of humans’ interpersonal relationship is Grendel most interested in?